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Mirasol: Miski Kiara Top m Mirasol: Miski Oscar Hooded Sweater m Mirasol: Qulla Maria Socks m Mirasol: Sisa Carlos Cardigan m Mirasol: Sisa Gabriela Sweater m Mirasol: Sulka Antonella Cardigan m Mirasol: Sulka Hector Cardigan m Mirasol: Sulka Legato Fernanda Cardigan m Mirasol: Sulka Legato Salome Bolero m Mirasol: Sulka Nina Ana Cardigan m Mirasol: Sulka Nina Olivia Sweater m Experienced to intermediate: lace on bottom is all text, heart motif is chart only. Majority of the sweater is simple stitches and shaping. Mirasol: Sulka Nina Romina Sweater m Mirasol: Umina Isac Sweater m Mirasol: Umina Julia Sweater m Experienced: stranded colorwork, shaping in pattern, pattern relies heavily on a colorwork chart.

Mirasol: Ushya Alessandra Sweater m Mirasol: Ushya Fiorella Sweater m Noro Magazine issue 12 Shawl. Intermediate to experienced: lace, shaping in lace, finishing skills, pattern reading. Mirasol: Llama Una Alejandro m Mirasol: Llama Una Camila m Mirasol: Miski Isidora M Mirasol: Paqu Pura Valeria m Mirasol: Paqu Splash Luciana m Mirasol: Qulla Mariana Cardigan m Mirasol: Qulla Victoria Vest m Mirasol: Sisa Sara Cardigan. Mirasol: Umina Abigail m Mirasol: Ushya Alma m Noro Magazine issue 1 Leaf Afghan. Twenty-four leaves are knit in 84 and then sewn on, with 18 more knit in for the outer border.

Noro Magazine issue 10 Pillows. One design alternates stockinette and reverse stockinette; the other, worked in a horizontal-stripe pattern, is achieved by using one strand from each end of the skein in alternating bands of stockinette and slip-stitch rib. Both pillow Noro Magazine issue 11 Eyelet Triangle Shawl. The patterning of this classic triangular shawl, designed by Rosemary Drysdale in sherbet shades of Kotori colorway 8, begins at one of the points. One edge is worked straight; on the other, yarn overs inside the garter-stitch border create a decorative increase.

The body is stripes of stockinette that alternate with an easy garter eyelet band. Noro Magazine issue 13 Steeked Poncho. The browns and beiges of Kotori colorway 9 make for earthy striping. Noro Magazine issue 14 Plaid Ruana. The plaid is achieved with a row stockinette pattern in the green-tinted colorway of Tennen 45, with purl stitches used at intervals-ne Noro Magazine issue 15 Fringed Poncho. The front and back center panels are worked first in a diamond lace pattern, with side panels worked in one piece from the top down in simple four-row eyelets.

Each side panel is then divided into two pieces, which are knit at the same time wi Noro Magazine issue 16 Chevron Wrap.

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Garter stitch borders the lower edge and one side edge, contributing to the scallped lower hem. The front and back are seamed on the non-garter edge and the top edges, creating Noro Magazine issue 17 Big Granny Afghan. Noro Magazine issue 18 Granny Quilt Afghan. For this lap blanket designed by Christine Lipscomb, separate triangle motifs are crocheted in the round using four colorways of Ito: 1,6,8 and Work double crochet into only the back loop each stitch to create a ridge on the right side.

The triangles are then joined with a crochet slip stitch on the right side, again forming a ridge and cre Noro Magazine issue 19 Buttonhole Scarf. Kiri colorway 5 sets the tone, with its moody melange of deep pinks and purples. Noro Magazine issue 2 Mosaic Poncho. The body is a gorgeous two-color mosaic pattern in stockinette, with a neck knit in plain stockinette from held stitches in Noro Magazine issue 20 Circle Scarf.

Garter stitch is worked in a half-circle, then three full circles, then another half-circle. The work is then turned and the next column is joined to the previous column see opposite. Noro Magazine issue 22 Flower Blossom Purse. Resplendent in the vibrant retro colors of Kureyon , this whimsical bag, deisgned by Yoko Hatta, begins with one flower motif, with subsequent motifs joined as you go to make a square.

The top and bottom edges, trim and handles are all worked in band of single crochet. Noro Magazine issue 23 Block Texture Pullover. This standard-fit pullover, elegant in Tennen colorway 30 Skyfall, features subtle waist shaping, set-in sleeves and a wide stand-up collar. Purl blocks are staggered on a stockinette background for a textured back and front. Sleeves have a generous 1x1 border on the cuffs, ending with an eyelet row followed by stockinette; the collar is picke Noro Magazine issue 24 Cable Yoked Pullover.

The unexpected color combo of Kureyon colorway Glastonbury creatures stunning stripes against diamond cables. The back, front and sleeves are worked separately back and forth to the underarm, then joined to work in the round for the yoke, with a k1, p1 neckband to finish. The body is mainly reverse stockinette, with bands of diamond cables Noro Magazine issue 25 Textured Pullover.

The skeins are twisted at the center front and back to prevent holes. Noro Magazine issue 26 Short Row Sweater. The center is worked first in short rows for a slanted color pattern before side sections are picked up and worked to the side seams in a garter ridge pattern. The drop-shouldered sleeves, lower borders and neckband are Noro Magazine issue 27 Oversized Textured Pullover. Kotori colorway 16 punches up with pink in a quick and easy pullover. Oversized and drop shouldered, the casual piece features a checkerboard pattern alternating blacks of reverse stockinette and raised ribbing.

Noro Magazine issue 28 Oversized Cable Top. Cozy, oversized comfort is the name of the game in this drop-shoulder pullover. The subdued shades of Kiso colorway 4 have tiny pops of color, giving the sweater a chill, funky feel. A pretzel-like cable runs down the center on a background of reverse stockinette. The back and sleeves are also reverse stockinette, with ribbed lover edges and n Noro Magazine issue 3 Textured Rib Raglan. Noro Magazine issue 4 Ribbed Batwing Pullover. The back and front are worked identically. The center panel is knit first in k2, p2 rib; side panels are picked up and worked in a narrower rib.

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  8. Noro Magazine issue 5 Rhombus Panel Vest. The center front is a rhombus-shaped eyelet pattern, with a textured granite-stitch pattern, with a textured granite-stitch pattern on either side and reverse stockinette at the edges. Other eye-catching details incl Noro Magazine issue 6 Striped Cardigan. The texture comes courtesy of slip-stitch pattern, with the stripes worked in at the lower section of the body and sleeves. The slim-fitting shape features set-in sleeves and a V neckline; borders are Noro Magazine issue 7 Diamond Rib Hat.

    Two diamond panels are worked at the center front and back in between the ribbing. Quick decreasing shapes the crown. A pompom provides a festive finishing touch. Noro Magazine issue 8 Fingerless Mitts. Knit flat in a simple rectangle, each mitt consistes of k2, p2 rib and a honeycomb cable section worked along the top.

    Each piece is then seamed, leaving an opening for the thumb. Noro Magazine issue 9 Cowl. Seam the cast-on edge along one side edge to form the cowl. Araucania: Alumco Amelia Shoulder Cape. Araucania: Alumco Jemima Wrap. Araucania: Cana Ruca Chloe Wrap. Araucania: Cana Ruca Harper Shawl. Araucania: Huasco Aria Cardigan. Araucania: Huasco Heathers Ava Wrap. Araucania: Huasco Heathers Jessyca Hat. Araucania: Huasco Heathers Paula Scarf. Araucania: Huasco Zoey Wrap.

    Araucania: Mana Camilla Wrap. Araucania: Nuble Ariana Wrap. Maybe advanced beginner to intermediate: basic stitches and shaping. Lace collar is probably the most complicated part. Ella Rae: Sun Kissed Specktacular scarf er Mirasol: Nuna Cantuta Lace Shawl m Euro Baby: Nurture Sunshine Sweater.

    Louisa Harding: Girandola Adriana L Louisa Harding: Mazzo Bella L Mirasol: Pima Kuri Scilla Sweater m Advanced beginner to intermediate: pattern reading skills because of the presentation of multiple color options , basic knitting stitches and shaping. Noro Magazine issue Kumo Lace Scarf. Noro Magazine issue 19 Short-Sleeve Pullover.

    Noro Magazine issue 20 Tunic Tank Top. Noro Magazine issue 21 Lace Top. Noro Magazine issue 23 Diagonal Rib Cardi. Noro Magazine issue 24 V-Neck Tank. Noro Magazine issue 25 Swing Front Cardigan. Noro Magazine issue 26 Crew Neck Sweater. Noro Magazine issue 27 Lace Waistcoat. Experienced to intermediate: intarsia, pattern relies heavily on colorwork chart, picking up stitches, finishing.

    Intermediate, maybe advanced beginner: simple stitches and shaping aside from the Bell Edging. Picking up stitches, pattern reading, finishing skills. Intermediate, maybe advanced beginner: basic stitches, shaping in striped pattern. Advanced beginner to intermediate: simple stitches and shaping, seaming skills, pattern reading. Mirasol: Khusku Lima Shawl M Noro Magazine issue 01 Entrelac Blanket.

    This sumptuous blanket, designed by Rosemary Drysdale using Silk Garden, begins with just one triangle, from which ensuing triangles are picked up and knit to become squares—and, eventually, seven long strips that are seamed together. The reds and rusts of colorway 84 are an earthy background for the vibrant pops of deep blue and purple provid Noro Magazine issue 02 Square in a Square Blanket. Kagayaki colorways 3 fuchsia, chocolate and olive and 5 hot pink, maroon and purple make the thirty squares of this blanket appear to glow from within.

    Each square is worked straight in one color in garter stitch, then in the round with the other color, increasing stitches at the corners. The squares are sewn into strips that are then sea Noro Magazine issue 03 Eyelet Chevron Shawl. Large eyelets created by double yarn overs peek out from beneath a textured chevron pattern in this generously sized shawl designed by Caroline Dick.

    Garter-stitch borders keep the edges flat. Noro Magazine issue 04 Eyelet Shawl. Noro Magazine issue 05 Triangle Shawl. The cream, tan and gray of Silk Garden Sock colorway subtly highlights the juxtaposition of squares and stripes. Noro Magazine issue 06 Openwork Shawl. A two-stitch garter.

    Noro Magazine issue 07 Eyelet Scarf. Spring has truly sprung in Mirai colorway 22 violet, green and pink. An easy six-row eyelet pattern of five rows of stockinette and one row. Noro Magazine issue 08 Semicircle Shawl. Two lace patterns get dramatic in the sapphires and violets of Nishiki colorway 4. This semicircular shawl is worked from a garter tab down, with the shape formed by an eight-stitch increase every two.

    Noro Magazine issue 09 Chevron Top. The left front and left back are made in one piece, as are the right front and right back, and then seamed down the center. Each piece sports a different stripe pattern—in Kumo colorway 3 sky blue and 14 sage green —so the two-row chevron patterns of the main body do not matc Noro Magazine issue 10 Sideways Knit Top. Worked in two pieces from side to side and sewn at the side seams, this top, designed by Yoko Hatta, is mostly stockinette, save for a narrow eyelet band at the bustline.

    Garter stitch is worked around the armholes and neck. The cool grays, purple and teal of T Noro Magazine issue 11 Garter Gusset Tee. From the armhole, the front and back are worked separately then seamed, with sleeves picked up aro Noro Magazine issue 12 Crossback Tank. Silk Garden Sock Solo colorway 8, a deep, rich plum, accentuates the patterning, with stitches for the easy eyelet and garter chevron panel picked up around the Noro Magazine issue 13 Scallop Stripe Tank.

    Four rows of reverse stockinette keep the lower edge from curling; the rest of the body is stockinette. The collar is knit separately in a long strip on the diagonal, with two center increases worke The lower edge features narrow 2x2 ribbing; ribbed edges around the armhole are picked up and knit in a wider version. The neckband is picked up around the neck and from the sides of the armhole rib, with cast-on stitches bet Noro Magazine issue 15 Two-Color Tunic.

    Noro Magazine issue 16 Directional Striped Top. An angular top designed by Galina Carroll takes direction from a range of stripes in the earth tones of Silk Garden Sock Solo colorways 5 and The front and back are each composed of two pieces, with horizontal and vertical stripes, shaped at the side edges, forming the outer pieces. Solid-color pieces are knit separately and sewn to the t Noro Magazine issue 17 Man's Raglan Pullover. Noro Magazine issue 18 Man's Henley Pullover. The body of the sweater is stockinette.

    Noro Magazine issue 22 Panel Top. Louisa Harding: Girandola Loredana Top. Louisa Harding: Marmo Arabella L Louisa Harding: Mazzo Donatella L This pattern is available in English and German. Louisa Harding: Tatiana Shawl L Louisa Harding: Valentina L Noro Magazine Issue 35 - Simple Cardigan. Noro Magazine Issue 37 - Ribbed Scarf. Noro Magazine Issue 38 - Sideways Hat. Noro Magazine: Issue 11 - Tunic Cardigan Noro: Mika Shirt N Noro: N Akiko Top. Noro: N Miori. Noro: Nishiki Sakiko Pullover. Noro: Nishiki Yoko Waistcoat N Noro: Rika N Mirasol: Paqu Pura Shoulder cover m Mirasol: Umina Lace Wrap m Mirasol: Umina Top m Mirasol: Yaya Shoulder Cover m Mirasol: Yaya Waistcoat m Intermediate: simple, repeating lace.

    Pattern uses several different abbreviations for YO. Louisa Harding: L Fingerless Mitts. The main body of this faux double-breasted cardi is worked in one piece to the armholes, then joined with the sleeves to complete the raglan yoke. The plush ribbed turtleneck is picked up and knit in the round to fasten the piece. A set of decorative buttons are fastened to the right front panel, finishing the look. Unconventionally simple construction sets this textured cardigan apart.

    The two pieces are joined with a center-back seam. Worked throughout in easy slip-stitch rib, the main body features self-finished edges. K2, p2 ribbing trims the armholes. Graceful draping meets feminine shaping in a romantic A-line cardigan, which gleams in white and natural Silk Garden colorway The fronts are knit crosswise from the horseshoe-cable front bands, while the back is worked in two pieces from a center provisional cast-on.

    Short rows shape the swingy hemline. After the back and side seams are j Sleek in stockinette with k1, p1 edgings, it features smart V-neck shaping. The fold-over collar is worked separately in cushioned k1, p1 ribbing and sewn to the neckline edge. Narrow sleeves, trimmed with deep ribbed borders at t Geometric diamonds emerge from blocks of color on a cushy stockinette scarf.

    Noro Magazine Issue 08 Marled Cowl. An overall pattern of textured honeycomb strikes a balance between cushion and drape on this marled cowl. Worked in the round, the dimensional pattern is created by using a large needle and alternating stitches in the row below. Two yarns are held together throughout, allowing the ocher, magenta and purple shades of Silk Garden colorway to A cowl knit in two-color brioche sets the dynamic orchid, lime and dark green shades of Kotori colorway 3 into high relief. Worked flat, the pattern is knit for one row in the main color before stitches are slid.

    Noro Magazine Issue 10 Infinity Cowl. Loft and structure meet in a high-contrast pairing of gauge and texture. The earthy tones of red, orange, magenta and olive coordinate with nearly any look. Fully re Noro Magazine Issue 11 Star Blanket.

    Info Mattel:

    Bright intarsia-knit stars splash across a blanket knit in soft Silk Garden. The deep purple, black, blue and Noro Magazine Issue 12 Fringed Poncho. Noro Magazine Issue 13 Striped Poncho. Origami properties apply to a modern-fit poncho. First a foundational rectangular strip is worked. Then stitches for a second strip are picked up along one half of the left-hand long edge. Finally, the second strip is folded and its outer end is joined to the same long edge from which stitches were picked up and knit. The front neck edge is sha Noro Magazine Issue 14 Fringed Poncho.

    Complementary colorways of Noro Taiyo—blue, violet and navy 86 and rust, hunter green, gray and black 21—alternate in four-row stripes for a l Vivid new Kotori colorway 6, which features shades of persimmon flecked with yellow, green and violet silk slubs, meets a capelet with an equally unique construction.

    The braided cable inset is knit first. Then the body of the capelet is knit in the round from the lower edge and joined to the inset with a three-needle bind-off. The remainder o Simple details, like ruched granite-stitch patterning and a single-button closure, lend a feminine air to an open-front capelet. The stitch pattern is worked by decreasing across a wrong-side row, then increasing into every stitch on the following row. Subtle shaping forms the A-line silhouette.

    Wide garter-stitch borders knit along the edges f Noro Magazine Issue 17 Kimono Ruana. It begins at the back lower edge and is worked to the shoulder, where it is divided in half for the fronts. Noro Magazine Issue 19 Oversized Vest. Clean and simple lines bolster a bright and beautiful colorway of Silk Garden. The main stockinette pattern makes it easy to knit.

    Sleek k1, p1 ribbing trims the Noro Magazine Issue 21 Jacket. Woven details embellish an outdoorsy stockinette jacket. The pointed collar is picked up and knit along the neckline, folding over to reveal contrasting reverse-stockinette texture. Set-in sleev Using a technique that swirls the bright pink, blue, jade and olive shades of Silk Garden colorway Stonewall, this V-neck cardigan is bold in its simplicity.

    The fronts are worked from the outer edge in with double decreases forming a partial mitered square. Carefully placed increases and decreases shape the armhole and neckline. The back Charmingly simple, this oversized pullover serves as a canvas for the impressionistic greens and pinks of Kotori colorway 7.

    The front is worked in two pieces and joined with an exposed seam, bisecting the colorway so that its hues interact in unexpected ways. The overall pattern of stockinette stitch checked with blocks of reverse stockinette Noro Magazine Issue 26 Sleeveless Tunic.

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    Sleek and modern, this sleeveless tunic is the ideal three-season piece. It features deep armholes for easy layering and knit-in front pockets for added warmth. Mock ribbing trims the lower edges and embellishes the front in a narrow five-stitch column. A shaped rectangular panel, folded and sewn to the neckline with overlapping fronts, forms t Noro Magazine Issue 25 Poncho Top. A subtle slip-stitch pattern complements the tweeded gray of Silk Garden Sock Solo 52 Greyhound in this poncho-like top. The back is worked with wider dimensions and deeper armhole shaping than the front, effecting a blouson fit and arched hemline when the pieces are joined.

    Sloped shoulder shaping streamlines the look. K1, p1 ribbing trims th Araucania: Alpaka Reina Elin Wrap. Araucania: Huasco Sock Anise Socks. Skills: sock knitting, pattern reading: knit, purl, working in the round, short rows, kitchener.

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    Araucania: Huasco Sock Nutmeg Socks. Araucania: Huasco Sock Pepper Cowl. Louisa Harding: L Slouchy Beret. Louisa Harding: L Basketweave Cowl. Louisa Harding: L Striped Shawl. Mirasol Llama Una Top Mirasol Paqu Pura Sweater M Mirasol Paqu Splash Waistcoat M Mirasol Qulla Waistcoat M Mirasol Sisa Bolero M Mirasol Sisa Sweater M Mirasol Umina Jacket M Single Size One size to fit average adult female's head.

    Select Size Single Size. Dark Gray Mix Change Color. Accessories Include In Kit Purchase. Product Actions Add to Cart. Kit does not include: 2 buttons. Watch the Video! Sizing Notes Making the right size is important! Pattern Care Treat your finished project right! The pretty Barbie doll Christmas tree ornament sparkles with gold glitter trimmings, from her tulle tutu to her shimmering crown.

    Strike a pose with SuperStar Barbie. Inspired by the highly sought-after Barbie doll, this Christmas tree ornament features the timeless fashion icon modeling a glamorous hot pink evening gown, complete with tulle boa attachment. Add a real splash of sparkling color to your holiday decor with this mermaid Barbie Christmas tree ornament. From her pink-streaked hair and princess tiara to her colorful striped fin, this fanciful design inspired by the Barbie Dreamtopia doll will have kids and collectors alike dreaming of a colorful Christmas.

    Press the button to watch her tail light up in a rainbow of colors. Light feature is battery-operated. Carry on the Barbie tradition of fabulous holiday fashions with this Christmas tree ornament featuring the fashionista herself dressed in her holiday best. Inspired by the Holiday Barbie Doll, this dazzling ornament is 5th in the Holiday Barbie series and a must-have for collectors of all ages.

    February 11, Teen Vogue: Coming up in June …. Barbie has always been the one product that has tested boundaries. Most recently, Barbie gave her male dolls man buns! The dolls are reportedly set to go on-sale in September Release Date: June 1, Amazon. Release Date: November 21, Amazon.

    Release Date: December 2, Amazon. Release Date: November 28, Amazon. Release Date: November 11, Amazon.

    Patons Women's Peaked Cap

    Release Date: November 20, Amazon. Release Date: January 31, Amazon.

    CROCHET VISOR PEAK CAP HAT tutorial any yarn hook and size

    Release Date: Oktober Amazon. Release Date: November 16, Amazon. Release Date: February 5, Amazon. Release Date: March 18, Amazon. Release Date: March 14, Amazon. Release Date: November 4, Amazon. Release Date: February 9, Amazon. Release Date: June 1, Pre-order Amazon. Release Date: March 21, Amazon.

    Barbie active sports dolls are ready to compete! Black hair Amazon.

    Patons Women's Peaked Cap | Yarnspirations

    Barbie and National Geographic partner to create a new product line and content centered around exploration, science, conservation and research. The Barbie and National Geographic product line features career dolls and playsets highlighting occupations underrepresented by women and authenticated by an advisory council compromised of female National Geographic Explorers.

    Astrophysicist — Release Date: June 19, Amazon. Barbie career dolls have been inspiring kids to dream big and aim high for 60 years! Barbie astronaut doll celebrates one of her most iconic positions from her storied resume. She reaches for her goals wear-ing a career-themed outfit along with an accessory to play out professional moments. Different body types, skin tones, eye colours and hairstyles provide endless storytelling possibilities and create aspirational fun.

    Explore and collect all the Barbie career dolls and toys because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become each sold separately, subject to availability. Barbie and Ken career dolls inspire kids to dream big and aim high! Choose from a barista, firefighter, lifeguard and soccer player. Different body types, skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles provide endless storytelling possibilities and create aspirational fun.

    Explore and collect them all because you can be anything with Barbie!