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To wrap I recommend the stoner rock band Dust Prophet. Nick beggs themutegods. My guest was broadcasting legend Pat Martin from 98 Rock.

Far Beyond The Endless

Pat is a hero of mine and a important part of the Sacramento music scene. He has also just had the craziest life and he tells some of his stories like being at Live Aid, his friendship with Jim Henson and more.

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For my 50th episode I went big and invited one of my metal heroes on in Paul Masvidal. Paul is the vocalist and guitarist from progressive metal legends Cynic, and has just launched a solo project aptly called Masvidal. He came on to talk about the new trio of EPs for the project, the intense process behind them that included isochronic tones, the state of the world, Cynic, and lots more. Rob Pasbani from Metal Injection joins me to talk about 15 years of Metal Injection, his adorable dog, wrestling, metal nerd moments, metal beef, and more!

Sarah Longfield discusses her first band.

A Frozen Flame Of Ice

I recommend the Australian progressive quartet Genetics. Genetics facebook. Opening up team sports to girls and women not only enable them to develop their athletic skills but enhances their self-confidence, provides them with networks and gives them an avenue toward leadership. This team is comprised of social justice warriors who have taken on bigger issues.

The team won all seven of its matches, scoring 26 goals and allowing just three. Gays rule," Rapinoe tweeted on Sunday.

Voltron - Far Beyond

We already discussed this. Science is science.

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Gays rule. Rapinoe has long used her place in the spotlight to draw attention to issues she cares about. We tightened things down, and it stayed put for the rest of the day. The ride went on through vast rolling hills, and onto fast descents so rough that my hands cramped and my forearms, wrists, and shoulders ached.

Far Beyond Recording

Water bottles launched out of bottle cages. I dabbed more air out of my tires. While my hands struggled to brake, I was impressed at the utter lack of skidding from the WTB Resolute tires, and the bike held its line. Time to test those gears. To say we climbed is an understatement. In a short time, I was all the way in my tooth big cog with 38t chainring , half-wishing for more, but realizing that this would result in ride speeds that would likely be slower than walking.

I just had to gut it out, and find a rhythm of pushing the pedals and telling myself not to quit.

Far Beyond | The Path To Evernight

Small logs and obstacles became mini sprints above threshold. Everything hurt, including my butt from days of riding on unfamiliar saddles. On the technical side, the bike had zero complaints, burps, or perceptible flex anywhere… I was the problem. The nice version is that the ride was epic. It was beautiful and impossible and reminded me of how hard riding a bike can be.

The not-as-nice version is that that the more I ride gravel bikes, the more I appreciate what mountain bikes can do.