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Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Rebirth by Dusk Peterson. Layle Smith, a torturer with a terrible past. Their meeting in the Eternal Dungeon appears certain to bring out the worst in both men.

Yet neither man is quite what he appears. As the prisoner and his torturer beg "'This prisoner deserves special treatment. As the prisoner and his torturer begin to be drawn toward each other, the ripple effects of their meeting will have a powerful impact on other inhabitants of the Eternal Dungeon: Layle's faithful guard, struggling to contain his doubts. A younger guard determined to take any shortcuts necessary to ensure that his life follows the path he has already chosen.

An old love from Layle's past, still sorrowing. And most of all, a prisoner who has not yet arrived at the Eternal Dungeon, but whose fate will depend on how Layle handles Elsdon Taylor. A winner of the Rainbow Awards within the "Eternal Dungeon" omnibus , this tale of love and adventure can be read on its own or as the first volume in The Eternal Dungeon, a speculative fiction series set in a nineteenth-century prison where the psychologists wield whips.

Set in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the novels and stories take place in an alternative version of America that was settled by inhabitants of the Old World in ancient times. As a result, the New World retains certain classical and medieval customs. Get A Copy. Published February 22nd by Dusk Peterson first published October 1st More Details Eternal Dungeon 1. Other Editions 2.

Random thoughts, posts and pictures that inspire my writing.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. To say that this book messed with my head a bit, might be a touch of an understatement. Indeed, many parts of the story are disturbing. So, if descriptions of abuse, torture or rape trigger issues, for you, then you might want to keep on walking. Rebirth doesn't pull its punches. It is quite intense and at times, it is pretty hard to read. The main themes explored are good and evil, guilt and redemption, life and death. It's a very psychological and philosophical journey.

Rebirth has 2 distinct story elements. And the other, intermixed with Elsdon and Layle's story, is written in a more scholarly style and is from what would be the future, from their perspective. And that part is mostly about Layle and how there isn't much known, with any certainty, about his life. Without giving too much away, Rebirth is about two men, both very damaged by their pasts, and both of whom want nothing more than to be reborn into men that are each worthy of the other. Layle, particularly. He's a master torturer; a sadist. He is greatly shamed by his nature and has made the personal decision to spend his life alone because he can't see a way that he could find another Seeker who was also a masochist.

And, yeah, he's pretty right, there. You see, The Code prohibits Seekers from having physical contact with prisoners, with very good reason. Seekers are also forbidden to have relationships with guards. Their only option is another Seeker. So, you see his dilemma, yeah?

But he falls for Elsdon. His innocence, his compassion And Elsdon feels the same. Elsdon sees a good man in Layle. One who has spent nearly 20 years doing everything he could to protect the integrity of The Eternal Dungeon while also protecting the rights of the prisoners within. When Elsdon looks at Layle, he sees a compassionate, intelligent, emphatic man. He does not see a monster. So the story revolves around Layle and Elsdon learning how to be together, given their individual frameworks.

And Elsdon has such insight and understanding. He amazed me. Layle, did, too, because he tried so hard. The writing is impeccable, though the style really didn't mesh with me. Still, it was very well written and one of the most unique stories I've read. And as I mentioned earlier - it is intense. Recently something has stirred the dark forces that threaten the families of this strategically vital location. With every spare sword allocated to the homelands, who will answer their call for aid? Feb 28, Little more than an outpost, Dynnegall is the life-blood of resources that flow from Caer Moray, supporting Ffolk townships across the archipelago.

But the supply boat is overdue by almost a tenday and hope is difficult to find. With the recent attacks repelled an opportunity exists to send aid, but who dares to venture outside the walls? Mar 11, The events at Dynnegall revealed evidence that a new threat to fey and Ffolk may have emerged on Moray. The ties to prophecy are too strong to ignore. If true, every moment is critical. DMs Guild ,. Melvaunt is a city of merchants and metalsmiths.

The docks are constantly filled with ships from Hillsfar, Mulmaster, and more distant ports. The northern coast of the Moonsea is an inhospitable place, and its people have a reputation for being rough and unfriendly. Sep 16, With the identity of a murderer confirmed, heroes are needed to track it down to its home.

As it turns out, it might be a longer journey than first imagined. Threats from outside Melvaunt and within push heroes to the brink as a terrified populace counts on the bravery of a few heroes to avert total disaster. Aug 30, As the City of a Thousand Forges perseveres in the face of threats both internal and external, the effects of a planar portal continue to make everyone uneasy.

When unusual individuals are drawn to the city because of its power, heroes are asked to keep peace and ferret out anyone intending to bring harm to Melvaunt. Omens speak of an old and forgotten power located within an played-out diamond mine in the foothills of Thar, and some believe that might be a solution to the current problems facing Melvaunt, or possibly the cause of them.

With danger closing in, someone has to investigate. With land trade threatened, the city of Melvaunt is relying on sea trade to get goods into and out of the city. An island rises out of the Moonsea just outside of Melvaunt Harbor, and initial exploration indicates the island is a threat. The origins and nature of the island must be ascertained before trade is shut down completely.

Jul 27, Since the rebirth of Hulburg, the strong have preyed upon the weak, with only limited protection offered by the law. A four-hour adventure for 5thth level characters. Violence is on the on the rise, even more than expected. The heat is rising. People run amok. But greed does not appear to be the flame behind it.

Sep 29, Hillsfar struggles to stay aloft after the fall of First Lord Torin Nomerthal. Trade is stagnant. Relations between the citizens and non-humans remain strained. Tensions are rising as Sir Vuhm Yestral is unable to ease the situation. The arrival of a charismatic stranger incites the populace to rebel against the new ruler. The monster attacks have caused the citizens of Hillsfar to lack confidence in the ability of the new government to protect them. Families and merchants are leaving for a safer place.

Vuhm Yestral has to prove that he has control of the situation. He decides that a bit of recon needs to be undertaken. There is a spy in Hillsfar! Your job is to find him or her before the city has no defense against the oncoming Dark Fey that are fueled by a forgotten ally of Torin Nomerthal and their lust for revenge.

Sep 22, Reconstruction plans are finally in motion, yet one threat looms. The Doomguide of Kelemvorhas descended into the shadows of the necropolis and gathers dark forcesaround him. One should have their affairsin order before accepting this mission. Something odd is happening to the citizens of Phlan. Some have inexplicably gone mad and must be restrained, while others have developed strange magical abilities. No one is immune as it has affected young and old, rich and poor, strong and weak.

Opinions about the causeare plentiful, but some theories seem more solid than others. An ambitious plan for the reconstruction of Phlan would expand the city walls to protect all the citizens. Now a band of emissaries sent to acquire necessary materials has gone missing in the wilds of the Dragonspine Mountains, and only the Heroes of Phlan can find them. But will it be in time to prevent catastrophe for the city? Jan 20, Brave adventurers are needed to travel through the wild forest to seek the advice of the Sage of Cormanthor.

Feb 10, Terrible news indicates that some vestige of the long-dead god Moander might be active in the forests near Elmwood. As the Greengrass Festival gets under way, one might have a sneaking suspicion that something is awry. Will the adventurers be able to save their new home in the Battle of Elmwood? Oct 29, When winter breathes down the mountains, temperature drops and fear rises. When a band of hunters disappear, the citizens call upon adventurers for aid, because when the hunters become the hunted, trouble is afoot.

If Hulburg does not deliver, the citizens will become prey as well. Can you catch the intended mark before it is too late? A four-hour adventure set near Hulburg for 5th — 10th level characters. No hunter is more dangerous than a bored one. They have set their sights on you. Are you going down with a whimper or will you face the challenge head on, giving the hunter a taste of their own medicine?

A four-hour adventure for 5th — 10th level characters. Jan 06, With the Banite coup recently foiled, election day in Phlan has finally arrived. But the Lord of Darkness needs a new representative. Jhessail Greycastle, with her grand plans for the future of Phlan, requires additional vetting and may need your assistance. Apr 12, As Melvaunt rebuilds after the devastation wrought by the modron and orc attacks, the planar portal outside the city walls continues to worry everyone in the City of a Thousand Forges. A closer examination of the portal is needed, and brave adventurers are asked to help be part of the reconnaissance team.

Tensions are high within Melvaunt after the incident at the planar portal. Reports of strange behavior from several people, from the lowliest dockworker to the members of the Council of Lords, are taxing the resources of the City Watch. Adventurers must investigate the individual behind the foul play, determining the means and the motive. But an odd party and some even odder guests threaten the investigation. Apr 18, Desperate for assistance in returning Hillsfar to its former glory, First Lord Vuhm Yestral receives word that help may come from an unlikely source.

With preparations in order, can he facilitate what the city needs, or will his red gathering all be for naught? Apr 23, To what extent are they involved? Is there still a threat? The Mages have pledged their cooperation in your investigation, but are they sincere? Try to find the answers to these difficult questions and earn the respect of some powerful allies in the city of Hillsfar.

It all comes out. The ones behind the mages and thieves guild being implicated in an assassination attempt of the Zulkir. Jul 16, After years of strife, Phlan is entering a new era of prosperity. Under the strong leadership of Jhessail Greycastle, external dangers have been beaten back, the city defenses have been strengthened, and the guilds are flourishing.

But fresh threats have arisen within the city walls. Strange beasts stalk the night, bringing swift death in their wake, whilst a new criminal gang is vying for control of the streets. Can our heroes uncover the truth before more lives are lost? A four-hour adventure for 1st — 4th level characters. Deep inside the underbelly of Phlan something sinister is going on.

A new group of criminals is looking to take over illegal operations in the city and have set themselves up in the sewers. Adventurers are needed to discover what secrets lie beneath Phlan. Do you heed the call? Steel yourself, this invitation has your name all over it. A four-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters. Oct 03, When a series of grisly murders and raids on farms and fishing boats come to light, accompanied by a strange fog, the people of Elmwood need heroes to investigate and stop the attacks. The heroes of Elmwood find clues that lead them to follow the trail of their adversaries to the Bell of the Deep, the sunken castle of Northkeep beneath the violet waves of the Moonsea.

Can they make it safely there through the ancient terrors of the Moonsea as well as all the obstacles their adversaries can put in the way? Legends say that the fall of Northkeep was orchestrated by one man, who sought ultimate power but was cursed to remain forever within the sunken ruins of the Bell in the Deep as his only reward. Now the great betrayer might himself have been betrayed, with dire consequences for the entire Moonsea region.

Dec 07, Something stirs in the Hulburg mines. It would be nice to know what, but it would be nicer if it would stop collapsing parts of the mines and leaving catatonic miners. Part 1 of the Obsidian Stone trilogy. A four-hour adventure for 11th — 16th level characters.

Is that an upside-down staircase? Am I floating? Why are my hands triangles? Why do I have four of them? No, wait, those are not mine! Where am I? How did I get here? A four-hour adventure for 11thth level characters. In the depths below Hulburg, the main user of a psychic drug made from condensed emotions will make its final stand. Those who dare descend must be mentally prepared for the onslaught that awaits, if they wish to survive. Jan 21, What horrors did those things stir in the ruins below? Better safe than sorry. Part 1 of the Terror from the Deep trilogy.

The authorities might give in. Somebody needs to stop them. Part 2 of the Terror from the Deep trilogy. Call of the DeepThe watery veil is lifted and the Master of the Deep is known. All that remains is killing it and lifting its destructive influence. The dangers that lurk in the unfathomable depths might be the least of your worries. Part 3 of the Terror from the Deep trilogy. Jan 25, The unthinkable is happening in Phlan; someone, or some thing, is taking thechildren.

What began as strange reports from outlying farms, has now becomea city-wide problem. Emotions and tempers run high and accusations arethrown carelessly. The Chancellor has offered a substantial reward to anyonethat can not only get to the bottom of the mystery while keeping the citizensfrom turning on one another in the process.

Hiswhereabouts have been narrowed, so your task is simple; bring him in, dead oralive. But how does one capture a living nightmare? Can you face your darkestfears? Do you have the courage? It will be more difficult than you think. Feb 13, Reports of overaggressive animals with unusual markings and body parts have been coming from the woods near Hillsfar. Children born with demonic traits have begun to appear in Hillsfar. No one is sure of the cause, so paranoia and fear threaten to turn into a witch hunt.

D&D Adventurers League

Every day, more of these children are born, while the true cause of the problem lays unresolved deep in the Cormanthor Forest. The Zhentarim were in over their heads the moment the demon child was delivered to them. They were woefully unprepared to raise a baby, let alone an infant demon. Two tenday ago, it disappeared and has not returned. Sep 28, Aristocrats and nobles from all around the Moonsea come to vacation upon the pleasure barge that sets sail from the floating Sokol Sea Palace. However, recent late-night howling and frightening shapes in the dark have discouraged the usual number of customers from boarding the Sokol Sea Palace.

Rumors of Zhentarim cargo ships being attacked by unseen monsters in Moonsea have also added to the fear of sailing to the once thriving vacation destination. Now, the Sokol family and their ferryman Karsk are turning to the recent job fair in Phlan to find a group of adventurers to investigate these alarming sounds and sights hoping to return their business to prosperity once more. Oct 02, An old man, a powerful artifact, and an entire ancient city wait for you in the cold depths of the Moonsea. Nothing is certain about what lies ahead, except that someone will get wet.

Bring your bathing suits, it is time to take a dip. The annual celebration of the abolishment of the Great Law of Humanity is happening in Hillsfar. As the leader of the factions in the region, Elanil Elassidil must attend the event, however, she has a guest with her. Elanil is looking after a young girl, who the adventurers may have met before, and has summoned adventurers to Elventree to watch over the girl while she is tending to the celebration. Dec 04, Mar 21, Knock, knock, open the door. Tick tock, time is short. Stalk, stalk, it comes for you. How will you open the lock, once you can no longer wind the clock?

A four-hour adventure for 5thth level characters, brought to you by Cold Iron Conventions and Draxtar Games. The deepest depths of the ruins of the Tempest Mage's tower have not seen a living soul for centuries. In the silent dark, death waits for you. Will you rush to meet him? It is a volatile time in Mulmaster. Nobles jockey for power and position. Refugees fight for meresurvival. Danger and evil buried away awaken, adding to the chaos. The adventurers are taskedwith investing strange events. Will they make a new friend or add to their list of enemies? Mar 28, A powerfuland influential family in Mulmaster has a strong interest in magic of this type.

Mar 27, A mining accident leads to a failed rescue attempt. Now you have been asked help. What awaits you…at the end of the line? Jul 29, An ancient tome, a dangerous ritual, and the ultimate question, what makes us human? Howfar are you willing to go to save the life of a child?

What lines are you willing to cross and howmuch are you willing to give? Zor von Finklestein has purchased an aging cargo vessel and filled it with food for suffering Mulmaster. Now you only need to make sure the vessel comes into port. Jun 23, Traders are dead, canoes destroyed, bloodthirsty sharks spotted! A perilous canoe journey and fog-shrouded mysteries await adventurers. Nov 04, Soward Manor has been abandoned for years, recently serving as a hiding place for bandits and criminals. Strange noises and lights bring the mansion back to the attention of Mulmaster.

What is happening at Soward Manor, and how significant is the threat? Ships approaching Peril Island rarely survive the dangerous reefs. Sailors who have braved the shores speak of terrible beasts. Now the island seems to be an important link in an ongoing mystery. Pull those rowboats to the shore and prepare for the worst.

A sound is usually a safe harbor on a large sea Talos Sound, on the other hand, is known as a graveyard for ships and sailors entering it. Now adventurers must brave this wild place if they hope to bring a peaceful resolution to their current troubles. Oct 04, A mysterious location has been uncovered and a group of adventurers are tasked with charting a ship onto the Moonsea. There they begin their underwater quest to find the treasures of the Lost City of Northkeep, facing an assortment of deep-sea challenges and enemies and eventually meeting with an ancient clan of Orcs guarding the isolated ruins of Northkeep.

The Ancient sunken city of Northkeep is filled with wild magic and and unknown dangers. Within this desolate place, a warlock experiments on wildlife to create the ultimate living weapon capable of destroying the entire Moonsea region. In order to save the world, adventurers must stop the experiments from completing. A Shadow of the long-destroyed city of Northkeep has been found deep below the Moonsea. Filled with wild magic and inhabited by strange creatures and people, a group of Warlocks work to bring a great evil into the world.

In order to protect the Moonsea, the Warlocks must be stopped. Chaotic magics torment the village of Stonedock, presenting opportunity to a devious grifter. Unknown to the scoundrel, a coveted trinket will soon bring with it the wrath of Thay!

Who will help the weather this storm? Optimized for APL 3. Jul 19, With the repeal of the Law of Humanity, things have changed in the Hillsfar surrounds, and not necessarily for the better. The farming village of The Stop is no exception. The Red Plume Soldiers have withdrawn their presence and no one is left to maintain order. When things get out of hand, a noble representative of the people and the law is required. Jul 20, Jubal and his Carnival of Curiosities left The Stop almost a tenday ago.

When one of the circus wagons is found abandoned, folks fear the worst. Brave heroes are needed to find out what has become of the good Doctor and his troupe. Are you up for the challenge? Jeny knows one way to accomplish this, but her method of travel isn't for the weak of spirit. All magic has a price, dearies, and these magics may have you doubting your sanity. Part 2 in the 'At Jeny's Request' series. Sep 12, The forest haven of Elventree is in peril! The local spring seems to be a source of these problems, and you must to descend into it to explore the caverns below.

Jan 05, There have been strange accounts from several of the heavier drinkers in Hillsfar; all are reports of monsters plaguing the woods near the city. Are these simply the ravings of those who have overindulged… or is there a more sinister plot to uncover? Your party is hired to go on a pub crawl and uncover any mischievous mixologists or spiteful servers in order to get to the bottom of these claims. Nov 17, A mysterious illness cripples the children of the realm. No one has found the cure. Moffat; Xavier A.

Feb 27, Perpetual twilight awaits heroes when a simple request leads them to lands beyond time, beyond mortal understanding, and where those with twisted fates pray for atonement and freedom. Will joyful light return to this ancient land or will the curiosity of an outsider bring ruin to all. Rumour has it that before he became a travelling magician, he was a VERY successful adventurer. He settled down in Estirwald until one day he and his mansion simply disappeared. Now his mansion is back and rumours are flying all over the place. Are you courageous, daring, and clever enough to find out the truth?

This is a 4 hour Tier 3 adventure balanced for 5 level 13 characters with scaling in place depending on the party. Devenoges, Christopher M. Aug 20, All the priests in Melvaunt tell Lady Elsa Tillingwood that she needs a miracle to heal her. Lady Elsa has tasked you with investigating this divine coincidence… are you up for the challenge? Michael Zhang. To give the city a fighting chance, you must help Selfaril Uoumdolphin confront the shadows of his past and free him from a century-long hatred.

A two-hour-adventure with two one-hour bonus objectives for 5th to 10th level characters. This adventure delves into the history of Mulmaster and the secrets of its leaders as the adventurers try to free High Blade Selfaril Uoumdolphin from a prison of his own dreams and memories. Each adventure in the trilogy tells a complete story and can be played standalone, but there is a greater narrative told over the course of the series. The trilogy consists of:.

Apr 17, The Cult of Reborn Flame initiates its most devastating plot against Mulmaster even as Thayans are invading the city. You must navigate the planar tunnels beneath Mulmaster and stop the Black Phoenix before a sea of fire engulfs the entire city, killing Thayans and Mulmasterites alike. Now, in Mulmaster's greatest hour of need, the adventurers have one last confrontation with the the Black Phoenix, culminating in a final battle like no other.


Mar 29, In the shadow of the Galena Mountains, outside the Glumpen forest, the scars of the ancient war with the kingdom of the Witch King still lay fresh and exposed to the night air. A trade route between the regions of Vaasa and Damara have, through the years, created a crossroads at Aetherglen. The people who live there have an abiding honor for their dead, and the graveyards are shrines to their forebears.

The people of Aetherglen have no other options and are beseeching you and your team to investigate the trail of defiled dead that leads deep into the Glumpen forest. The massive Gulthias trees tower over your passage into the forest, casting a deep shadow over the land. Its roots are massive, but so is the massive echoing bole underneath the tree. Delving deeper on the well-traveled path, you discover an old Elven city, apparently carved and fashioned from the roots themselves.

But, what you discover only leads to more questions and more danger. Mar 30, Beneath the ancient Gulthias tree is buried an even older city of Elvish design, populated by strange inhabitants that seem to be slaves of the tree. This city is suspended from the roots as the city it mirrors above is built on top of the roots.

A darkness falls over this city, and you step carefully from root to root lest you fall into the deeper darkness below. What waits for you at the bottom? Is it the evil force that has corrupted the tree above? Do you dare disturb what has been buried so deep? A powerful Lich in her own right, you hope that you wander through her tomb while she still slumbers, or else your journey this far deep into the evil darkness will come to a swift and abrupt end.

Apr 14, No one knows who or what built this massive circular ziggurat. That is, until you received an invitation for a dinner party to be held at the very top of the structure. What delights and mysteries await you? CCC-GARY Disaster has struck, and you and your fellow party members have found yourself caught in a huge building, descending deeper into the depths of the structure as you try to find a way out.

Laid in your path are deadly obstacles and mysterious clues as to why you came to be here in the first place. Forces fight back and forth through the halls, and you find yourself drawn into fights where you hope to survive long enough just to make it out. Part Three of the Gary Con adventure arc. Disaster has struck, and you and your fellow party members have found yourself caught in a huge building, descending deeper into the depths of the structure as you try to find a way out.

All out mayhem has encompassed the ground floors of the huge structure you've been exploring. Mar 16, Some heroes raid dungeons. Some heroes slay dragons. With equal focus on Social, Combat and Exploration encounters, this adventure steers away from the typical 'hack-and-slash' dungeon.

Dec 15, Along with all of the cargo, the Dark seized six passengers for ransom. Little did they know that one of the passengers was a Harper agent. A rescue taking the party deep into the Cormanthor forest is now needed. The search for the missing Harper agent has brought you to the small coastal town of Elventree on the south shore of the Moonsea.

With important clues in hand and after a stop at a local festhall, you will be forced to brave further challenges found in the depths of the Cormanthor forest. Only the most stalwart and brave will be able to face this enemy and rescue the imprisoned Harper. Deep in the forests of Cormanthor, the Golden Paragon Trading Company has set up a logging camp to harvest the valuable trees of the Midwood. Until recently, the profitable camp delivered lumber downriver to Semberholme, but its last communication spoke of attacks from forest monsters and panicked loggers unwilling to work.

The Golden Paragon Trading Company needs adventurers to find the underlying cause of their timber production problems. Are the incursions simply the woodland creatures defending their home, or is something more sinister happening in the ancient forest? Recently, rumors of a valuable tree lured a group of loggers away from the safety of the camp after a series of monster attacks caused it to shut down operations. After investigating monster attacks against the camp, adventurers have learned that something more sinister might be afoot in the area.

Several power groups seek something dark and lost in the woods, but sometimes the worst thing you can get is what you wish for. The Golden Paragon Trading Company has been working for months to secure a long-term trade deal with the Seven Suns Trading Coster, but efforts to deliver the final agreements to Calaunt have each ended with dead envoys and missing documents. The latest delegation recently departed Elmwood, traveling south down the River Lis.

The Golden Paragon seeks experienced individuals to follow their representatives and ensure they reach their destination safely. Can the adventurers catch them before another tragedy occurs? A fire burns deep within the ruins of Fort Dalton. Have you finally found the missing trade delegates you seek, or is it more of the horrid creatures that dwell within the Flooded Forest hoping to lure you to your death? Blood covers the wet, swampy ground. Some of it is yours, but much of it is not. You had the delegates under your protection, if only for a short while.

Tracks in the mud lead deeper into the Flooded Forest, and your time may be running out.

Dan Kukati and the rebirth of Qesani

Can you rescue the delegates and escape the foul swamp before they meet an untimely end at the hands of their captors? Night falls on the Border Kingdoms, a land rife with conflicts and schemes, where lords, counts, dukes, kings, and emperors rise, proclaim themselves, and are swept away with the speed and regularity of waves crashing upon a shore. Were the stories of this turbulent region just that, or have the Border Kingdoms yet to reveal their true nature? The Border Kingdoms are a haven of adventure, warring neighbors, and marauding monsters. But something or someone has set its sights on disrupting that casual chaos.

Are you one of the brave adventurers who can help the Gilmann merchant house uncover the mystery? Rumors abound concerning the Great Oak Mercenary Company and their possible role in the undead incursions plaguing the Border Kingdoms. Can you gain an audience with the Great Oak himself and learn what he knows? A shadow has fallen over the Border Kingdoms. Dark forces are on the move, and a new power has risen.