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Layla, How refreshing to hear such honesty. I only wish I could take the cover of secrecy off my own situation, which is very much like yours was then, and speak as freely about it as you have. Even in today's world of stress and unemployment, there are still good people willing to help others. That alone gives me hope. My husband and I have recently received much needed answers to prayer twice since the first of the year.

We still have needs, but I can't even imagine where we'd be now if those prayers had not been answered.

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I've told my husband so many times that, regardless of how hard things get, God always comes through for us in the end. And it's true, he does. We need to all remember that our bodies are a temple of Christ and belong to God. We are only users for a temporary time.

Every time I think negative, I think to myself 'is this what God would want me doing in his temple". The answer is always no. My mother always told me that everything I do and everything I say is a reflection of God's effect on my life. We should all remember that and honor what he has given us in an effort to further glorify HIS name.

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We can so easily become self absorbed in our own sorry lives—it's a daily reminder, to get up, get out, and DO. Thanks for your story. What a great story … thank you for sharing that. Life is always sweeter when we can get our focus off of ourselves. This is something you will never forget. Layla,thank you so much for sharing a piece of your story.

I've made a resolution this year to be intentional about finding ways to show others that they are loved and valued. It's been a joy! The sad part is how shocked people have been. It shows me what a stinky friend I've been and makes me more resolved to be a giver. Your story fueled me today! Our Christian radio stations encourages this and many people call into KTIS and tell of their stories.

They even have a page you can print off on their website that you can hand to the cashier at the fast food place that they can pass onto the car behind them. Sometimes people keep paying for the car behind them. Pretty cool! Thank you for the reminder that one small act of kindness can be something huge to someone else. I will be asking the Lord for opportunities to bless others. I feel so encouraged! Thank you for sharing such a sweet story! I love it when folks are sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading! It's inspiring! God has been speaking to me these past few days. So clearly He is saying get up girl, it's not that bad.

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Your story is so simple and the beauty is in it's simplicity. Thank you. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you.

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For the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Lysa, This post really touched my heart.

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Layla is my neighbor so I keep up with her blog religiously. However, I never knew my own neighbor was experiencing the same things as myself! The lady who needs me said, I'm sorry it's such short notice…oh, if she only knew. Praise the Lord!!! I am nurturer by nature. I like to give, I like to help but there always reaches a point where I feel like no cares and I'm just be used. Your post today was a reminder to me. A reminder that it has been measured back to me in the same manner if I only take the time to realize it.

Layla and Kevin are so very upbeat, funny, creative, loving, kind, and always eager to share who they are. Their story is such a gentle reminder that we all face hard times, but God puts people and oppotunities in our life just at the right time. Layla and Kevin already have what is important in life. Loved this story. Keep it comig, because there are a few of us out here that needed a little reminder now and then.

It is encouraging to hear I'm not the only one going crazy over making ends meet.

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Thanks for sharing this on your blog, Lysa! Love this! I'm turning 40 this year and I've put together a list of 40 things I want to do in my 40th year…random acts of kindness is on my list. I'm finding it is making a big difference in my heart! God is good and so are many people.