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It is the most violent Whittington of the dozen or so titles of his that i have read. Wow, Frank, good eye! Gerald actually makes note of that connection in his introduction to the Whittington story. I've yet to read that book and am now itching to read it. Creative Arts' Black Lizard line reissued it back in their glory days. Should be a good number of those copies available. That's the copy i have. Nice artwork, too. I am running out of room in my apartment haha. I have the same problem. I read two or three a week, but buy three to four. The pile grows ever higher!

I mentioned the book on my blog a year or so back. I concentrated on Art Crockett who worked as an editor of true-crime mags.

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Kindle Edition from St. Within a week, her roommate's body is found in the woods. Wheeler Small-time Hollywood movie producer Harry Logan must find his way thru old Balkan hatreds to solve the murder of a young Serbian film maker. Wheeler The lead actress in Harry Logan's movie 'The Versailles Plot' is shot to death with a prop gun during filming — not an accident, this is murder!

Wheeler Small-time Hollywood movie producer Harry Logan decides to make a Western, and so he rents part of oldtimer Louie Panetti's Mojave Desert ranch and its ghost town movie set. On location, people get killed, and Harry finds himself and his movie entangled with cops and mobsters and spies. A mysterious billionaire announces plans to build an art print museum, and soon a print dealer and an editor are killed. Prison Blues by Anna Salter. Absolute Certainty by Rose Connors. The Stone Forest by Karen Harper. The Truth Hurts by Nancy Pickard. Silent Joe by T. The Judgment by D.

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