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When adding a planet, the Designation will need to be specified. New Feature: Planet Prefix. Planet Prefix helps with this task :. Scenario 1 : Planets orbiting a Barycentre. Like so…. Scenario 2: Moons.

18th century ghost ship: The captain’s body was supposedly at the table in his cabin, pen in hand

Lots and lots of moons…. So perhaps planet ABC3 has 5 moons. Fast Mode simply switches off the fancy animation when you click a planet icon. This feature is for the impatient users out there — I know who you are ;. To activate Fast Mode, simply click the Fast Mode check box…. Input of planets is exactly the same as when using Standard Mode. To activate Lazy Mode, simply click the Lazy Mode check box….

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This is to differentiate between Genuine non-lazy data, and lazy data…. Getting out of Lazy Mode is simply a case of clicking the check box again. Same with Fast Mode. To remove a planet, highlight the planet you wish to remove and click the remove icon:. Simply double-click a system in the Jump Table view on the left, to bookmark it.

To remove a bookmark, either double-click it again, or use the Bookmark Manager to remove it. These notes will be automatically stored in your database and updated as you type. They will simultaneously appear in the Jump View under the relevant Notes column. System Notes are unique for that particular System — so any notes you enter here for a system, will appear any time that system is displayed in the Jump Table.

You jump to that system often, so that system its System Note will appear in the Jump Table. Jump Notes are unique to each jump — therefore even if you jump to a system often, the note can be different for each Jump Entry in the Jump Table. I just tried to install the new 2. Giving me and error saying duplicate column name: navbeacondata base. I was using CL2. Mission to Nimbus III. Mission to Khitomer. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I've never trusted Klingons , and I never will.

I could never forgive them for the death of my boy. It seems to me, our mission to escort the chancellor of the Klingon High Council to a peace summit is problematic, at best. Spock says this could be an historic occasion. These voice-overs also serve as An Aesop and Double Aesop in, quite literally, every episode. Agent Cooper's dictaphone notes to Diane his never-seen secretary on Twin Peaks serve a similar function. Janeane Garofolo's character on Felicity , as the never-seen therapist sending dictated comments serves as both An Aesop and a Captain's Log in reverse.

And of course both Doogie Howser, M. In Carrie's case, speaking out loud as she writes her column. In the final seasons, after David Duchovny left the show, Scully read her journal entries as letters to the missing Mulder.

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John-boy Walton of The Waltons kept a journal, and apparently couldn't write without moving his lips The early episodes of Red Dwarf often had the ship's AI, Holly, give a spoof captain's log, which with one exception were merely one-line gags with no relevance to the plot of the episode. And again, in later episodes where a hologram from a hologram ship "beams" aboard Starbug and documents the surroundings into a Dictaphone, Lister whips out a cigarette packet and gives his own captain's log.

They both trade witty banter discussing each other until Lister mentions having a holo-whip capable of causing pain to holograms which ends the scene. Lister also ate the cigarette for some reason. On the pilot episode of Sliders , Quinn Mallory keeps a videotaped log, so that the audience can follow along with what he's doing.

Later, Wade's handwritten diary is used for the occasional introductory voiceover. Babylon 5 uses this fairly frequently, especially in the later seasons. Sometimes a distinction is made between their personal and professional logs, and occasionally other characters narrate in a similar way, though without the "Log" intro at the beginning of the voiceover.

They are generally used to show the characters' thoughts and reactions in a way that couldn't be done through dialogue, and they additionally help with the intended feel that the show is a historical record of events long-past. Quark parodies this, along with almost everything else from the original Star Trek. Starhunter has a few of these, which is to be expected since it's a space exploration show.

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There's no stardates though, and he's a bit more of a Terse Talker than normal captains. Sally and Tommy later got into the act as well and, in fact, the first time Sally did this, she opened with "Lieutenant's Log; yes, I have one too. It even became a Plot Point in one episode when Liz lost the journal and had to recover it before anyone discovered what she had written about the aliens. The main character in The Invisible Man starts every episode with a famous quote, usually foreshadowing the episode's plot.

Cecil and Elena Sail To New Horizons

One episode had Darien narrating a flashback and starting it off with a quote, causing the listener to stop him ask him about his quoting. Each First Wave episode starts with a fake Nostradamus quote, followed by the hero's exposition of what it could possibly mean. Sounds like he is reading from a journal. Sheldon keeps a log on The Big Bang Theory , including stardate. With appropriately geeky attention to detail, the stardate is correct, working from the first season of STTNG as stardate Good Luck Charlie : The titular baby's big sister Teddy is a recording a video diary with pearls of wisdom mixed in with her own self-glorification for her sister when Teddy being a decade and a half older is out on her own.

It forms a substantial portion of the narrative.

Letters by Fr. Mulcahy, Radar, Klinger and Col. Potter were also used. Major Winchester taped nearly all his correspondence to his family, creating an actual rather than mental vocal narrative. The title character's diary on Mr. Belvedere is the "end-of-the-episode" version. The first few episodes of The Vampire Diaries begin and end with bits from Elena's diaries about dating Stefan who's a vampire and coping with life and stuff. These voice-overs were ditched at the same time the show became awesome. The captain's log becomes a plot point in Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica After the Galactica encounters the Pegasus and Admiral Cain takes command of the fleet, she reorganizes the crews of both ships specifically in response to the picture of favoritism toward Apollo and Starbuck painted by Commander Adama's own words.

Michael Weston's voiceovers in Burn Notice function this way, as though he were teaching a class or writing a book on how to be a spy. Blake's 7. In "Orac", Blake uses a Flight Log entry to fill in Avon and the audience on the previous episode's events.

We never see any reference to this trope again, which is just as well because a Rebel Leader keeping a log of his activities would be a major Idiot Ball if the Liberator were captured, which it is on several occasions. In particular, it does a great job of mocking the precisely numerical nature of the original logs: "Stardate 2 point The Magnus Archives : Jonathan, the archivist, introduces himself, explains his job and makes his excuses for the chaotic state of the archive at the beginning of the first episode.

The long-running radio series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar used the title character's expense account entries; in the show's introduction, Johnny was credited as "The Man with the Action-Packed Expense Account". Episodes of the s radio series Voyage of the Scarlet Queen began and ended with Philip Carney, the Queen's captain, making entries in the ship's log. Video Games. Halo Wars plays this straight.

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In this case, though, it goes: Captain's Report , February 14, Just to be different. Kazuma Ardygun from Super Robot Wars W keeps a diary that he writes on at the beginning of each chapter. When he can't update it, his sister Mihiro takes over for him.