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When he was twenty, he left North Carolina for the first of many backpacking trips across Europe, little but a sense of adventure and wonder to his name. He has hitchhiked from Oregon to New Orleans with a banjo and a bag and lived in and rebuilt an aging school bus, meant for an extended trek across the continent that is, until the cost of gas proved prohibitive.

He sees the curve of the earth while pondering his need for a paycheck, a moment that eternally pits the banal against the beautiful. Gustafson recorded these songs much as they were written—during short summer sojourns away from the road, when he and a quartet of friends could gather in the Chapel Hill studio The Rubber Room for two-day sessions. I wrote all of Unsung Passage within that period. It happened in so many different spaces over so many different times that eventually I just had an album. It felt like it came from nowhere.

I have memories of writing it in so many different places, but it was definitely at a much more rapid pace. That was a new thing to get in the groove of. That is partly getting used to being in hotels and these places that are kind of soulless and try to keep your soul alive. Taylor on Instagram, and I saw that to celebrate the end of his tour last year, he invited a tattoo artist into the hotel. Were you part of that? I was in the room, I was watching them. I was only asking because you mentioned trying to bring a bit of soul to these soulless places, and that struck me as an interesting way to do that.

Since you wrote this across so many different spaces, what other specific U.

Why Speaking in Tongues Is Not a Dead Practice

Some of that Southeast Asian traditional music overlaps with old-time music in the States in a really cool way. As far as all over the States, I definitely find inspiration musically and also within poetry. I get really influenced by the landscapes and lifestyles that I encounter as much as I do through music, so it maybe filters itself through other things.

Like many Jewish documents from this time, the Dead Sea Scrolls display considerable fascination with angels. At first glance, the connection between the Dead Sea Scrolls and angeology appeared sketchy.

If one completes a word search in the source texts found in The Dead Sea Scrolls: Study Edition 4 there are some references, but none come out demonstrating a heightened interest about angels. She agrees both with Falk and Wassen that angelology was central at least to the first century Yahad communities and likely throughout traditional Judaism during this time. Indeed, the series of Qumran liturgical documents named the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice is exemplary for the study of angeology in Judaism.

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How extensive throughout first-century mainline Judaism is not known. The thirteen sets of hymns are unique. It is a liturgical invitation inviting angels to join in on the praise. There is no content on how the angels responded within this invocation. In this instance, one has to put on a mystical hat instead of a linear, rationalist methodology and think about the possibilities. Carol Newsom understands that the Sabbath Songs or portions of them are quasi-mystical and therefore, one must carefully approach them this way.

They received divine guidance directly through angels while past periods had mediators like Moses or Elijah:. This is an extremely bold step if we consider the biblical concept of the prophets—and Moses in particular—mediating between Israel and Pg. The members of the Qumran community do not need a Moses any longer, who mediates between them and God and communicates the divine revelations; they are like angels—not only very close to God but enjoying the direct access to the angelic knowledge of God. Nor do they need to undergo the complicated procedure of physical transformation into an angel.

He concluded the following while examining the Community Rule text:. Hence, the everlasting communion of angels and humans, which guarantees a perpetual flow of divine knowledge, is again visaged in priestly terms. Philip Alexander, Co-Director, University of Manchester Centre for Jewish Studies 10 and author of Qumran Mysticism: Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice and related texts , connects these groups with mysticism and why the word Yahad is one of the best descriptors for them. The constant reappearance of the term yahad in this context is striking.

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It points to reflection and theorizing about the nature of the experience involved. From a comparative perspective this is highly suggestive.

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The yihud with the angels cannot be an end in itself. The human mystic desires this union only so that he can enjoy the same close and privileged relationship to God that the angels enjoy. The angels represent the ultimate perfection in nearness to God. Angels go beyond the idea as divine messengers.

The Qumran communities viewed them as cosmic agents able to change or influence political, environmental, and physical elements.

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They were considered the mechanism that God used in directly managing or altering earthly and personal affairs. Therefore, their relationship with angels was a considered major key to success or lack thereof. Exact observance to laws and rituals that would appease the angels was a priority. Carol Newsom breaks into some very important details about the role of angels; their primary function was dispensing knowledge and to elicit praise:. In general terms the functions of the angels as described in the Sabbath Shirot correspond with what is known of contemporary Jewish angelology from other sources.

The primary task of the angels is the praise of God, a motif ubiquitous in the Shirot and prominent in most Jewish and Christian descriptions of the angels cf. Levi ; 1 Enoch Of all the qualities which are associated with the angels in the Sabbath songs, however, knowledge is the most prominent. In fact the superiority of the angelic praise arises precisely from their more exalted understanding of divine mysteries.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Angelic Tongues - Charles A. Sullivan

The angels are the instruments through which heavenly mysteries are revealed, presumably to the faithful human community 4Q 14 ii 7. What kind of knowledge are the angels in the Sabbath Songs transferring to mankind? Their knowledge of praise is an obvious transfer, but I think the heavenly mysteries revealed as mentioned in the quote above, goes beyond praise. Christopher Rowland, author of The Open Heaven: A Study of Apocalyptic in Judaism and Early Christianity adds that apocalyptic revelations along with understanding and applying Scripture were part of the angelic mandate.

But the means whereby these secrets were ascertained were certainly not confined to apocalyptic revelations. Indeed, the understanding of Scripture itself was intimately bound up with the unfolding of the divine mysteries.

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The attempt to give divine authority to the interpretation of Scripture adopted by the sect is not an uncommon device in Judaism, though it is clear that the degree of flexibility which is normally apparent in the diversity of rabbinic opinion is almost totally absent from the Qumran exegesis. The dispensation of knowledge may not be restricted to interpretation of Scripture, revelations, or apocalyptic disclosure.

It could be other communications in a diverse range of areas. Joseph being warned in a dream to flee Israel and go to Egypt and afterwards in another angelic dream to return is one example of how diverse this dispensation was. It could also have extended about personal issues like authorization or a choice for a marriage partner, questions of sexual purity, request for healing, financial decisions or solutions, problems of procreation, or settling certain disputes.

The Dead Tongues - Road to Heaven [LIVE IN STUDIO]

The knowledge may have extended to internal political decisions, farming techniques when and what to plant , and scientific or intellectual inquiries.