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Wherever possible, plant species that are detrimental to the fragile ecology of the Forest are dealt with by mechanical means.

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Sadly, in some cases this is not practical and the only effective strategy is to use chemical treatments. Any chemical biocide has to designated safe for use on amenity land and must be applied in accordance with both the law and industry best practice, particularly in compliance with the instructions specified on the product label.

We have a wide range of administrative measures to ensure that this compliance is in place. This involves us requiring the following paperwork from the contractor carrying out the work:. We take safety very seriously and take every reasonable precaution to ensure that spraying operations are carried out in compliance with all legal requirements, with minimal risk to the public, their pets, livestock and the wildlife of the Forest.

Deer collisions in the past year Shop Online Annual Car Stickers.

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Help the Forest Click to give. Fundraising Preserve Ashdown Forest. Search our site Search our site Stay up-to-date with Ashdown Forest Our sheep, cattle and ponies are out on the Forest in enclosurese with electric fencing. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Discover more at Ashdown Forest Emergency Out of Hours Phone: Note this number diverts to the mobile phone of the Duty Ranger. Although this is a 24 hour number, if the Ranger is out of signal the call may divert to voicemail - please leave a message and he will return your call when he has signal.

If you need urgent assistance please call Ashdown Forest Bye-law 14 states: No person shall except in the case of accident or unavoidable cause land on any part of the Forest to take off therefrom in any aircraft, glider, balloon, or hovercraft, nor shall any person so land by parachute, nor shall the Forest be used for the flying of model aircraft in any form whatsoever without the licensed consent of the Conservators.

Minibus parking is available at the Forest Centre.

Ashdown Forest fire – Huge blaze breaks out in ‘Winnie the Pooh’ wood after wildfires

Coaches must not park at the Forest Centre. Control 2. Pictures shared on social media show towering flames tearing across the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

T he fire is the second in as many months to ravage the forest. O n February 26, during the heatwave, two separate blazes started within an hour of each other in the forest on the hottest February day on record. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Visit our adblocking instructions page. Ah, AA Milne….

Colebourn & Winnie

Between Gills Lap at the top of the High Weald and the little village of Hartfield on the northern edge of the forest lies Cotchford Farm, whose other former owners include the Rolling Stone Brian Jones. The bestselling writer AA Milne, formerly a Punch journalist, bought the property in as a suitable place to bring up his six-year-old son Christopher, known to the family as "Billy Moon". Milne used to walk up from the house to Gills Lap with Billy Moon trotting beside him as he strode across the heath in his thick socks and heavy walking shoes.

At this date, only two of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories had been completed, but there was no shortage of inspiration to hand, and Milne was a quick worker. The toys in Billy Moon's nursery included Eeyore, Piglet and the bear named Pooh a literary critical subculture has sprung up to explain the origins of the name, and for the best summary of Milne scholarship, read Ann Thwaite's exemplary biography. To these, Kanga and Roo were swiftly added.

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Milne wrote fast. By March , Winnie-the-Pooh was complete. All the book needed now was some illustrations. Enter EH Shepard, known as "Kipper".

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Eager for publication, Milne immediately invited the artist down to Cotchford to see for himself where the stories had been set. Shepard made a point of drawing from life whenever possible and was keen to see the setting for the "Pooh" stories. This might seem odd to us. The landscape of Ashdown Forest is hardly referred to in Milne's writing, yet in his imagination it takes place beneath a real sky on the heath, and under the pine trees, of the forest.

Milne and Shepard tramped over to Gills Lap and saw, as Christopher Robin had, and visitors can to this day, "the whole world spread out until it reached the sky". The site is marked now by a discreet bronze plaque, a memorial to their unique collaboration. The view can hardly have changed in years. Walking back to the Gills Lap car park on this, the gentlest of walks, the visiting Pooh-natic can pass both "The Enchanted Place" and the site of the celebrated "Heffalump Trap" next to six pines.

These have become reduced by 20th-century wear and tear to a solitary Lone Pine. From "Roo's Sandy Pit" you can cross the B and follow for a few hundred yards the winding route pioneered by Christopher Robin in his quest for "the North Pole".