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Valuing and Educating Young People explains Lyward's ideas on education and emotional development, and shows how his methods are relevant to contemporary practice. Valuing and Educating Young People advocates learning through conversation and describes how education can be an enriching process that raises young people's self-esteem if approached with patience and fun. It offers advice on providing discipline and maintaining control without overreacting to misbehaviour, and on how to establish an atmosphere of respect and encouragement.

Jeremy Harvey shows how Lyward's creative approaches offer valuable lessons for teachers trying to reach challenging students and for all professionals involved in groupwork with adolescents. Jeremy Harvey was head teacher of Bishop Fox's Community School for 20 years and has 33 years' experience of teaching in state schools and the private sector.

People Skills for Young Adults is a complete course in social skills training for students in their teens, and is particularly appropriate for those w…. Designed to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to be street wise - to understand their rights and responsibilities - this reso….

Why young people need to understand Global Citizenship Education?

Again and again, young people return to the question, Am I the same as other people or am I different? It's a difficult question to answer.

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Children and young people in care rarely match the academic achievements of their peers and policy and procedures to address this inequality have not …. In he started studying for ordination at Bishop's College, Cheshunt , but abandoned this two weeks before his planned ordination.

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He taught again at Emanuel, then in moved to Trinity College, Glenalmond to work with the sixth form students, developing his ideas about teaching this age group. In a broken engagement led to a breakdown and treatment by Hugh Crichton-Miller , who later asked Lyward to help with some of his own boy patients. This work led directly to Lyward's work at Finchden Manor. Lyward married Sarah Sadie whom he met in , and she accompanied him to Finchden, but she died an early death at 54 from cancer in Lyward opened a therapeutic community in a farm building at Guildables, Edenbridge, Kent in , and by he moved it to larger premises at Finchden Manor.

With the exception of WW2 years, when Finchden Manor was requisitioned by the army, he continued to work there until his death in Robinson, writing in , refers to Finchden Manor as "long closed", [5] and the Friends Reunited entry says that it closed in , within a year of Lyward's death. Last 30 days Last 90 days All time.

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