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University rankings were previously determined by THE and QS which focused on research outcomes which are not necessarily of relevance to students.

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In short, falling off your bike does not help you ride your bike better. Which is more important to educational success — background or mindset? Mindset, easy. All views expressed in these reports are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of FutureLearn. These are fascinating topics well presented — but with one exception: misuse of verb tense and plurality.

Some of the contributors need to find a mooc that will augment their English skills. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, it has exceptional engagement, with its average engagement rate at 2. This is Further, it is the 4th-highest of all coins from prior reports. Very impressive. There is a palpable excitement around QNT on Twitter….

The Quant Network community Telegram group is comprised of 4, members, whilst its Announcements channel has 1, members. I shall be focusing on its community group here. The pinned message contains all relevant resources for new users, with links to exchanges and the latest news, as well as social links and token information. It also mentions that the Quant Network team join the group once fortnightly to answer community questions.

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Given the relatively small size of the group, the activity level is very impressive, as I failed to even keep up with the incoming messages as I scrolled through to discover more about the project. Over the past week or so of discussion, I found that Quant Network has recently partnered with SIA to deliver interoperability to banks and financial institutions by integrating Overledger into their private infrastructure network connecting banks.

This is huge news for the legitimacy and longevity of the project and its technology. There are also numerous press releases regarding the partnership posted to the Telegram. Woah, there is a lot going on with Quant Network, clearly. In fact, there is almost too much for an individual to grasp without considerable hours spent researching; not a bad problem to have as a pioneering project, of course.

The Quant Network BitcoinTalk thread was created on March 26th, , and has since generated posts spanning 17 pages in days.

Report From #24 : The Thrilling Tale of Norway's Most Decorated World War II Hero

This equates to 0. However, in the past 90 days, the thread has had 15 posts via 7 individual posters, giving an average of 0. Most significantly, the problem being solved is emphasised, and that is the inability for blockchains to communicate with one another. Further, numerous AMAs have been pushed out, but there has been no engagement since early April. For the following Development analysis, I will be evaluating project leadership, the website, the roadmap, the whitepaper, the wallets and finally providing a general overview:.

There are 23 employees listed on LinkedIn and 3 listed on Github. There is no information regarding the team on the website.

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It would be helpful as a potential new user or investor to have this information readily accessible. I did manage to find a little info on the team here. He has over 20 years experience in information services. There is also a Chief Architect with 30 years of experience, plus 4 core developers. The project also has numerous advisors with experience in information technology, DLT, business management, governance and compliance.

They are currently hiring. There is a great deal of strength and professionalism here, and, having looked through their LinkedIn employees list, a balance that is rare for many projects in this space. The website is a little lacklustre, relative to the rest of my findings during this research process. The navigation menu does link to important aspects of the project, such as the products offered Overledger, Atlas and GoVerify , but it is a little muddled; for example, why is Careers in the sub-menu for About Us?

And why does About Us not contain any pages relating to the team behind the tech?

Nigeria Crisis - ETS Situation Report #24 (Reporting Period: 01/10/2018 to 31/10/2018)

Atlas, as can be found on its own separate page, is a solution to cross-border Open Banking , providing a means by which users can make seamless payments to international banks. Further still down the homepage, we find a list of their prestigious partners, such as Oracle, Hyperledger, Nvidia, pay. There is also a slideshow of recent news events to remain updated and links to the Quant whitepaper and business paper. What I do like is that there is a native blog that is regularly updated with all manner of relevant information regarding the project.

The roadmap is found in section 6 of the Business Paper, linked in the next section. It is not available on the website. From a user perspective, this could be made more accessible and more informative by simply having the roadmap native to the website and providing some sort of progression measure, as well as links to further information. November and December saw the prototype Overledger developed, as well as a patent filed.

Q1 initiated the private sale of tokens to institutions, with March-April launching the public sale. In Q3 , the Quant SaaS product was set to be released, with some patents filed. Overall, this roadmap is very much bare-bones and insufficient.

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