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Anatomist, in.

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Anbruch, m. Andrang, m. Anfall, m. Anfangsdarm, m. Anfluss, m.. Anfressen, v. Angeboren, a. ANS Angev7achsen, a. Anhalten, v. Anhaltend, a. Anhang, w. Anheftungspunkt, m. Anheilen, v. Anomal, Y 0. Anonym, Xa. Anonyme Arterie, innominate artery. Anonyme Knochen, os innomi- natum. Anreffungsrand, m. Ansatz, m. Anschuss, m. Ansetzen, n. Anspanner, m. Ansprung, m. An- spriinge attack, fit of illness ; scab, milk-scab, achor, scald head. Anstecken, v.

Ansteckend, a. Anstecker, m. Ansteckstoff, m. Ansteckungsgift, n. Anstoss, m. Anstossen, v. Antlitz, n. Anzeichen, n. Anzeigend, a. Anzieher, w. Anziehungsmuskel, m. Aortenbogen, m. Apfelauge, n. Apotheker, m. Apothekerbuch, n. Apothekergewicht, n. Apothekerverein, w. Apparat, w. Appetit, m. Appositionsvorgang, m. Apyretisch, a,, apyretic. Armbein, n. Armbeinbruch, m,y fracture of the humerus.

Armbeinkopf, m. Armeearzt, m. Armenarzt, m. Armgeflecht, w. Armgelenk, n. Armheber, in. Armknochen, m. Armmuskel, m. Armnervengeflecht, n. Armspeichenmuskel, w. Arterienpresser, m. ARZ Arzen, v. Arzeneibereiter, m. Arzeneien, v. Arzeneigelehrte, m. Arzeneigott, w. Arzeneihandel, m. Arzeneikiigelchen, n. Arzeneikiinstler, m. Arzeneilich, medicinal, medical; officinal ; healing. Arzeneischrank, m.

Arzeneitrank, m. Arzeneiwissenschaftlich, a. Arzeneizettel, w. AUF Arzt, m. Asthenisch, a. Asthenisiren, v. Athem, m. Athembar, a. Athemholen, n. Athemlos, a. Athemmesser, in. Athemmuskel, w. Athmen, v. Athmen, n. Athmungsfahig, a. Attenuiren, v. Aufathmen, v.

Aufbau, m. Aufbetten, v. Aufbinden, v. Aufdunsen, v. Aufgetrieben, a. Aufgeworfen, a. Aufgiessen, v. Aufgiessen, ;..

Lydia Benecke

Aufhebebinde, y. Aufhusten, v. Aufkeimen, v. Auflaufen, v. Auflaufen, n. Aufleben, v. Auflegen, w. Aufreissen, v. Aufritzen, v. Aufschlag, m. Aufschmelzen, v. Aufschneiden, v. Aufschossen, v. Aufschrunden, v. Aufspringen, v. Aufspritzen, v. Aufsteigen, n. Aufsteigend, a. Aufstossen, v. Aufstossen, n.

Aufstreifen, v. Auftreiben, v. Aufweichen, v. Aufzieher, m. Augapfel, m. Augapfelhalter, w. Augapfelkrampf, m. Augapfelstarrkrampf, m. Augapfelvorfall, m. Augapfelzucken, w. Aeuglein, Aeugelchen eye ; sight. Augenaderlass, w,, scarification of the eye. Augenarzt, m. Augenbalsam, m. Augenbecken, n. Augenblick, m. Augenblutschwamm, v. Augen- schwamm. Augenbogen, m. Augenbrand, m. Augenlider- brand. Augenbrauenausfall, m.

Augenbrauenbogen, m. Augenbrauenmuskel, m. Augenbrauenrunzler, m. Augenbruch, w. Augendeckel, m. Augenflecken, m. Augenfluss, m. Augenglas, n. Augenhalter, w. Augenhintergrund, m. Augenjucken, n. Augenklapperand, m. Augenknorpel, m. Augenkrampf, m. Augenkrebs, m. Augenleiden, n. Augenlid, w. Augenliderbrand, w. Augenliderkarbunkel, m. Augenliderknorpel, m. Augenliderkrampf, m. AUG Augenliderkrebs, m. Augenlidertripper, m. Augenlidgriffel, m. Augenlidhalter, m.

Augenlidknorpel, w. Augenlidkrebs, m. Augenlidschlag, m. Augenlidspalt, m. Augenlidvorfall, m. Augenlidwinkel, m. Augenlidwinkelfrass, m. Augenloch, w. Augenlos, a. Augenmesser, m. Augenmittel, n. Augenmuskel, m. Augennebel, w. Augenpunkt, m. Augenring, m. Augenrinnen, w. Augenschirm, ni. Augenschleim, w.

AUS Augenschleimfluss, m. Augenschmalz, w,, sebum palpe- brarum.

Auf dünnem Eis: Die Psychologie des Bösen (German Edition) by Lydia Benecke

Augenschmerz, w. Augenschnupfen, w. Augenschnupftabak, m.. Augenschwamm, m. Augenschwindel, m. Augenschwinden, ;z. Augenspalt, m. Augenspiegel, m. Augenstaar, m. Augenstechen, w. Augenstein, w. Augenstern, m. Augentaback, m. Augentalg, m. Augenthranen, w. Augentriefig, a.

Augentripper, w,, gonorrhoeal ophthalmia. Augenvene, f. Augenwasser, n. Augenweh, w. Augenweiss, n. Augenwinkel, m. Augenzucken, n. Ausathmen, n. Ausbrechen, v. Ausbrennen, v. Ausbruch, m. Auseinanderweichen, v. Auseitern, v. Auseitern, n. Ausfallen, v. Ausfallen, w. Ausfluss, 7n. Ausgangstheil, w. Ausgetragen, a. Aushauch, m. Aushauchen, v. Aushusten, v. Auskeimen, v. Auskultatorisch, a. Auslaufer, m. Ausleeren, v. AUS Ausleerungsmittel, n.

Ausleitend, a. Ausmagern, v. Ausmass, n. Ausreinigen, v. Ausreissen, v. Ausreissen, n. Ausrenken, v. Ausringen, v. Ausrottbar, a. Ausrotten, v. Aussatzflecken, m. Ausscheiden, 7j. Ausschlag, m. Ausschlagsfieber, n,, eruptive fever. Ausschlagen, v. Ausschlagen, n. Ausschneiden, v. Ausschneiden, n. AUS Ausschnitt, m. Ausschwitzen, v. Ausschwitzen, n. Aussenglied, ii. Aussetzen, v. Aussetzend, a. Aussondern, v. Ausspeien, v. Ausspeien, n. Ausspringen, v. Ausspritzen, v. Ausspritzen, w. Ausspucken, v. Ausstrecker, jh. Ausstreckmuskel, w.

Austilgen, v. Austragen, v. Austreiben, v. Austreibend, a. Austreten, v. Austrocknen, v. Austrocknend, a. BAG form ; Heilkunst — , to prac- tise medicine. Auswaschen, n. Ausweiden, v. Auswerfen, v. Auswurf, m. Auszahnen, v. Auszehren, v. Auszehren, w. Axencylinder, w. Axencylinderfortsatz, m. Axenfaden, w. Axenkanal, w. Axenschlauch, m. Axenstab, m. Axenstrang, m. Axenzylinder, m. Axenzylinderfortsatz, w. Backenbein, n. Backenknochen, m. Backenmuskel, m.

Backenzahn, m. Backsteinartig, a. Backzahn, m. Badearzt, m. Badergehiilfe,] m. Balgenstaar, m. Balgkropf, m. Balgsarkom, n. Balken, m. Balkenpolster, tn. Balkenschnabel, m. Balkenstaar, m. Ballen, m. Ballen, v. Ballenfieber, n. Band, w. Binde, Verband. Bandagiren, v. Bandagist, m. Bandapparat, m. Bandgelenk, n. Bandwurm, 7n. Bandwurmmittel, n. Barbadosbein, n. Bart, m. Barte beard. Barthaar, n. Basilisch, a. Bau, m. Bauch, m. Bauchblass, w,, chest-founder- ing. Bauchbruch, m. Bauchbruchband, w.

Auf dünnem Eis - Die Psychologie des Bösen

BAU Baucheingeweide, n. Bauchfellabscess, w. Bauchfellband, n. Bauchfellblatt, n. Bauchfluss, w. Bauchklopfen, w. Bauchkneipen, w. Bauchkrampf, w. Bauchmuskel, m. Bauchnabel, m. Bauchnervenkrank, a. Bauchraum, m. Bauchring, m. Bauchringbruch, m. Bauchschnitt, m. On that note, I wish all of us an entertaining, inspiring, and stimulating festival edition.

Wednesday 8. Writers' Room Alte Kaserne Winterthur p. Lobby Theater Winterthur p. Sunday We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for their generous support. Otto Beisheim-Stiftung S. Epicmedia Productions Inc. Thanks to all that support our festival with their help and knowledge. Cinema Is Still Not Dead! Weiterhin steht das Kinoerlebnis im Mittelpunkt des Festivals: Wir begeben uns in einen dunklen Raum, um uns in die unterschiedlichsten Welten hineinziehen zu lassen.

In diesen hochkomplexen Zeiten, wo vieles ausser Kontrolle zu geraten scheint, liegt es nahe, dass sich Filmschaffende mit der Menschlichkeit befassen. Der Schweizer Wettbewerb mit 17 Werken darf sich auch dieses Jahr wieder selbstsicher zeigen. Zudem sind auffallend viele Spielfilme im Wettbewerb vertreten, was etwas auf Kosten des Dokumentarfilms geht, obschon auch hier wie in den letzten Jahren sehr solide produziert wurde.

Insgesamt erwartet Sie auch hier eine grosse Vielfalt an Themen und Orten. Wir freuen uns, auch in diesem Jahr wieder das Kino mit Ihnen zu feiern. Bonne projection! John Canciani. Now, the programmes are compiled and ready for your viewing pleasure. The question is not always easy to answer, because trends come irregularly and in waves.

We notice, for instance, that voice-overs are used frequently. This stylistic device, which is often found in art cinema, has established itself in other genres, too. In addition to state-of-the-art filmmaking, we also aim to represent rediscovered forms in our competitions, which leads us to deliberately put together a diverse programme year after year. The moviegoing experience continues to be at the centre of the festival — we enter a dark room to immerse ourselves in a wide range of different worlds. Films that attempt to communicate with us, films that talk to and about us and the world we live in.

In these highly complex times, where everything seems to be out of control, it is hardly surprising that filmmakers address our humanity. Join us on a diverse journey around the globe, with personal stories, touching moments, political analyses, and strong positions. Their only customers are newly arrived refugees from the war zones of the Middle East. The Swiss Competition, featuring 17 works, can hold its own next to the productions from around the world.

  1. Landmann, Valentin N. J. [WorldCat Identities].
  2. A Friend Through Grief.
  3. Beyond the Call of Duty?
  4. See a Problem?;
  5. Non Papa, Non... (French Edition)!

Another notable aspect is the high proportion of fictional films in the competition — partly at the expense of documentaries, though there was no lack of first-rate documentary productions, either. There are also several films shot in other countries and thus dedicated to issues outside of Switzerland. Overall, a wide variety of themes and places are represented in the Swiss selection.

We are delighted to once again celebrate cinema with you this year. There is no shortage of diversity and depth in our competitions and Winterthur remains a great place for cinematic discoveries. Enjoy the show! Ein norwegisches Dorf, verschlungen von ewiger Dunkelheit. Berge, Wellen, Menschen, Finsternis. Die Apokalypse scheint verlockend und befreiend. A Norwegian village, engulfed in everlasting darkness. In a state of slumber, people endure the stifling dark.

Powerful nature rages relentlessly, sometimes soothing, sometimes menacing. The roar of the factory thunders on, steadily eroding the surrounding landscape. Mountains, waves, people, darkness. A dark musical set in a modern marketplace next to a motorway. The employees of the various commercial venues, portrayed as animals, deal with their boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns.

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The apocalypse appears as a tempting liberator. Mattias de Craene is a musician who feels at home in the worlds of jazz, pop, and experimental music. Bieke Depoorter was born in Kortrijk, Belgium, in Niki Lindroth von Bahr was born in Stockholm in The film draws upon literary sources, late night radio, and Cheyenne legends to conjure the experience of an afterlife in the sacred landscape of Devils Tower. A long-distance driver journeys from his tenuous reality into a vision of the afterlife, called forth by the woman of the mountain.

Christin Turner was born in South Carolina. She is a filmmaker and video artist whose work draws upon her background in the visual arts. Der Abschied wiederholt sich in jeder Generation. Selva navigiert durch Stimmen und Erinnerungen. Ein Spiel, das sie auf die unvermeidliche Trennung vorbereitet. The land expels and the ocean drowns, departures repeat themselves in every generation. Selva navigates through voices and memories, playing a game that prepares her for the inevitable separation.

She is an image and sound designer who has directed several short films that have been selected for international film festivals. A spiritual session with the ghost of Lenin guides us through our past, present, and future. Svitlana Shymko is an independent director from Ukraine and a graduate of the Doc Nomads international MA programme in documentary filmmaking. Teheran Ihr Schicksal wendet sich.

Tehran Three days in the life of two young undocumented brothers from Afghanistan who recently immigrated to Iran. Their destiny takes a turn and a better life seems to open up to them. Emad Aleebrahim Dehkordi was born in Tehran. He lives and works in Paris as well as in Tehran. Das Ritual wurde erstmals gefilmt. In a remote Haitian village, there is a dance called the whipping zombie ritual, which displays the relationship between slaves and masters.

Accompanied by trance-inducing music played by rara bands, men whip and fight till they die and are reborn in an infinite cycle. This unique ritual was filmed for the first time. Yuri Ancarani is an Italian video artist and filmmaker born in Ravenna, Italy.

They have been shown in national and international museums and exhibitions and at many film festivals. The fourth collaboration between Jessie Mott and Steve Reinke continues their melancholic musings on desire and mourning. Steve Reinke is an artist and writer best known for his videos.

His work is screened widely and is in several collections. Jessie Mott is a visual artist. Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, collage, sculptural objects, video, and installations that speak to a dream-like or nightmarish quality of fantasy and the grotesque. Camelia, an escort girl with a troubled past, is newly employed at an erotic massage parlour in eastern Montreal.

Met coldly by her competitive new colleagues, she struggles to establish a clientele while maintaining her dignity. His various films share a fascination with subalternity and an interest in socio-political issues such as immigration and social justice. Michelle Williams Gamaker b. Das Internet in Kuba ist sehr langsam. The internet in Cuba is very slow. Corey Hughes is a Baltimore-based filmmaker who creates short films, music videos, and publications floating between narrative, documentary, and experimental tendencies.

Two sound designers are creating the sound for a film. He works as a sound recordist, foley artist, and sound designer for Thai independent films. Alen schliesst sich einem Psychodrama-Workshop an, der von einer Therapeutin mit Helfersyndrom geleitet wird. Mit der Zeit werden die in den Sitzungen durchgespielten Szenen immer extremer. Basieren sie auf realen Erinnerungen oder auf einer kollektiven Fantasie? Alen joins a local psychodrama workshop led by a therapist with a saviour complex. He is embraced by the group at once. As the therapy progresses, the reenactments during the sessions become more extreme.

The question is, are they based on real memories or on a collective fantasy? Bianca Lucas was born in Basel, Switzerland. She grew up in Warsaw, Poland. In , she graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Christoph Eder and Jonas Eisenschmidt are directors and producers. They both trained as audiovisual media designers and studied media art and design at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Wer ist wer? Wo ist wo? Er weiss es nicht wirklich.

Er erforscht lediglich eine unheimliche Situation, um zu sehen, wen oder was es da zu finden gibt. A confused man, his past or his present, dreams or reality, false or true awakenings Remy Ryumugabe is a filmmaker from Rwanda. He began his filmmaking adventure in , participating in various workshops by organizations such as the Goethe Institute Kigali and the Maisha foundation. Lass dir Zeit. Give it time. Jean celebrates his birthday, gets drunk, and recalls the dreadful weekend that led to his break-up with Mathilde.

After graduating in French literature and history from the Sorbonne, she studied animation at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. She works on diverse projects in visual arts, animation, and experimental film. May Two unarmed Palestinian teens are killed by Israeli soldiers on the West Bank. Abu Hamdan performed an audio analysis to determine whether rubber or live bullets were used.

The film centres on the gunfire, yet no shots are heard. His works often deal with the relationship between politics, listening, boundaries, human rights, and truth. He uses documentaries, essays, audiovisual installations, and many other art forms to express his ideas. Ein griechisch-kreolischer, volkspolitischer Western inmitten der Palmen und Sojafelder der argentinischen Pampa. A Greco-Creole political western set among the palm trees and soy fields of the Argentine Pampas. When the bad gaucho summons the spirit of his dead brother, drama and violence are unleashed.

The centaur, just like the gaucho, is a myth, one that was lost long ago. In a natural disaster scenario, the entire population of the Azores is evacuated due to a plague of hydrangeas. Two young soldiers guide us to the sad stories of those forced to leave. The cinematic journey becomes a nostalgic and political reflection on territorial belonging and identity. Ein schwarzer Mann rennt durch ein Feld.

Ein schwarzer Mann rennt dem Strand entlang. Ein schwarzer Mann rennt durch die Stadt. Der schwarze Mann ist immer am Rennen, wird immer gejagt, rennt weiter. Rennt, um sein Leben zu retten. Ein schwarzer Mann rennt seiner Freiheit entgegen. A black man is running through a field. A black man is running on the beach. A black man is running through a city. The black man is always running, he is always chased, he keeps running Running to save his life.

A black man is running towards freedom. Jyoti Mistry is a filmmaker and visual artist. Diev ouatmedia. The fear of pain is stronger than the longing for freedom. Born in Offenbach am Main, Brenda Lien works as an independent filmmaker and film music composer. She has won several prizes for her works and has been a researcher at the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes since She studies art at the University of Art and Design Offenbach.

Ein Sommerfilm. A movie about motorways, tourists, concrete picnic tables, lines to the restroom, tepid melon slices, and car washes. A movie about a man who wants to leave and a kid holding him back. A summer movie. He is currently writing his first feature film. In this multi-layered documentary infused with biting satire, a film production company comprised of Turks, Kurds, Iraqi refugees, and former soldiers of the Free Syrian Army spends a day in the Turkish countryside shooting a melodrama about the Kurdish-Turkish conflict.

Er soll den Sarg mit der Leiche seines Bruders aus dem Nachbarsdorf abholen. Doch bei Einbruch der Dunkelheit wird die Reise auf seltsame Weise behindert. After a lengthy absence, Filatov returns home to bury his brother. Grigory Kolomytsev was born in Krasnodar, Russia, in Jean-Charles Hue was born in Eaubonne, France, in His shorts and features combining experimental, fictional, and documentary elements have been screened and awarded at many festivals, including Cannes, RIDM, Torino, and the Viennale.

Die Geschichte von Copa-Loca, einem verlassenenen griechischen Ferienort. Paulina ist der Dreh- und Angelpunkt der Kleinstadt. This is the story of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. Paulina is the girl at the heart of Copa-Loca. Everyone cares for her and she cares for everyone — in every possible way. Christos Massalas was born in Ioannina in His short films have received awards and been screened at international film festivals including Cannes, Locarno, and Thessaloniki. Dieser Animationsfilm warnt spielerisch vor Aberglauben.

This animated tale playfully cautions against believing in fairies through the story of Filly, a lesbian who pleasures women by day dressed as a boy. But something strange happens to her at night, and soon, half the village is lining up eagerly. He studied visual arts at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. His films have screened at festivals in more than 30 countries.

A cinematic space consisting of fragments and reflections, a non-space where reliving the past and meeting with your dear ones is a way to challenge the present. His films have been screened at several international festivals. Sie ist in ihren Kollegen Delano verknallt. Hanging out with him is an escape from the harsh reality. But when Tex catches Delano in the act with Katja, the carwash manager, her illusion of true love is shattered. Jonas Smulders is an actor from the Netherlands who has appeared in several feature productions. The battle inside this cave would lead to the most successful slave revolt in history.

She creates modern myths that explore the slippery space between the physical and metaphysical worlds, between memory and history. Ein hyper-halluzinatorisches, surreal-unheimliches Teen-Drama. The film follows Stella, a high school student and poet who is coping with the sudden passing of her true love Sebastian. A hyper-hallucinatory teen drama of surreal eeriness. Sam Kuhn is an American film director, screenwriter, photographer, and boat builder from the Pacific Northwest. Hin und her geschleudert durch die Turbulenzen moderner Zeiten, versucht Tim sein Bestes, um seinen Platz in der Welt zu finden.

How does one grow up between an absent Iraqi father and a pervasive Jewish mother? Tossed around by the great upheavals of modern times, Tim tries as hard as he can to find his place in the world. Samuel Albaric is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and sound engineer from France. Doch die Gruppe wird nicht mehr lange existieren. Die Geschichte von vier jungen Erwachsenen, die nicht Abschied nehmen wollen.

As per usual, they meet in the late afternoon before rehearsing in a vacant lot. Jonathan Vinel b. Caroline Poggi b. Together, they explore the thin line between video games and cinema. A trip towards abstraction and a hypothesis on how mountains might have been formed. His films often leave behind the usual spatiotemporal limits of cinema, leaning towards video installations. The school year is coming to an end and the exams are approaching for Peipei, a young aspiring artist at a high school in Henan Province, a poor part of China. After graduating from high school, Yu Gu b.

During this period, she worked as an assistant director for several French and Chinese directors. Gu Yu is currently working on her first fiction project. In einem abgelegenen Dorf schliessen zwei jugendliche Aussenseiterinnen eine unheimliche Freundschaft. Two teenage outcasts form an uncanny friendship in their remote village.

Amanda Nell Eu b. She is currently developing her first feature film set in Malaysia. In her work, Amanda likes to explore female identity in the context of Southeast Asia. Ich habe einige meiner Freunde gebeten, mir etwas von ihrer Zeit und ein Objekt zu schenken, um gemeinsam herauszufinden, was uns verbindet.

I asked a few friends to give me some of their time and an object, in order for us to find out what connects us. And, fragment by fragment, the archipelago of friendship emerged out of the sounds and images we conceived. Filippo Filliger b. His shorts have been screened at international festivals. He also writes and directs stage plays, plays experimental music, and exhibits works in contemporary art spaces. Doch auch sie fliegen alle weg. A skinny young girl spends her time alone, feeding pigeons in the park.

But they, too, fly away from her. Suddenly, she gets company. But the beanpole feels uneasy about the new companion, so she seeks out a specialist for parasites. Mit erst 47 Jahren leidet Paul bereits an Alzheimer. Also fahren die beiden ans Meer, wie ein ganz normales Paar. His wife Leandra is supposed to take him to a nursing home, but Paul would rather go on holiday with her.

So they drive to the sea, just like a regular couple. Lisa Gertsch was born in Berne in She works as a director, editor, and screenwriter of fictional shorts. While dressing up, a woman reveals herself. She talks about her fears, her problems, and about how she learned to accept and love herself. A woman fishing in troubled waters, nature suffering, the broken chant of the muezzin, all linked by a thin black line. Elodie Dermange was born in Geneva in and grew up between Switzerland and Paris.

Francesca Scalisi b. Mark Olexa b. Sie will ihrem Alltag in den Armen ihres Liebhabers entfliehen, doch der zeigt sich nicht sehr besorgt. In the French countryside, two young people love each other, hidden from their families who are torn by hatred. Jules Carrin was born in Cahors, France, in Every day, Tiago goes outside to feed the crocodile that killed his brother. Carlos Tapia was born in He grew up in Mexico and studied at the French school of Guadalajara.

He left his country at the age of 15 and spent three years in Cannes, finishing his high-school education with a focus on film. Due to the lack of meaningful human contact in his job, a lonely lift boy is pushed to the limits of his sanity. Kilian Vilim was born in Verscio, Switzerland, in He studied illustration at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences — before spending two years working as an event manager in Hamburg. Zunehmend lebhaften Fantasien ausgesetzt, brennt sie vor Sehnsucht und gibt sich neuen Erfahrungen hin.

Sarah, a young handicapped woman in her early twenties, lives with her parents in a brooding atmosphere. Increasingly subject to vivid fantasies, she burns with desire and indulges in new experiences. The arrival of a new cleaning lady, Victoria, will disturb the family balance. Marie de Maricourt was born in Paris in After receiving her diploma in audiovisual studies with a focus on editing, she participated in an artist residency programme in Paris for three years.

Auf seiner Reise kreuzt er die Wege derer, die schon vor ihm nach dem Stein gesucht haben. Northern Iran. A young boy, equipped with his motorbike, travels through the cities, the mountains, and to the Caspian Sea in search of a mythical stone that is supposed to bring happiness. On his journey, he crosses paths with those who have tried to find it before. He then spent a year in Japan, working on audiovisual projects in the Tokyo area. He is the founder of Visceral Films in Lausanne. Georges Schwizgebel b. In , he founded Studio GDS, and has worked as a producer and director of animated films and as a graphic designer ever since.

Faced with the injustices of this world, Margot has lost all faith in the future. Giving up on politics, she decides to entrust her fate to the Dardu, a legendary carp that supposedly predicts the future. Doch Roli hat einen Plan Together, they stumble into a bewildering forest of Swiss bureaucracy. But Roli finds a beautifully simple answer. Jan-Eric Mack b. He has made several award-winning shorts that were screened at festivals worldwide. Durch Zeichnungen lernt er, die einzigartige neue Umgebung zu analysieren. A young Swiss student spends six months in a city that is entirely new to him.

Through drawing, he learns to analyze his unique new environment. Samuel Patthey was born in Berlin in as the son of an architect and a painter. He describes this experience as the most interesting time in his life. Leila works at a casino in a predominantly male environment. A croupier by night, she returns to her hotel in the early morning, while Camille, who lives next door, disappears at dawn.

The first time she sees him, he is standing on his balcony, distraught and close to tears. Lora Mure-Ravaud b. A woman tries to engage with crows in the local park. During her first encounter with one of the birds, she gets so excited that she fails to realize when it flies away, whereupon she finds herself unexpectedly emotional. Nevertheless, she continues to meet crows in the park. Lange gelang es Justin, vor seiner eigenen Geschichte zu fliehen.

Doch als er eine Kiste mit Familien-Videos findet, wird er von seiner Vergangenheit eingeholt. All his life, Justin managed to escape his own story. But his past catches up with him when he finds a box full of old family videos. A film that begins as an homage to his deceased father develops into an attempt to no longer be a stranger to his mother. Justin Stoneham first trained as a goldsmith. Sie lebt in New York. She is also a writer and curator for the website shortoftheweek. She lives in New York City.

Pascal Blum geb. Seit ist er Filmredaktor beim Tages-Anzeiger. He writes about film, music, and other topics for various newspapers and has been head film critic at Tages-Anzeiger since He works for New Europe Film Sales, a Warsawbased sales agency for both features and shorts, where he is responsible for feature film acquisitions and for the short film catalogue.

He is also a production manager at the Koi Studio production company. Ausserdem ist sie Chefredaktorin des Webmagazins EcranNoir. Marie-Pauline Mollaret is a French journalist and film critic. She is also editor-in-chief of the web magazine EcranNoir. In , she helped to establish the French festival Regards sur courts and selected the short films for its first edition. Pimpaka Towira ist die erste weibliche Filmschaffende Thailands, die international von Publikum und Kritik wahrgenommen wurde.

Ihre Filme als Regisseurin schreibt und produziert sie alle selbst. Pimpaka Towira is the first female Thai director to be noticed by international viewers and critics. She writes, directs, and produces all of her films. In addition, Pimpaka has been a film curator and programmer for over 10 years.

Sam lebt in seiner Heimat Brooklyn, New York. Sam Morrill joined Vimeo in and currently serves as Director of Curation, leading the five-person curation team. In , he led the launch of Staff Pick Premieres, a weekly programme presenting the most celebrated short films from the festival circuit as exclusive online premieres on Vimeo. Sam lives in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Ausserdem hat sie mit weiteren Festivals und Fernsehproduktionen zusammengearbeitet sowie mehrere Kurzfilme produziert. In , she was appointed Program Coordinator. Her focus is on films from the Germanspeaking countries and the Middle East.

She also coordinates and curates the Future Frames section, which promotes young European filmmakers. In addition, Anna has worked as a programmer for the Prague Short Film Festival since , cooperated with other festivals and TV productions in the Czech Republic, and produced several short films. Eva Vitija arbeitet seit als Drehbuchautorin in der Schweiz und in Deutschland. Eva Vitija has been working as a screenwriter in Switzerland and Germany since Die Zuschauer bestimmen den Gewinner des Publikumspreises.

The Postproduction Award for a promising script is also announced during the awards ceremony Sunday, , Theater Winterthur. All Swiss films selected for the International Competition qualify for nomination consideration for the Swiss Film Prize. Hot Shorts Aller guten Dinge sind drei, heisst es im Volksmund. Sandro Schmid. Hot Shorts We all know that the best things come in threes. It tells the story of Erik, a night-shift employee at a lonely gas station, and one of its clients, Alex.

Tonight, something happens that will give them the opportunity to discover who they really are. His career as a director began in with commercials, music videos, and short movies. We follow its journey through this seemingly disturbing and dangerous, yet fascinating world and its quest to escape. Arnaud and Nora had a perfect plan for a perfect weekend: a trip to a wildlife park, pictures with animals, sex, a nap, and dinner.

She specialized in scriptwriting and directing and worked as first assistant director on various short films. Heta and her seal live in a very special house with strange rooms and endless hallways. When these are suddenly turned upside down, her world starts to crumble, until she is forced to make an irrevocable decision. Alone and far from home, the Kid makes his way through a strange city. Surrounded by predators, he is forced to make compromises merely to survive. He is the cofounder of the London-based production company Nakba FilmWorks.

All sex scenes have been removed so as to not distract from the main message. Jack Henry Robbins is a filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. Die Auswahl umfasst sechs Filme. Auffallend oft wird darin das Wechselspiel zwischen Stillstand und Bewegung zum Thema gemacht. Erst durch die Montage zu einem gemeinsamen Solo kommt dabei Bewegung ins Spiel. Stefan Staub. Whether school projects such as those from the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK , collaborations with a professional production company, or works by independent directors: each year, about 10 to 20 innovative short films are made in the Zurich area — works that deserve to be discovered by a wider local, national, and international audience.

Kurzfilmtage has therefore decided to spotlight this local filmmaking, for the first time dedicating a separate programme to a selection of local shorts. Strikingly often, they address the interplay between stasis and motion. Things are set in motion when a joint solo is created through editing. But maybe all of this is somehow just an expression of the Zurich way of life, wavering between emotional stasis and motion on hold.

Im Bus, vor den Augen der Passagiere, kommt es zum Eclat. Maren leads an orderly life as a bus tour guide. When her brother shows up unexpectedly, joining the group of senior tourists, she can no longer escape. Torn between affection and fear, she tries to find a way of dealing with the unwanted guest. The situation escalates on the bus, in front of the passengers.

Training for spiritual insight. What is needed at the present stage is research - intensive, extensive and long drawn research. Some Foundation with a few scores of millions to get rid of should finance a ten - or fifteen - year plan of observation and experiment. Sinn im Leben finden, ed. Alexander , Aphorisms. In the long run, we can only function with consciousness of the truth. This also holds for our physical well-being. Die Wahrheit der Fakten, Frankfurt a. The aim of the educator in spiritual insight is to teach the statistically normal that they are in fact insane and should do something about it.

If it is bad doing and in the vast majority of cases it i s bad , learning by doing is hopelessly unsound. Alexander gives to the educator a standard of psycho-physical health - in which what we call morality is included. It provides therefore the conditions for the central direction of all special educational processes. It bears the same relation to education that education itself bears to all other human activities. But we explain this phenomenon sociologically rather than philosophically - by pointing out that natural scientists are organized into expert cultures in a way that literary intellectuals should not try to organize themselves.

You can have an expert culture if you agree on what you want to get, but not if you are wondering what sort of life you ought to desire. Was den Intellektuellen auszeichnet. Dankesrede bei der Entgegennahme des Bruno-Kreisky-Preises. Das erfordert ganz unheroische Tugenden:.

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  • Examples from history also appear to confirm it Die Beispiele aus der Geschichte scheinen ihr [dieser Argumentation - M. Le me co-ordinate him and you will not find gaps and holes in his thinking. When you get further on you will be right, but you won't know it, and you won't want to know if you're right. In those discussions, one thing has become abundantly clear: when you connect the dots, it turns out that the real solutions to the climate crisis are the very same measures needed to renew our economy and escape the trap of ever-rising energy prices. Moreover, they are also the very same solutions we need to guarantee our national security without having to go to war in the Persian Gulf.

    July Juli Too much confusion! Too much misinformation! I say: Save our Planet Earth! They could be wrong - the great majority of scientists sometimes are - but in view of what is at stake, to rely on that possibility would be a risky strategy. So, to put it in terms a child could understand, as far as the atmosphere is concerned, the developed nations broke it. If we believe that people should contribute to fixing something in proportion to their responsibility for breaking it, then the developed nations owe it to the rest of the world to fix the problem with the atmosphere.

    August True, our investments may increase in value over time, and we will become richer, but the price we are prepared to pay to save human lives, or endangered species, may go up just as much. These values are not consumer goods, like TVs or dishwashers, which drop in value in proportion to our earnings. They are things like health, something that the richer we get, the more we are willing to spend to preserve.

    Human beings act like machines whose function is to make money. Die Menschen werden zur Gesamtsumme dessen, was sie produzieren. Menschliche Wesen verhalten sich wie Automaten, deren Zweckbestimmung es ist, Geld zu verdienen. Actually some places will get better like where I am from in Denmark. June Philosophical Papers, Vol. Chances are excellent that whatever you end up contributing to in that expert-cultural philosophical debate on climate change is not going to have any effect in the actual matter of climate change.

    Philosophers can create a never-ending debate about anything that can be named. But here's what's changed: the sharp cost reductions now beginning to take place in solar, wind, and geothermal power - coupled with the recent dramatic price increases for oil and coal - have radically changed the economics of energy. The leading experts predict that we have less than 10 years to make dramatic changes in our global warming pollution lest we lose our ability to ever recover from this environmental crisis. When the use of oil and coal goes up, pollution goes up.

    When the use of solar, wind and geothermal increases, pollution comes down. Are you not of more value than they? Seid ihr denn nicht viel mehr denn sie? Das ist ein verzerrtes Bild der Welt, das Politiker uns aufzwingen wollen. You cannot serve God and money. In a world in which the richest people have a combined net worth greater than the bottom 45 per cent of the world's population - about 2.

    Most people want their lives to be happy, fulfilling, or meaningful in some way, and they recognise that money is, at best, a means to achieving part of these ends. Public policy does not have to rely on self-interest in this narrow economic sense. It can, instead, appeal to the widespread need to feel wanted, or useful, or to belong to a community - all things that are more likely to come from cooperating with others than from competing with them.

    The more it strives for autonomy, the less attention it deserves. Je mehr die Philosophie nach Autonomie strebt, desto weniger Aufmerksamkeit verdient sie. About studying Psychology at universities: "When we consider how much time and energy is devoted during these best years to wasting the last opportunities of adolescence and to suppressing, by means of the intellectual disciplines, the feelings that emerge with particular force at this age, then it is no wonder that the people who have made this sacrifice victimize their patients and clients in turn, treating them as mere objects of knowledge instead of as autonomous, creative beings.

    But that fuzziness does not, and should not, make us treasure free and independent universities any less. Neither philosophers nor anyone else can offer us nice sharp distinctions between the appropriate social utility and inappropriate politicization. But we have accumulated a lot of experience about how to keep redrawing this line One of the things this accumulated experience has taught us is that universities are unlikely to remain healthy and free once people outside the university take a hand in redrawing this line. But their place would be taken by many honest reports about what really happened to their authors.

    There has been a markes increase in the willingness of the postwar generation [of German literary writers - M.