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If the colors get mixed, save them in a separate bin for use as a counter back side enamel. Place a creased paper on your sifting worksurface, so you can easily dump excess enamel back in the container or a mixed jar.

Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry for Beginners (Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry)

Enameling Safety: Eye protection and a fine-particulate mask are recommended when working with enamels. Wash hands thoroughly when done, and avoid rubbing your eyes. If working regularly with enamels, we suggest protective gloves to prevent irritation from small glass particles. When torch-firing: Prepare a fireproof work area, and remove clutter. A fire extinguisher nearby and good ventilation are important.

Consider wearing an apron, closed-toe shoes and natural fiber clothing, and avoiding loose hair, flowy clothing and dangling jewelry. Opaque colors are on their own.


Translucent and opalescent colors have Foundation White on the bottom portion, and then a layer of translucent or opalescent color over the Foundation White and part-way up the bare copper. The color number was stamped on each strip of copper before enameling. Metals that work with these enamels must have a higher melting point, and a similar COE.

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Otherwise your metal may melt before your enamel, or the enamel may pop off when your jewelry is exposed to temperature changes. Specifically, these enamels work with copper, gold, low-carbon steel and fine silver. This includes fired copper clay and fine-silver clay. And some alloys of brass work -- we've had good luck with Vintaj brass blanks and our 24g brass blanks, especially with the higher COE colors, but color results have been unpredictable with brass -- they often require a 2nd layer and 2nd firing to get the color you were aiming for.

Specific COE for most colors is listed in the "Additional specs" field in each item's product details. For more information about why COE is important for people who like to experiment with alternate metals, see the Thompson Enamel Workbook. Visit our blog for illustrated Torch Fired Enamel Tips. Visit our Design Gallery for more project ideas and techniques.

See Also:. The page workbook from the creators of Thompson enamels is filled with valuable tips, techniques and technical reference material covering a wide variety of enamels, metals, and methods. In the book, Discover Torch Enameling , art teacher, jewelry designer, and popular instructor Steven James introduces 25 all-new projects in his colorful and educational guide to kitchen-table torch enameling.

See below bottom of page for free basic enameling techniques and tips! Allow back orders but display out-of-stock message. Select Options:. Add to Compare. Best Seller. Enameling Tips:.

Preview - Creative Torch-Fired Enamel Techniques with Barbara Lewis

All Enameling Supplies including torches and safety supplies. Flipping the coin over and trying to enamel the other side will result in permanently fusing the first layer of enamel to your mesh screen. Wah wah. On the bright side of torch firing, your penny bracelet is now reversible. One side colored, the other, simply coins! Lastly, during the torching process, the back of the coin will turn black—this residue is called fire scale and will be cleaned off later.

COOL pennies—After 5 to 7 minutes on the fireproof pad or insulation tile, the coins should be cool enough to move with your fingers. Test before picking up by placing your hand close to the enameled pennies. NOTE: While the pennies are pretty durable, they are now covered with glass. Work with them carefully to avoid damaging the enamel. It won't hurt the enamel if the coins are left in the solution longer than suggested.

After soaking, remove with bamboo or copper tongs. If any fire scale remains on the back of your pennies, use a plastic kitchen scrubby to remove the last bits. Rinse thoroughly under running water and dry completely. This is caused by copper sulfate from the pennies. Also, while it's tempting, do not quench the hot pennies in the cleaning solution.

This rapid cooling will crack the enamel. If the bracelet ends up too big for your wrist, you can easily remove a penny. Or, if you like a looser fitting bracelet, you can always add a penny. Kind of like those, take-a-penny, leave-a-penny caddies near cash registers. Link one end of your clasp to an enameled penny with a copper jump ring. Add a jump ring to the other side of the penny and continue linking all the enameled pennies in this manner.

To add a little sparkle to your bracelet, use the polishing cloth. Start with the rouge side then give a final buff with the plain side until the shine hurts your eyes. Be prepared for lots of compliments when you wear your new enameled penny bracelet. People will think it cost a pretty penny—even though it only took 10 measly cents! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy enameling. And remember, if you want to find four more penny jewelry ideas, check out my multi-touch ebook for iPads here: A Penny Saved.

My website is here: www. Cracked enamel pennies can sometimes be saved by carefully brushing off the broken pieces, re-applying a layer of enamel powder then torching again. Oh, and this is what our crack legal-staff says about using pennies to make jewelry:. The same penalties apply if you possess, pass, utter, publish or sell or attempt to sell said coins.

Criminal intent and guilty knowledge, essential elements for conviction under the various charges in the instant indictment, need not be established by direct proof; they may be inferred from the statements and conduct of the defendants. If the defendants' acts were done inadvertently, mistakenly, or in good faith without an intention to defraud, then the government has not sustained its burden of proof, and the defendants must be acquitted. Sheiner F. Reply 2 years ago. Hi there I recommend you contact them about technical support.

I hope they can help you, and thanks for trying to buy the book! I'd like to enamel something that is spherical. I'd like to enamel the vallies ground into it. Reply 3 years ago. First, there are different hot enamels for categories of metals. You will need to determine the metal.. Not sure if hot enamel for aluminum available anymore. Go to Thompson enamel website for more info. I'm not an expert on enameling, I just know about flat items, so I'll try to answer with the knowledge I've gleaned. First: the item has to be copper or pure silver.

The item in your picture looks silver colored Next, I'm not sure about enameling the 'valleys. The resulting firescale the black film from the torch should come off in the pickle-wash phase, but since I haven't done it myself, I can't say for sure. If you can, I'd recommend doing a test on something that has similar qualities. I hope this helps. And let me know how you fare! Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. I did not know about this project until I saw you in the finals :.

Great Show :. O, these are pretty! Having them assembled regular-enamel-regular-enamel could give a very interesting result I think : Also, congratulations on becoming a finalist!!

What ear wire material is the best?

Yes, I agree. The 'regular-enamel' lets people know how cool you are Hint: Hardware cloth also comes in a galvanized zinc coated variety. The zinc will make toxic fumes and should be avoided, or VERY ventilated. Your mileage may vary regarding this risk. Very cute project and beautifully written and illustrated instructable My only wish is links on where to find supplies. Where do you get your enamel and other supplies? By TamaraBerg Follow. More by the author:. Safety: Always wear Safety Goggles. Do not wear loose or flowing clothes.

Creative Torch-Fired Enamel Techniques - A Bracelet Workshop with Barbara Lewis - DVD

Make sure your sleeves fit close to your arms. If you have long or unruly hair, pull it back or cover it. Wear closed-toed shoes. Keep a fire extinguisher within reach at all times. Place fireproofing materials around the work area where you will be torching or firing.

Enameling Station: Tripod— I use a tripod I got from a jewelry supply store. Place clean, dry pennies on metal mesh platform of enameling station about one inch apart. Ignite torch and set to continuous flame. And remember, if you want to find four more penny jewelry ideas, check out my multi-touch ebook for iPads here: A Penny Saved My blog is here. Sheiner: Criminal intent and guilty knowledge, essential elements for conviction under the various charges in the instant indictment, need not be established by direct proof; they may be inferred from the statements and conduct of the defendants.

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