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She shed another layer of all she is NOT. The diamond is polished in the darkness. Her healing serves the healing of ALL. She is a holy vessel of purity and lovelight.

The Himalayas Of Nepal: Discover The Divine Truth Within

Golden lotus blossoming as she opens 2 the yellow rays of her Beloved. Welcoming HIM in2 her innermost sanctum. Their love painting a world in vibrant Divine colour. She leaves chaos behind, as her fire purges all that is NOT love from all she encounters! Her presence turns all your demons in2 Angels! Thank You, Beloved, Every time you triggered my wounds you helped me heal.

Every time you said or did something that made me feel bad you helped me heal. Every time you made me angry you helped me heal. You are the sacred sandpaper getting rid of all the wobbles and nobbles from my Being, restoring me 2 the Divine work of art I AM. Every time my heart broke from your rejection I learned 2 love myself. You have helped me transform from a piece of coal in2 a bright, brilliant diamond. Andrew A man he is in so many parts But A sadness I see when I look in his eyes A small boy who seeks forgiveness inside.

Love is blind Appreciation is hard to find Love is kind Truth is told In our story we will find Beauty, loyalty and strength will unfold. We are one We are two souls melding Not just under the full moon. You are my love, my life and passion. I am your courage, insight and compassion.

Spiritually-charged Kathmandu Valley

The Two of Cups are we. Crashing of the sea Deepest connection Overwhelming unconditional love and understanding We will comply with the universe and come to our spiritual landing. And reverse the hurt Blessings bestowed upon us as we live our truth…. Breathe in the love Breathe in the light Light in compasses illuminating all to see Love fills us up with all we need Let go of hurt, heart aching, wrenching pain…. Love is all there is Let the light dissipate the darkness The energies will integrate Rebirth takes root in the consciousness The body and soul will regenerate Transforming ready to fly, ready to soar Touching the soul deep within forevermore.

Enhancing the love vibration With every beat we beat as one Our breath feeds all of creation Peace will come, pieces in place Breathe, breathe it in…. It Was Always You Stripped away of illusion Cleared up the fog of confusion I came upon the truth I always have known Love is at our root that we have overthrown Our journey is part of the Divine plan We will come back together as we began I found you are my spiritual river Not my chopped liver Complete transformation was twenty-four years in the making Together in the now is ours for the taking…. I matched your nocturnal Wooed twin flame eternal Nesting Besting We hammered our points Stretched our sore joints, infernal.

Meet Your Soulmate - Guided Meditation

Hapless, no Mapping out inner vistas Savoring waves of emotion To mist us. Once on top of it all Turned to crawling through troughs Of questioning What happened What was that? Did you mean that, you brat? Must get closer! Last sight between waves One lone lantern Up. The height of the mad season, no rhyme or reason Vampires walked among us, demons were screaming Overcome by bitterness, God as my witness Her love warmed my coldest breath God bless, God bless Elizabeth.

77 Soulmate Quotes

I want to die kind of love A love that cries out loud A love that burns the blood Makes the heart start to pound Love beats like a drum Elizabeth Its haunting rythym sways the night Better to loved and lost Elizabeth Than never see the light Elizabeth please Write. Who knows, your soulmate might already be there. Make a list of the benefits of your current lifestyle, then read over your list and bask in gratitude for those things.

The key here is focusing on something you like so that it grows. If you want to learn more about that, check out my post on how the Law of Attraction uses your focus to create things. Pour all your loving ideas into yourself before you have someone to split yourself with. Meaning, date yourself. Indulge in the best meals and desserts, find a hobby to ignite the fire in your soul! Manifest this into your life! When you are feeling anxious, or sad due to circumstances beyond your control, call upon Archangel Chamuel to ease your anxiety and fill your heart with love. With divine love and blessings melinda.

Que mi luz y mi amor viajen y se expandan por donde quiera que yo vaya. Ask Archangel Chamuel to surround you with the energy of protection, comfort, love, peace and compassion Nos amo. Un abrazo con alas y a seguir brillando. Archangel Michael and Crystal Angels assist us in focusing our attention from the outside to the inside.

You and your entire life force will be centered. Thereof arises great power and radiance. Blessed new day beloved creature. Close your eyes and connect with your power source. There I am, assisting you in everything you need. You are a lighthouse on this earth. Open your arms and embrace your power. For those of you who want to manifest the right person for you - either your soulmate or your twin flame, you may call upon AA Chamuel to help you with this.

Additionally, call upon AA Raphael to assist you with any necessary healing - ask him to surround you and those you love with his emerald green light of healing. Do know that to move forward and be in alignment, all of your chakras must be clear and balanced. There is a need for some of you to work with your base chakra, while you work with your heart chakra.

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So call on Archangel Michael to clear the negativity and the fear. There is also a lot of yellow showing up in all three of these cards. Hence, you may be giving your power over to someone or some thought because you are in fear. Let this go. Fear is the way of your ego to sabotage you. Clear your chakras and gather the courage you need. Do know that whatever your decision you make, it will be divinely guided as long as you are willing to listen to your intuition.

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You can book your own personal reading or meditation session through the link in my bio. Hello Everyone so this is my first pick a card post! You are quite powerful at the moment and you are being called to direct your energy with purpose and focus. Go for what you want and see yourself succeed.

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  • For more into email me at shamanofthedivinegoddess gmail. Seek God in the situation you are living. God will give you the answer. Work through those thoughts that come up and be aware that the reason you emotionally are not affected is because you have grown and gained strength in seeing the truth and trusting your truth, there is also less feeling the need to be validated in talking with others about what you go through and just that trusting in the knowing that everyone is on their own individual paths to be able to come together to understand each other so that you can be yourself and so can they and there is no separation or distance in honoring that we are who we are and can still come together.