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A Vampire's Tale: Volume 1..The Journey Begins

In a failed attempt to improve his meth recipe and give these emaciated drug add Justice served cold! When incurable pedophiles are released into our society, does it give you comfort knowing where they live?

That is. It is only circumstance that allows some dying senior citizens to realize they ar A Vampire to Fear!

This continues the DeathWalker series. Pursued by a professor that knows that vampires exist in our modern society, Christian the year old vampire and his new mate Katherine decide to relocate. Their choice?

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Branson, Missouri, a Becker Paperback , Pages, Published ISBN A Vampire to Fear! This continues the DeathWalker series.

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Pursued by a professor that knows that vamp Their choice? Branson, Missouri, a thriving city in the middle of wilderness surrounded by mountain caves and a rotating daily population that makes feeding easy. The book broke all sorts of records and even launched itself into television. The paranormal was not something people discussed back in the 70's, and it certainly didn't have the acceptance and toleration people have for it today.

Deathwalker II: A Vampire's Domain

But, about twenty-five years later, society was a slightly more accepting. Now, the writing will not stop. Thousands of emails have poured in asking about Marsha's story; and, we're happy to say that after publishing True Haunting, the "Dave" in the book--actual name: Dan White--contacted me 40 years later and we have since rekindled a lost relationship that was once hindered by business and the darkness that was encompassed within the house.

Thus, True Haunting 2 was born!

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About The Author. Edwin F. Becker was born in , and he became a bestselling author with the release of his book True Haunting in Customer Reviews of True Haunting: 2.

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