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The player controls Flimbo through seven distinct levels, collecting scrolls for the wizard Dazz Bazian, to allow him to create a spell that will send Flimbo to the next level. The levels are free-roaming, and some exploration is necessary to find the scrolls from enemies dotted around the lair, as well as other secrets such as banks and various power-ups : a super weapon, which extends the range and power of Flimbo's shooting enabling longshots to be fired across the screen, invulnerability which lasts for 30 seconds—this does not protect from water or holes—and in level 6, hourglasses which add 2 minutes to the time limit.

All of these can be bought in Dazz's shops, along with individual letters or complete words of the code. Hearts can also be obtained in 5 colours to give the player an extra life, again these can be taken from enemies in the game. Flimbo's Quest takes place over seven levels: a normal rural landscape, a fishing village, a mountain landscape, a weird alien world, a forest , a graveyard and Fransz Dandruff's laboratory.

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There are two different background musics, which alternate between the levels. Although there are essentially only a few different types of enemy in each level, there is a further and more frustrating distinction to be made by the player, in terms of location on the level. In level 5 for example, it may be required to kill an antelope, but it isn't possible to tell from the mugshot alone where in the level it is an enemy carrying a scroll will flash on the 8-bit versions, or have an arrow on top of it on the Amiga and Atari ST versions.

It has also been discovered that there is a maximum amount of money to get in any level, assuming that the player kills enough enemies on each part of the screen, though with the stringent time limit this is inadvisable. Each level provides 2 or 3 secret power-ups, which can be activated by simultaneously firing and ducking in the right places; generally in less frequented positions, which can be used to quickly finish the level. At the end of level seven, the letters that Flimbo has collected are revealed to be assembly language instructions, and are programmed into Dandruff's computer to free Pearly.

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Nova Cafe. This unassuming diner is just that, and to be honest we ended up here through sheer chance on one of our many runs to Draai Laag now known as Strange Roots just a few blocks away. That being said, when I saw the Reuben on the menu and was given the recommendation by the friendly employees, I knew I had to try it. The Reuben itself is a slight step above our baseline with a decent helping of meat, above average and crispy bread, and the thousand island dressing is served on the side allowing you to apply as much as you want- a win for me - so overall, a tasty diner Reuben at its core.

Nova Cafe is located at Grant Avenue in Millvale. Max's Allegheny Tavern. Max's Allegheny Tavern in the North Side may be famous for its traditional German sausages and schnitzels, but their Reuben is on point with aged pumpernickel bread, homemade sauerkraut, and their own special dressing.

Or if you want to try something different, you can also order it stuffed between two potato pancakes instead which is simply divine! That being said, it is still delicious. Dive Bar.

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If you think of yourself as a Reuben fanatic, Dive Bar in Lawrenceville is for you. This spot has gone all-in on Reubens and offers various iterations like Reuben rolls, a traditional Reuben sandwich, a Reuben burger, and a Reuben bowl to name a few. This one is essentially a big bowl of fries topped with the filling of a Reuben sandwich, and wouldn't be far fetched to be called a Pittsburgh Reuben Salad- because who needs lettuce, really?

It was quite the calorie bomb as it is a massive plate which is not captured well at all in the photo we took , and I am a bit ashamed to say I ate it all in a single sitting. Ignoring my gluttony, the layers of corned beef, slaw, and dressing worked well enough on their own, and the fries soaked up the rest for a bit of starch thrown into the mix.

But I wont tell if you wont. Dive Bar has two locations in Pittsburgh. One in South Side and one in Lawrenceville. We visited the Lawrenceville location at Butler Street for this Reuben. Bakn Let's get something out of the way right off. The Reuben at Bakn is not your traditional Reuben. Instead of corned beef, you have crispy pork belly. Instead of thousand island dressing, you have baconnaise. The sauerkraut even has bacon bits in it for good measure.

Put all of this on rye bread, and somehow it all comes together to taste, well, oddly like a Reuben. You have to be in a pork mood for this one, and very obviously have to send reason out the window, but a pork inspired Reuben at Bakn somehow works. You may leave with the meat sweats, but if an unusual take on this famous sandwich is what you seek Bakn will not disappoint. Bakn is located at E Main Street in Carnegie. Although this sandwich offers generous proportions of ingredients, I have to be honest in saying that the quantity is what makes this one special and not so much any one ingredient being unique.

To try the Reuben at Falls Market, you're going to have to make the drive down to Ohiopyle. While we can't say you should make the drive just for this sandwich, we can say if you find yourself in the region and are craving a Reuben they will not let you down. The reason for this one is because Falls Market does their Reuben just a bit differently than most- they serve those with thick cuts of corned beef almost to the point of the meat being cubed.

Then it is slathered with sauce and served up with beautifully toasted bread for a full package that works out very well together. If you are not head over heels in love with corned beef we would recommend potentially avoiding this one as it is a bit meat heavy, but if you salivate over the thought of it, this one is for you. Nu Modern Jewish Bistro.


Nu Modern Jewish Bistro in Squirrel Hill does not seem like it would be the place to have a delicious Reuben, but their iteration of this sandwich gets an above average rating from us thanks to their house smoked corn beef that is available on just about every sandwich they offer. Big Jim's in the Run. Big Jim's in the Run hits on just about everything you look for in a popular diner. Huge portions, cheap prices, and a large following. Shortly after publishing this guide we asked on Facebook where to head for our next batch of Reubens, and Big Jim's was one of the most popular responses.

Within just a few days, we were there. To put it bluntly, the Reuben at Big Jim's doesn't disappoint. The Reuben is among the best in the city, but the bread lacked a grilled, buttery flavor we adore in our Reubens and the meat could stand to be slightly better quality. That being said, this one is still incredibly delicious and is well worth the journey to try out.

The Best Reubens in Pittsburgh When we start talking about what makes the best Reuben sandwich in Pittsburgh, you can be certain these are as close to perfect as you can get. This means perfectly grilled bread, a large mound of corned beef that is neither dry nor similar to traditional deli meat, ample dressing, and an overall package that gets consumed as fast as possible. The kitchen specializes in country favorites with sandwiches, full entrees, and pies gracing the menu as it should be- don't skip a slice of pie. But when I saw the Reuben here, I knew what I had to order.

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This Reuben doesn't go out of its way to be different and is simply a solid iteration for the sandwich. The bread is toasted in ample oil leaving a nice layer on your fingers when holding the sandwich , the corned beef and sauerkraut come in rather large amounts, and the dressing is served on the side for you to add on as much or little as you like always a pet peeve of mine. The only thing that makes this one a bit different is you can add on bacon to any sandwich, which is naturally highly recommended for this sandwich! Riley's Pour House. Shortly after publishing this post, we became rather flooded with recommendations from our readers on more Reubens to check out.

One that we heard about time and time again was the Reuben at Riley's Pour House in Carnegie, so we knew we had to make it there first. This Irish pub serves up a menu full of sandwiches and pub fare with some killer weeknight specials.

The only negative was that the sandwich, as served, was a bit dry and could've used more dressing- something easily fixed by asking for more!