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Brush your dog often to prevent matting of his coat and furnishings. Powderpuff variety Chinese cresteds are double-coated, and the amount of hair on a hairless variety varies with individuals of the breed, but Chinese crested dogs shed very little. Invest in a pin brush and comb if you own a powderpuff variety, and a slicker brush or bristle brush for hairless dogs.

Brush and trim your pet before you bathe him.

How to Care for a Chinese Crested

Working in this order will wash away loose hair and reduce matting. While grooming your pet, check his skin condition and overall health. Bathe your Chinese crested twice a week. Both varieties are prone to skin issues and require bathing more frequently than most other breeds. Use dog shampoo, followed by a light or diluted conditioner. Work the shampoo into the coat with your fingertips, moving from root to tip to avoid matting.

Chinese Crested, Crested Dog Breed Guide Information and Pictures

Rinse several times to make certain you wash away all of the residue. Training, Diet and Exercise Step 1 Apply positive reinforcement techniques in training your pet.

18 Facts You May Not Know About Chinese Crested Dog

Step 2 Socialize your pet early. Step 3 Exercise your Chinese crested for an hour daily, but keep walks short. Step 4 Talk to your veterinarian about the proper diet for your dog.

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  • Training, Diet and Exercise?
  • DNA testing guide: Chinese Crested — The Pet Genetics Lab.

Health and Preventive Care Step 1 Review the health issues that may affect your pet. Skin Care Step 1 Protect your pet from exposure to direct sunlight. Step 2 Apply a child-safe lotion if your dog has dry skin.

Health and Preventive Care

Step 3 Avoid using products containing wool and lanolin with your pet, as many Chinese cresteds are allergic to them. Step 4 Dress your hairless Chinese crested if you live in a cold climate. Grooming Step 1 Brush your dog often to prevent matting of his coat and furnishings. Step 3 Bathe your Chinese crested twice a week. These dogs are best kept as indoor pets, as their coats are insufficient for cold outdoor weather. The breed makes a good pet for apartments or small homes with minimal yard space. The results of genetic tests are more accurate and reliable than the traditional methods for diagnosing inherited diseases, especially in diseases seen in later life.

Genetic testing also enables diagnosis of the diseases long before an animal reaches mating age, enabling breeders to eliminate disease-causing mutations from their breeding lines.

Vital Stats:

Genetic testing is extremely cost-effective as your pet only needs to be tested once, and they can be tested at any age. DNA testing is non-invasive as no blood test is required - just a cheek swab. Registered in the Isle of Man with company number C. View cart.

Added to your cart:. The unique-looking Chinese Crested is a toy breed and despite its name, it originated in Africa. It is thought that the term 'Chinese' became part of their name due to their popularity with Chinese traders, who regularly picked these dogs up to be ratters onboard their ships. This breed showed up in Europe in the early 's and in the United States in the later 's.

These two are as different in their coats as their names describe them. The hairless variety only has hair on particular parts of its body, while the puff variety has a long soft coat. Chinese Cresteds are loyal and affectionate companions that love to play.

DNA testing guide: Chinese Crested

These cuddly and entertaining animals are companion dogs through and through. They are very social and love everybody, including children and other pets. Be sure that children are well behaved enough that they do not play too roughly with them, as this is a somewhat delicate little dog. Cresteds are best suited to devoted owners because they need constant human companionship. They may have trouble adjusting to a new owner if changing homes. They are very alert to their surroundings, yet usually do not bark excessively. When selecting a Chinese Crested dog, look for dental problems and signs of allergies and autoimmune disorders.

It's also a good idea to request test results for eye problems and patellar luxation. They are most suited for warm to moderate climates, especially the hairless variety.

About DNA testing

Breed Type The unique-looking Chinese Crested is a toy breed. They are best suited to warm to moderate climates, especially the hairless variety. Background Contrary to what its name suggests, the Chinese Crested breed originated in Africa, where it was called the African Hairless Terrier. The breed's current name is thought to have come from its popularity among Chinese traders who passed through the area, picking up these dogs to use as ratters on their ships. The Chinese Crested made its way to Europe in the early 's, and to the United States later in the century.

There are two varieties of the breed: the Hairless, which only has hair on certain parts of its body, and the Powderpuff, which has a long, soft coat. Description The Chinese Crested is a small dog with a broad head and long muzzle. Its eyes are round and dark, and its ears upright. The Chinese Crested Hairless has long hair on its head, tail and feet.