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He left when Centennial Bank acquired Stonegate and was under a non-compete agreement for a year, Brown said. After that year, he chose Atlanta out of four growth markets, including Charlotte and Raleigh, N. The Loyal Trust Bank organizers stood out for their formation progress, contacts and community, Brown said.

It's a good time to form a new bank because of the "tremendous gap" in new community banks in the Atlanta market and nationwide, and the high rate of mergers, which has shrunk choices for business and consumers, Brown said. The Loyal Trust organizers identified a multicultural opportunity to target banking services toward the Asian American community. It has representation within its organizing group, proposed board and senior staff of ethnic groups including Korean, Chinese, Caucasian, Indian, African-American and South American, Brown noted.

Other founding directors include:. In addition to Brown, the organizing group has identified a chief financial officer and senior vice president, Renee Hinkson, who has 20 years of experience working for community banks holding various financial accounting positions, according to the FDIC application. The identities of two people holding the positions of chief credit and chief risk officer and senior executive vice president, and of chief lending and senior credit officer and senior vice president were kept confidential in the application.

The bank's primary service area is the community that lines the SR corridor between Georgia and Interstate 85 as far south as SR and as far north as the SR intersection with Georgia , the organizing group said in the FDIC application. A finance company and tech company in California are using the WeTrust name, so it appeared to be a conflict with the bank's plans, Brown said. Loyal Trust represents the second attempt to obtain approval of a new bank since the start of The Tandem group's application is only the second application to form a traditional bank submitted to the state banking department since , when the country's financial crisis rocked the banking industry.

At the time the state agency accepted the Tandem group's application, Hagler said the agency would conduct a charter investigation of its organizing group concurrently with the FDIC, and expected to render a decision within 90 days of the application date. The Loyal Trust organizers hope to obtain regulatory approval within four to six months, Brown said. While the banking investigators do their work, they will be raising capital and converting the former bank branch building into a headquarters, he said.

Tandem Bank has a target opening date of August , according to its Interagency Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Application for a state non-member bank, which the state banking agency provided Atlanta Business Chronicle. Name reservations filed in Whitfield and Dodge counties were published in the state banking department's January Financial Institutions Bulletin. Indeed, I would venture that my canine charge appeared totally stoked that she was strutting alongside such a handsome and sleek wolf.

Suddenly, our suburban street gave way to rock-strewn hills and angry-looking clouds, grey with threatening rain. The temperature had dropped chillingly. We were soon astride a craggy outcrop, which fell steeply away into a gorge below. The air was filled with the roar of a wild river that thrashed in torment below us. Look how it crashes up against that boulder down there. The water is being forced to split.

They are deciding for themselves which way they want to go. Nature was making her choices. She was not forced to decide. Neither is the river down there. Nor are the people in your pack. Whichever way the water flows, it is still a river. We turned and made our way from the cold mountains to chilly Northamptonshire. We paused at my door. I enquired if Wolf wanted to join us for tea. Some choice, if you ask me…! I am three days away from my heart transplant assessment.

It is not an act of bravado, nor a gesture of machismo. I just figured it was the right way for me and for those who are around me. It also makes it easier for them to react to the situation. True, there have been some interesting reactions from various people. One friend, who would text me regularly with his life disasters, ceased all contact as soon as he found out.

Then, a certain colleague, who tells me all about her social difficulties whenever I ask — usually every Monday morning — has studiously never once checked me out. And another friend responded as if I had simply mentioned that I had done my ironing — again, no reaction to speak of. But apart from these exceptions, I have been immensely supported by those who have offered calm, understated but sincere support.

To these I offer my infinite thanks…. As I ponder on all this, my friend from the Otherworld appears. Slowly, like a grey hologram, Wolf gently forms into full view in front of me. He is eye-to-eye with me. He looks deep into mine. Some moments pass, in which he just gazes deeply into my being. And we go.

At first, it feels as if I am slowly being drawn up into the inside of a tornado. Everything is twisting fast and upwards. But then it calms down. And indeed, he and I are in sight of a river. We are in a deep forest, surrounded on three sides by tall pine trees. Ahead, the ground slopes down to a fast-moving river, full with raging spring snow-melt.

The woods resound with its wild roar. The air is chill, but fresh and invigorating. The Wise Ones will tell you either to carry on as you are or that you will have to cross those wild waters in order to survive.

The Holy Bible - Book 13 - 1 Chronicles - KJV Dramatized Audio

If so, there will be risks. It is never totally certain that you will make it to the other side. But they will do their best. And, so should you. Sit here some more and let all these things sink into your soul. Put aside your brave mask and really feel all your fears. Then, in turn, put them aside and make your way toward your destiny. In his silent way, he moves off. But not into the forest. No, he scampers down the steep bank and hurls himself into the foaming waters of the turbulent river.

I search for his shape with rising fear. Then, I see him emerging much further down stream and scrambling up onto the opposite bank. He trots back up to where he can see me. He stands and howls, loudly and full of strength. I smile warmly. Wolf is simply showing me what can be attempted.

I had come to just be alone and lose myself in a newspaper. In the extract, he describes a hugely challenging but life-saving operation on a little girl of only a few months old. But, of course, I am not alone for long. Wolf has sensed the chance of a free hot chocolate and has plonked himself down next to me.

At least he is quiet though, being engrossed in his latest copy of National Geographic magazine. His expression, when he says this, is one of an excited child meeting friends after a long absence. I find it quite moving. However, our mutual silence is not long-lived. He resumes his life-long mission of keeping me on track. He opens with:. The one who asked you all about what advice you would give to those newly diagnosed? Well, have you replied to her?

What are you going to say…? Tell me what do you have in mind…! There is the aged couple, well into their golden years of marriage. On another table, three friends catch up with gossip and good humour. And then there is the newly-formed family, with their first child, not yet a year old. This little one is sitting up in her high chair, looking around at everything and everyone. And smiling, just smiling so much….

See a Problem?

Heart failure has affected my vision. No, the effect on my vision is permanent and irreversible. Wolf is silent for once, his eyes fixed on mine. His expression demands more in the way of explanation. I mean — look at all these people here. And delight. And depth.

Jaded (The Zara Chronicles, #7) by Scarlett Haven

Such deep pools of feeling. But mostly joy. We are both looking around now. Wolf is visibly moved. He grabs the tissues out of my rucksack and makes a pretence of blowing his nose. I smile then. Not because of anything I have done, but because of all these people whose joyfulness I now see clearly and with whose happiness I am infused. Make sure you buy her one if ever you meet! My future horizons are shifting somewhat. I feel I have more energy. No-one else cuts into my thinking in quite the same way. But Wolf is not to be out-manoeuvred.

What are you going do now that you are in the clear for a while? I consider telling him how much more positive I am feeling, but something in the way he is forging ahead down the road gives me the feeling that he is not really asking me anything. And I am not wrong. In a flash, we are passing through one of those time-warps he enjoys so much. This time, the vertigo is more powerful than usual, as we are soon zipping fast and low over an iron-grey sea. We eventually fetch up in what looks like a Norwegian fjord.

But time has really warped, because we are looking down at what seems to be a Viking settlement. Indeed, there are several ships gathered close by the shore, along with crowds of people. Those ships, down there, are about to set sail to explore, trade and maybe raid. See how the men and women on the longboats are taking leave of their friends and families. Now look at that warrior, the one with the long dark hair. Thorvold is his name. I stand mesmerised, fascinated. He looks up into my eyes and says:.

Again, we are taken up and we fly away, back across the darkening still-winter sea. We are set down somewhere on the edge of a wide forest. It is evening. The air is chill. Birds are calling one another to roost. As the light dims, figures begin to emerge from among the shadows between the tall pine trees. They come and stand before us. They gaze upon Wolf and I with such a range of expressions and emotions….

You know them. You have read their stories.

Wolf Chronicles – Trust your Instincts

Their tales of fear, of desperation, of deep fatigue, of confusion in this new world in which fate has thrust them, of unexpected joy, of compassion, of empathy, of connectedness, of such marvellous synthesis… Their hearts are breaking, bursting, failing, glowing, singing — every kind of experience is theirs. For, remember, these are your true people, your real kin. You might feel relieved and stronger in yourself just now, but you must never turn your back on these of your new family. I am back on the damp, Sunday afternoon streets in my town once more. Still walking along.

But I am glowing inside now. And that is with all of you here.

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I glance over my shoulder, just in time to see Wolf crossing the road at the Pelican Crossing. Wonders will never cease! My grandson, these days, is ultra-involved with various sporting activities but sometimes he comes to stay over or he spends a day with us if his parents are working. Such times together are always precious. Then again, I get to catch up on people that I have promised to visit.

I find I often do this — make a promise and then take forever to fulfil it…! With Jackson, the talk was all about the pizza he had ordered, what he was doing at school and where he was going for his summer holidays. With Jackson, it was about gradually drawing out his ideas and dreams or, as someone once said, helping him look forward to a thousand tomorrows. And David is searching for his father, even though he passed away in He died when David was only twelve and he feels he never knew him very well.

As his father was in involved in the Dam Buster raids, he searches among history of those wartime events to catch a glimpse of him. I stand in my study and think on these two relationships and where they might lead. I feel a sense of responsibility, of commitment, of promises made. And time seems to be a particular feature.

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I swing round, to see, relaxed in my chair, my life-guide, Wolf. His smile is warm, but his gaze is steady and enquiring. You just have to follow your instinct. With Jackson, with David, your true heart will tell you. Give them what they need. And do you know what that is…? I have learned, with these conversation with my Otherworld friend, not to speak but to wait for him to respond. You give them your time. Just that. Give it to them. As much as they want and need.

As the day sinks into night and Wolf has slipped into that Other Place where he dwells, I think of my next encounters with Jackson and David. Ideas about what we shall explore and speak of are already surfacing. I am enthusiastic, even though I know the bird is on the wing…. As I may have mentioned before, Thursday afternoons are set aside for my grandson and I to have our own special time together. I forget how this tradition began, but it is an unassailable highlight of my week. I collect him from school and we head into town to one of three coffee houses to indulge ourselves.

We then visit either the toyshop or the second-hand bookstore to dream, to browse and, perchance, to buy…! This week, they were in the form of four random meetings with sports enthusiasts, all of a similar stamp to Jackson. I was pondering on this as I waved goodbye to Jackson and turning back into a house suddenly devoid of his laughter — never any easy moment. His sudden appearance was welcome, more so than usual.

We shared a moment of companionable silence and then:. He was quiet for a time, sprawling next to me on the settee. He then raised his grey head and seemed to gaze into some distant vista. You have calmed down from that tense time. Now you are focusing again. But I say to you: give that darkness no heed. Does the mouse know when the kestrel is about to swoop down? Does the tree know the hour when the lightning is coming?

Or does the cloud know when it must step aside to let the sun shine? No and neither do you know the time or the hour of your next intervention. I, in my turn, do the same with the young wolves in our pack. I introduce them to four special creatures: the serpent, keeper of the earth; the jaguar, guardian of the mind and the heart; the hummingbird who looks after the soul; the eagle, champion of the spirit.

They need to know these beings and the worlds they represent and care for. We stand and watch the crimson sun set in the western sky. I am at peace now, smiling even. As Wolf prepares to leave and enter the Night World, he turns and smiles wolfishly in return, saying:. The day after I received that letter from my cardiologist I took my grandson to school.

However, as Jackson and I set off, he declares, as he selects an audio-book CD:. A leisurely three-mile journey ensues, full of wide horizons, the occasional kestrel and, of course, a good story. When we arrive and park up, we walk down to the school entrance. As he and I chat, he tightly holds my hand all the way. At the entrance to the playground, as he takes his leave of me, he gives me a kiss and presses his cheek onto mine.

His Italian Grandmother has taught him well…. But I cannot go. I stand and gaze at the scene before me, waiting until the bell calls him and all the other children into school. The early morning sun shines over the still-wintry stark trees into our squinting eyes. The playground is transformed into a shiny, silver surface, over which the dark silhouetted children run and glide.

A painting in monochrome is being created before us adults as we take in this most magical of moments. As I savour the sweetness of this image, a cloud drifts across my heart. My suddenly-appearing Wolf friend grunts an acknowledgement to my answer to his intuitive question. He is huge, this morning, in his powerful and bristling form. He notices my sudden fear that the sight of a massive timber wolf might seriously frighten the smattering of parents and toddlers.

All the kids here see me for what I am — a wolf and they are OK with that. They understand truth. But these adults see only what they want to. To some I am a poodle, or a dachshund or one of those things you can stick in your handbag…! We are walking back to my car.

As I reach for the door, I stand back, expecting him to leap in. But today Wolf pauses, gathers his thoughts and then looks deep into my soul, saying:. Do you actually realise that your grandson asking you to drive the long way to school so that he can hear a story that you bought him, then him holding your hand as you walked down here and finally that beautiful kiss goodbye and warm hug are really some of the most precious things you could ever hope for…?

Wolf turns and gazes away in to the early morning sunlight. At this angle, his fur seems to sparkle, to be almost ablaze. When he glances back at me, his eyes glow, with a furnace-like intensity, the heat of something deep touching my heart. Surprised by this unexpected request, I hand it over. He grabs it in his huge jaws — and swallows it! But the coffee, the ambience and the staff are like no other in this town.

Such a great start to any day. Then I met with a student whom I mentor at a local further education college. He amazed me with his insight into how he had changed over the last couple of years. Such perception in a young person…. Later, I met with a previous colleague who is soon to become a head teacher of a brand-new school and is in the thick of setting everything up. Over coffee, he gradually unloaded all the disappointment he had been feeling. I likened him to the Spartan Leonidas, who had experienced similar treatment, at the hands of his superiors, as he was preparing to confront the armies of the invading Persians.

Later, in Oxfam — my drug of choice — whilst buying an animated film to watch with my grandson, I bumped into a couple whom I first met nearly twenty years ago. I wish them well…. And who was one of the lead characters? You guessed it — a white wolf! We were sat outside, enjoying the warmth of an early spring evening. Most other folks would crumble, but you types get marvellously back up and keep going. You have also glimpsed that horizon, which once we cross it, we do not return. This then gives you power, courage and vision. You now understand time in terms of a series of priceless opportunities and you pump every best bit out of them out for your good and the benefit of those around you.

So, this all gives you people such a capacity to hold, support and nourish those whom you encounter. Learn about about medicines for heart failure. Join our patient community on Facebook. We'll assume you're ok with this. Accept Reject Read More. Trust your Instincts.

Trust your Instincts Wolf is a good friend of one of our heart failure patients. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5.

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Those dog training sessions were paying off… He turned and gave me a stare. Then he looked at me that particular stare that just fixes you exactly where you are. I hear you…When Wolf talks — I listen! Chapter 6. Dump your things inside. Then climb up — we going somewhere! Why him? Why should he be suffering? He then asks me to join him. I shall. I shall trust and keep all things safe in my heart. Chapter 7. That energy? Love that is. Not the wine…! But with love, of course…. Chapter 8. But he gives me a look.

A huge raised paw freezes my wise words. For this year, at least, Wolf is gone. I get to pay for our extra drinks. But Tania declines my money. Chapter 9. Her best present, I guess… I speak with our daughter Susie. Later my phone rings strangely. Not even on Christmas Day am I free from the attentions of my curious, lupine friend… Hoping all my Heart Buddies are having a truly Heart-felt good time today, wherever you are and whoever you are with. Chapter Gotta love him…! Follow me! To these I offer my infinite thanks… As I ponder on all this, my friend from the Otherworld appears. Wolf wastes no time.

Hear it.

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Feel its power. For him and for his gesture, I am thankful. And for all of you here I am thankful. Deeply thankful. Whatever my destiny…. Always gets me off-guard! Time to swear your own loyalty. Wolf leans forward and places his grey paw over my watch. I await more wisdom. Earl Grey maybe…? Two-legs, you shock me!

And at room temperature. Cheers my friend! He and my Little Man spoke of their respective teams like true experts. They spoke like real brothers, separated by seventy years, at least. And finally, Tony, who describes himself as a disabled strongman. This imposing figure of a man, who combines immense strength with deep humility and the daily burden of living with the results of life-threatening injuries and unprovoked violent assault, touches base with my grandson as if they are fellow sportspeople sharing stories of victories lost and won.

Which, of course, they are. Guard his heart well — and yours…! His Italian Grandmother has taught him well… But I cannot go.