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I grew up in Esfahan, a city in central Iran known for its historic architectural marvels. I was interested in science from a very young age, but my fascination with neurology has been many years in the making. I first gained an appreciation for biology and the intricacies of the human brain from my outstanding high school biology teacher. A combination of meaningful patient interactions, volunteering as a Farsi interpreter at UCLA, and my experiences at the UCLA epilepsy clinic sparked my interest in neurology, so I decided to go to medical school.

I was fortunate enough to continue my research endeavors throughout medical school and took a year off to study the role of interneurons in seizure initiation, propagation, and termination; I hope to continue this work during residency. I believe we live at the brink of a revolution in neurology, and I hope to be at the forefront of this movement with a career that integrates research and clinical practice.

Moreover, the recent advances in our understanding of the human brain and the sheer number of patients with neurological disorders who are in need of better treatment options have generated a great sense of urgency, promise, and responsibility that I am excited to be a part of as a future neurologist. What I find most exciting about Partners Neurology is the breadth of clinical experiences at MGH and BWH, and the innumerable research opportunities available in virtually every area of neuroscience and neurology.

I have never lived on the East Coast before, but since I moved to the U. I have been enamored with its history and culture, and residency is the perfect opportunity to explore the Northeast. Ultimately my goal is to run a systems neuroscience laboratory while staying clinically active in the outpatient setting. I spend a lot of my free time with my wife, Neda.

We enjoy working out at the gym, hiking, ballroom dancing, and cooking together. We are also very involved in the Baha'i community and participate in as many community service activities as we can. Oh, and I am also a huge NBA fan and having such a great hometown basketball team is definitely a perk of living in Boston. At MIT I earned a degree in chemical-biological engineering and through my first research experiences there became fascinated with the brain. I worked with several neurologists over the course of my neuroscience research and was soon drawn to medicine -- and of course the neuro exam!

I am excited to be back in Boston for the opportunity to work with the phenomenal neuroscience researchers here, and am now focusing on blood flow dynamics in the brain in vascular disease models. I am particularly interested in the contribution of microischemic events to cognitive decline. Clinically, I am currently most interested in stroke and neurocritical care.

Outside of the hospital, I love hiking and backpacking and have been enjoying the proximity to the White Mountains. I grew up in Monterrey, Mexico where I met my wife and spent the majority of my life. My proudest achievements are my beautiful kids who make everyday a crazy and rewarding adventure. I was drawn to Neurology because I enjoy solving complex mysteries; there is no other specialty or program that can offer this opportunity on a daily basis.

Before coming to Boston I did a postdoctoral fellowship in Neuro-Oncology. With my mentor, Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, and multidisciplinary teams we successfully uncovered novel oncogenic pathways, devised three patented nanotechnology-based therapies and a unique diagnostic tool for brain cancer. My current hobby in the lab is exploring the genomic landscape of brain-specific metastases. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, exploring the diverse Boston restaurant scene and picking up new hobbies. I am originally from Massachusetts up around the north shore but have been up and down the northeast corridor through my various academic pursuits.

Boston will always hold a special place in my heart, and it is good to be back home. I've had an interest in science ever since I was young, and though my undergraduate years that interest crystalized into an active pursuit of all things brain-machine interface and artificial intelligence. At Drexel, I developed technical skills to sample electrophysiological data from the human drain in-vivo and translate that to develop therapeutically relevant algorithms for the detection so seizure.

During that time I grew interested in network level cortical physiology and how the different networks of the brain communicate or fail to communicate and the implications of such on a person functioning in the real world. My future research goals focus on the fusion of artificial neural networks and in-situ cortical networks to restore lost function and develop new function in human beings. My life consists of 3 different phases in 3 different continents; I was born and raised in U. A for research and medical training.

I have always been fascinated by the brain's complexity and was interested in studying it in depth. I was drawn to Pediatric Neurology when I worked as a clinical research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh in a project that aims to identify the genes for migraine headaches. I moved to New York city to complete 3 years of pediatrics residency training before moving to Boston to embark on the wonderful journey of Neurology.

A career in Pediatric Neurology will allow me to impact the lives of many patients and families with debilitating neurological diseases. Within Neurology, I am interested in Epilepsy disorders in children with specific focus on Epilepsy genetics. In my free time, I like to walk around, relax, listen to classical music and burp my new born baby girl Lina. I also love to travel and meet people from different parts of the world. I was born and raised in Austin, deep in the heart of Texas, and my love for the brain was sparked in a high school anatomy and physiology class.

For college, I headed west to UCLA, where I majored in neuroscience and minored in Germanic Languages, studied abroad in Germany, and developed a love of running, biking, and good beer. I am excited to work towards a career in academic child neurology and developmental neuroscience.

I spent the last two years in San Francisco, initially undertaking headache research at Stanford, before completing an intern year at California Pacific Medical Center. Beyond the hospital, I love travel, music, literature, and exploring this wonderful city. I have had quite an international upbringing!

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, with the exception of a few years of my early childhood, which I spent in Israel. When I was 16, my family moved to Hamilton, Canada. During my undergraduate studies, I developed a passion for chemistry and pursued a Masters in Synthetic Organic Chemistry in Toronto.

I am now thrilled to complete my residency in neurology at Partners, a program that offers fantastic opportunities in both research and resident education, as well as a warm and collaborative environment, in what I think is one of the best cities in the world. I am intrigued by all the mysteries that neurology holds and am very excited to start unraveling them. Going forward, I plan to specialize in outpatient neurology, possibly in Movement Disorders or Multiple Sclerosis, and hope to combine my interests in neurology with the field of Medical Education, in which I am particularly interested in curriculum development.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy running, reading, traveling, and, most importantly, spending time with my loved ones near and far. Although I am originally from the Washington D. I would visit the city often growing up to see my extended family, and I sometimes tell people that my decision to come here for college was rooted in my love for the show Cheers not totally inaccurate.

I attended college and medical school at Boston University through the Seven Year Medical Program, and while I certainly enjoyed many fields of medicine, nothing quite captured my fascination like neurology.

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Above all, I am excited about our ability to apply new advancements in basic and clinical science to improve the lives of our patients and their families. Partners was the right choice for me as the program has the breadth and depth of resources to help me pursue my career interests of becoming a physician-educator.

Within clinical neurology, my preliminary interests are broad but include movement disorders and neuro-palliative care. When I am not at work, I enjoy old TV shows and movies, finding great bargains, and cooking new recipes. I think Boston is one of the greatest cities in the world, and I am very excited to work with great colleagues and mentors in this field.

I was born in Florida but moved all over the country growing up; my roots are mostly in the Portland and Seattle areas in the Pacific Northwest. During my PhD training, I studied human movement control and worked with patients with ataxia-telangiectasia, a rare movement disorder, and healthy adults to apply mathematical models to better understand how and why the motor system selects the elegant movement strategies we see every day.

I chose the Partners residency program because of the caliber of and camaraderie between residents, as well as the breadth of patients with diverse neurologic disorders that we have the opportunity to see. Outside of work, my interests include hiking and camping, exploring New England, and discovering new restaurants. I grew up in Baltimore, MD.

As an undergrad in Baltimore, I studied philosophy, and wrote my senior thesis on theories of rationality in philosophy of mind. After graduating, I continued my studies in philosophy at the graduate level in Cambridge, England as a Gates Cambridge Scholar, where I focused on philosophical issues relating to medicine and the mind. My combined interests in philosophy, science and ethics gave rise to my eventual pursuit of medicine, and neurology in particular, at the intersection of these symbiotic domains.

During medical school I continued to examine the ethical dimensions and philosophical frameworks underlying standards of care in medicine and public health, and also spent time pursuing empirical research studying genomic drivers of brain tumors. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing guitar, and exploring the outdoors. I grew up in North Central Florida where I also attended medical school. No other organ is as personal as the one that creates our unique realities, provides us with imagination, and serves as the curator of our memories. In college, I tried to understand the nervous system at its most basic level through bioelectrics courses in biomedical engineering.

Studying the brain in medical school confirmed my love of neuroscience and neurology and gave me a better understanding of the field as it is applied to neurologic disease. I am excited to have matched at Partners Neurology not only for the experience I will gain by working with world experts in the field to take care of complex patients, but also because of the research that will allow the field to grow and advance in novel ways and the welcoming people in the program.

Outside of work, you can find me exploring Boston. I grew up in CT and went to undergrad at Yale, where I studied English and Russian, then spent a year after graduation teaching English in Moscow before heading to a post-bac pre-med program at Bryn Mawr College. I fell in love with clinical neurology during my third year clerkship at Columbia. I love the people and culture at Partners, and I have been so impressed by the breadth of clinical exposure, the kindness and collegiality of the people, and especially the atmosphere of intellectual curiosity.

I am not sure yet what subfield of neurology I want to pursue, but I am interested in palliative care, clinical ethics, and medical humanities. In my spare time, I like rock climbing, playing guitar, and spending time outside in and around Boston, which I've decided is an ideal city! I was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and elected to stay close to home for college.

Initially undecided as to my path in life, I chose to enroll at a small liberal arts college. Through a combination of personal and academic experiences in college, along with outstanding mentors, I ultimately decided to pursue a career in medicine. During my path to medical school, I took two years off after graduation to pursue both teaching and research opportunities before enrolling at Cornell for medical school. Though I entered medical school with an interest in neuroscience, a profound personal experience heightened my interest in the field of neurology, which was only reinforced during my clinical clerkships.

I chose to travel a bit further north for residency at Partners due to a variety of factors. During my interview day, I was consistently taken aback by the warm and welcoming environment of all faculty, staff and current residents, and it was clear to me that such an atmosphere fostered tremendous personal and professional growth among its members. Given the extraordinary resources and breadth of clinical experiences available during the training program, I gained a good sense that this was a program that supported, and encouraged, your interest in any subspecialty of neurology.

Lastly, having come from a relatively small undergraduate and medical school class, mentorship was an important component of residency that I was looking for, and in speaking with current Partners residents, there seemed to be no shortage of willing faculty to support the development of our future careers. Outside of residency, I have a wide variety of interests.

I enjoy hiking in all types of environments, with my most recent expedition occurring in the White Mountains, a destination that is exceedingly close to Boston. In addition, during more extended breaks, I find great joy in traveling internationally, having backpacked throughout Europe by myself for a period of several weeks. Aside from travel, I am an avid carpenter and book reader mainly classics , I enjoy cooking and baking all sorts of food, have an interest in astronomy, and try to spend as much time with family including my dog and friends.

I grew up in New Jersey but have lived in Massachusetts for the past 16 years. During undergraduate, I studied neurobiology and conducted research on rhythmic activity in the thalamic reticular nucleus using patch clamp recordings. In graduate school, I continued with electrophysiology, investigating the role of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in risk benefit decision making and later, the contribution of the basolateral amygdala to reward processing.

Although I considered all neuro-related specialties throughout medical school which, I could argue, means all specialties , neurology was a natural fit. I love the sense of mystery in diagnosing neurological problems, and I find our increasing ability to treat such problems incredibly rewarding. I'm most interested in neurocritical care, but I'm trying to keep an open mind since I haven't yet started my neurology years.

While the vast array of research labs and resources first attracted me to Partners, it was the excellence and passion of the people at Partners, from students to residents to attendings, who made me want to train here. When not in the hospital, I enjoy traveling, tackling the outdoors with my dog Thunderpaws, and writing science fiction. I'm one of the rare people who actually enjoys Boston winters- mostly because that means playing ice hockey and skiing - and I have loved living in Cambridge for the past few years. While there I majored in neuroscience and studied executive function in a rat model of schizophrenia.

I was also a captain of the track team as a pole vaulter. In the winter, I spent any free weekend days skiing at Mad River Glen. I did research with the NYU concussion center, working on bringing sideline concussion tests into the outpatient clinic. I was drawn to Partners Neurology because of the breadth and depth of clinic experience, top research opportunities, and the friendly atmosphere.

Outside of the hospital I enjoy spending time outside. I made my first foray into the Northeast to attend Dartmouth for undergrad where I majored in neuroscience and classical archaeology. After college, I spent two years working at NIH studying mouse models of drug addiction. Before starting medical school, I also had the amazing opportunity to lead a Classics study abroad program and travel throughout Greece and the mediterranean for several months.

I pursued research in neuroimmunology and global neurology, spending time at a multiple sclerosis clinic in the United Arab Emirates. When applying to residency, I was drawn to Partners due to the breadth of clinical experiences between BWH and MGH, the strong global health network, and because I apparently hadn't gotten my fill of snowstorms during my four years at Dartmouth. Of note, Boston was not in fact named as one of Americas 10 most haunted towns. When I'm not working, I love biking along the Charles river, exploring the food and beer scene in Boston, and traveling which yes, you actually can manage to do on a resident's salary!

Current residents

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. While the East coast weather never seizes to amaze me, I have fondly made the East coast my home for the past 10 years. My eastward journey began with my undergraduate education at Colgate University, followed by a year in Washington D. My interest in Neurology was established well before the start of my eastward journey. However, my experiences at the NIH and caring for patients with neurologic diseases during medical school strengthened my passion for a career in Neurology that would involve both clinical care and research, particularly in Neuroimmunology.

The Partners program strongly appealed to me as it provides both a welcoming training environment where residents become well-rounded clinicians while also providing plentiful opportunities for research. As a current MGH intern, I am constantly learning while caring for patients on the wards, attending educational noon conferences with amazing food! I look forward to joining the Neurology Department as a NM1 in the coming months. Modern, you will have to try each when you visit! I am looking forward to continuing to fall in love with the city of Boston and all it has to offer!

I grew up in New Hampshire, went to college in NY, initially with no plan to pursue a career in science or medicine. Early in my undergraduate career, I happened to take an introductory course in neuroscience that gave me the earliest sense that neuroscience and clinical neurology were intensely creative fields, and that a career in medicine could be both intellectually and humansitically fulfilling. In medical school, my rotations in neurology demonstrated and an exciting range of pathology, and that while treatments for some neurologic diseases have been incredibly effective, other diseases are in great need of advances.

I found the Partners Neurology program to offer training that would allow me to build my career in neurology in whatever way made sense for me, having strong clinical and research opportunities in any sub-specialty. Most important, I found the Partners program to be full of amazing potential mentors and co-residents, and that the size of the program was just right. In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends living in and outside Boston. I try to ride my bike around the city for most of the year, which is do-able even in the winter if you have some solid gloves, and are ok with wearing a balaclava.

I also enjoy hiking around New England, and running along the Charles River. I was born and raised in Romania. I moved to the United States for college when I was 20 years old. After that, I started my PhD studies at MIT where I wanted to expand my knowledge about the complexities of human disease and chose to focus my work on cancer. I always knew I wanted to eventually pursue medicine and work directly with patients, so during my PhD I applied to medical school and enrolled at University of Massachusetts Medical School.

It was during medical school when my interest in neurology crystallized, beginning with my 3rd year clerkship and continuing with more advanced rotations. While I found every rotation to be rewarding in its own way, taking care of patients with neurological problems was the most gratifying to me and I always found neurology to be the most fascinating and mind challenging field of medicine. My research interests in medical school revolved around studying the microbiome in Multiple Sclerosis with Dr Carolina Ionete. I chose Partners Neurology for the excellent quality of training, amazing faculty and colleagues and abundant opportunities for research.

In neurology I am very much undifferentiated and look forward to exploring different subspecialties once I start my training. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our 2 children Fabi who is 4.

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I also enjoy trying new restaurants in Boston and baking. I grew up in New Jersey and spent many summers on the Jersey shore. After graduation, I pursed a Masters at Johns Hopkins University and researched auditory perception in patients with cochlear implants. I moved to Boston to attended medical school at Harvard. Here I researched rhythmic synchronization among neural networks using a rat model. During medical school, I enjoyed learning about the complexities of neurologic diseases and working with this patient population, which solidified my desire to become a neurologist.

Within neurology, I'm interested in cognitive and behavioral neurology, and palliative care. I was drawn to Partners Neurology by the great clinical training and abundant research opportunities. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, hiking, and traveling. I grew up in Michigan and spent almost all of my years at school in the mid-west. I studied Spanish and Women's health at the University of Michigan and participated in a pastry arts program in Michigan prior to attending medical school. After culinary school, I moved to Cleveland for medical school and ultimately became interested in neurology during my neuroscience course.

I found the material fascinating and really fell for the neurology physical exam. During my third year of medical school, my research in dementia and my neurology clerkship helped solidify that neurology was the right path for me.

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I chose to come to Partners for my neurology residency because I was blown away by the opportunities available in Global health within the Partners program and I felt that the residents were very kind and down to earth. I decided to do my preliminary year in Boston at MGH and I have been really taken aback, in the most positive of ways, by the amazingness of both the hospital and the house-staff.

Outside of work, I spend a majority of my free time exploring Boston's food scene -- whether it is doing a canoli tour in the North End or trying to find the best lobster roll in Boston! I grew up in California and completed my undergraduate studies at Pomona College with a major in neuroscience. Afterwards, I spent at year at the University of Geneva studying visual evoked potentials as a biomarker for schizophrenia.

During medical school at Duke, I spent a research year investigating the genetics of febrile seizures. I was deeply impressed by the breath and depth of learning at Partners as well as the varied opportunities available to residents from global health to basic science research. In my spare time, I love to read sci-fi and fantasy novels, travel or read travel articles due to time constraints , explore new restaurants and take candid photos of my friends and family.

I spent my undergrad years in Brunswick, Maine at Bowdoin College majoring in neuroscience and minoring in chemistry. My research was in a neuroelectrophysiology lab, where I studied central pattern generators of simple circuits including the cardiac ganglion of lobsters very quintessential Maine. I moved to Connecticut for medical school at Yale, where I was immediately was drawn to neurology, specifically stroke and neurocritical care.

While in New Haven, I spent a year of research studying functional and cognitive recovery after an intracerebral hemorrhage.

I decided to complete my New England trifecta by moving to Boston for residency. I was drawn to the Partners program specifically for its large stroke volume across two major hospitals and abundance of research in this field. When I am not in the hospital, you can typically find me running down by the Riverway or along the Charles. I am also a big TV addict, known among my friends as a person who has an opinion about most shows on TV or Netflix. I also like to experiment in the kitchen in my spare time, always trying to perfect an authentic Pad Thai. I grew up in Chicago and became fascinated by neuroscience in high school.

I was drawn to research and clinical medicine by great mentors I had during college, and ultimately entered MD-PhD training with the goal of pursuing a career as a physician-scientist. My PhD research focused on using human induced pluripotent stem cells and genomic editing to model neuropsychiatric diseases at a cellular level.

I was drawn to neurology by the complex and often devastating effects of neurologic disorders on patients, and a desire to help advance knowledge of disease mechanisms and treatments. I am still naive to many fields within neurology but am currently interested in Neurocritical Care.

I chose the Partners program for the the amazing breadth and depth of clinical experience, fantastic research opportunities, and because the residents here form an incredibly supportive and cohesive network of colleagues and friends. Outside the hospital I love to travel the world with my husband Galen, cook for friends, and go running and cycling in the Boston area. Boston has been an incredible place to live for the last several years, and I'm excited to be staying for residency!

I am a first generation Mexican American and first to earn a college degree in my family. My interest in neurology began during my time at UCSF while conducting neuromuscular research with a pediatric neurologist. Through my mentor I would attend neurology clinic, summer camps for patients with neuromuscular disease and outreach activities for the affected families. Currently within neurology I remain actively interested in the peripheral nervous system but look forward to exploring different subspecialties.

I was drawn to Partners Neurology during my time as a sub-intern and later reaffirmed during my interview day. I was most impressed by the magnitude and breadth of clinical experience, tremendous research opportunities, an amazing presence in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and extremely supportive and collegial atmosphere among residents and faculty. Not to mention the excellence in teaching and mentorship is second to none which was why Partners Neurology was my top choice.

Outside of clinical work, I have a strong passion for mentorship and technology in fostering the next generation of physician leaders and thus serve on an advisory board for c 3. On my spare time I enjoy spending time with family, friends, watching and playing sports, trying new restaurants and sailing in different harbors. I grew up around New Haven, Connecticut. I was first interested in neuroscience, and particularly language and the brain, as an undergraduate at MIT where I majored in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. After a research experience in France that involved hospitalized patients, I realized I was actually more interested in clinical practice and neurology than pure research.

My particular interest is in global health neurology and working with underserved and immigrant populations. I chose Partners neurology because I wanted a large program with multiple hospitals and also because of the incredible global health mentors and global neurology training opportunities.

Outside of residency, I enjoy playing tennis, squash, and ping pong, as well as rock climbing, and hiking. I also love painting, traveling, learning languages, and new as of intern year, the accordion! I grew up in Hong Kong where my family still lives. My interest in Neurology began in college, when I became involved in neuroimaging research.

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  • I was fascinated by the potential to visualize and probe the complex processes going on in the brain, which to me remains the most mysterious organ. Specializing in Neurology for residency was an obvious choice. I was drawn to the Partners program not only for the breath and depth of the clinical training, or the caliber of the clinical and research faculty. I was also impressed by all the Partners alumni who I met on my interview trail and are now accomplished clinicians and researchers at other prominent institutions.

    During my free time, I enjoy exploring the seemingly endless restaurant options in Boston, or taking in some fresh air walking along the Esplanade or the beautiful Jamaica Pond. I became interested in neurology because I think the diseases we study are some of the most important and debilitating diseases that patients face, and my passion lies in striving to find new ways to treat these diseases. My future career interests mostly lie in academic medicine, including clinical research, teaching, and mentoring. Partners Neurology really stood out to me with its high volume of patients, leaders in research, and warm and friendly residents and faculty.

    Boston has also been an incredible place to live and explore. Some of my favorite things to do include walking through Boston Commons with hot coffee, and exploring everything from North End to Chinatown. Outside of medicine I enjoy playing tennis, reading books, watching Netflix and new movies, and spending time with friends and family. I did research at Stanford University in cellular immunity and cancer immunology, followed by researching the fruit fly immune system at UC San Diego prior to medical school. In medical school, I researched pelvic floor muscle histopathology and even kidney disease, and then I decided I wanted to pursue a career in neurology.

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