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While mining in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility , you may come across moles that dig under the dirt and poke their heads out occasionally. Moles are found exclusively in the Ganache Mine, and they will appear on every floor that ends in a 5 floors 5, 15, If you see one of these little creatures emerge, you can hit them on the head with your hammer, and if you get it before it goes under the ground again, it will drop an item for you to take.

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Location Moles are found exclusively in the Ganache Mine, and they will appear on every floor that ends in a 5 floors 5, 15, Almost all crops require active farming and maintenance, although every day, the player can harvest two Mushrooms from their underground cellar to sell. Either a dog or a cat may be chosen as a pet.

If you choose a cat, wild dogs won't attack your chickens; if you choose a dog, moles will not destroy your crops. The player also receives a horse early in the game, which when grown can be used for farm work, riding, and shipping items.

Mole's Harvest Moon

There are two types of livestock - cows and chickens. Cows can produce milk, which can be turned into cheese and butter, and chickens produce eggs. Both livestock can reproduce: cows by giving them Miracle Potion equivalent to artificial insemination , and chickens by hatching their eggs. There are a wide variety of tools in Harvest Moon GB.

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  • At the beginning of the game, the tools available are the axe, hoe, hammer, watering can obtained after buying your first crop seeds , and sickle. These tools may be improved, turning into "super" tools. The player may also receive a fishing rod, pickaxe and umbrella after reaching their grandfather's goal.

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    Harvest Moon GB was fairly well received, earning a 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 25, CBS Interactive. Retrieved September 25, Retrieved March 11, Retrieved Story of Seasons video games.