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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Geoffrey Thorne is an American novelist and screenwriter.

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  • Thorne was born in the United States. As a screenwriter, Thorne has worked with Kickstart Entertainment, Disney and Cartoon Network to develop several properties for television in both live-action and animated formats.

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    Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview What if, when they told you there was nothing in the dark that could hurt you, they were wrong? What if there's something there that can not only hurt you but kill, chew you up and swallow your soul? What if that something has an address, a house where it sits in the shadows, waiting for someone, anyone, to stumble inside?

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    What if that someone is you? Mature readers. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Geoffrey Thorne is an American novelist and screenwriter. Show More.

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    Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Better Angels: a gray harbor novel. It was supposed to be so simple: just scam the local Russian mobster out of It was supposed to be so simple: just scam the local Russian mobster out of some money and drugs, then skip out of town before he knows he's been fleeced. It looked good on paper. It sounded good when he talked View Product.

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    Mr Styx, an alias for our protagonist, Sherman, finds things for his clients Typically they re magic items, but sometimes he solves missing persons cases Unfortunately, these are people who would prefer to stay missing While he won t get his hands bloody, his conscience looks the other way if his clients make a mess of the mark When we meet Sherman, he s in his favorite diner not so much for the food as it is for the plethora of exits being offered a job he s not allowed to refuse by a couple of lineman sized thugs who are far sinister than they appear to be.

    Despite all of Sherman s flaws, Thorne makes him out to be a likable character He s aware of his moral shortcomings, but acknowledges they re necessary for survival in the line of work he s in Thorne spends a good deal of time exploring Sherman s character and reveals how he came to be the man he is While I have just begun this short piece but again am finding myself drawn into Thorne s world This is a noir ish piece but one can easily see where it is going to begin going wrong Let s just start with the demons disguised as humans who are representing the client to the detective.

    He s a finder The tools in his pockets are ordinary The people and things he tracks are not.

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