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The absolutely definitive list of the best 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' episodes - NME

World Cup star Megan Rapinoe will not start in U. Rob Tornoe. The first cohesive theory of the grotesque is often attributed to the Russian critic Mikhail Bakhtin.

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I root for the freaks for whom romance looks strange but is no less special for it. Once I pooped in the bed. I blamed it on him.

He laughs, clearly in love. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. Charlie Kelly and Frank Reynolds live in squalor and sleep "butt to butt" on a pull-out couch. Charlie uses his useless and random knowledge in Bird Law to try and get his defendant off the hook. The most curious thing is when Charlie seems to be quite articulate in the avian legal system. On more than a few occasions, Charlie has been told that he smells overwhelmingly of cheese. That said, he had no idea what a pear was, so who knows. Charlie is able to pull Mac and Dennis in a pickup truck, which on average weigh around 5, pounds without anything in their bed, while training to be an underground boxing contender.

In the same episode listed above, Mac and Dennis learn that what Charlie lacks in fighting technique he makes up for in endurance.

The Gang Gets Invincible

Mac and Dennis have said that Charlie is virtually impossible to injure, and the evidence seems to have proven them right. The work that Charlie is seen doing in the show is quite disgusting at time, so these shoes have been through quite a lot and are maybe more tough than Charlie. I hate Lizards! Many fans theorize he knows her name.

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Viewers claimed they solved the mystery, though Glenn Howerton revealed on Twitter that the Waitress is not Nikki Potnick. Charlie gave himself the tattoo with the tools consisting of ink and a paperclip. He may not be the brightest bulb, but even Charlie knows that all he would need is one more letter to finally end the piece, right?

This is a question that has bewildered fans for years. They do seem very alike and live pretty comfortably together. What the gang should have been more mortified about was the fact that there is a very real possibility that Frank and Charlie had just married their son and father, respectfully.

Why You Would Never Want To Live With Frank And Charlie From ‘It’s Always Sunny’

In the first season, Charlie reveals that he has a younger sister who was involved in an unfortunate incident. Later in the episode, Charlie tells the McPoyles that his sister was at the intervention. Many of the gang attribute this to dyslexia, though Mac swears it's a full-fledged intellectual disability. Most likely, Charlie was the only one who was willing and this is stuff that needs to be done to keep the bar running.

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Charlie has been seen playing the keyboard, the harmonica, the saxophone, and the bugle. On top of all of this, he is able to recognize and imitate that the beep on a carbon monoxide detector is a G Sharp, proving to the gang that Charlie has perfect pitch. Not only is the episode a technical feat, but it shows just how in charge of the gang Charlie really is. Without him the bar would have most definitely have crumbled.

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The substances that Charlie puts in his body should have stark consequences. Let us know in the comments. Tags: it's always sunny in philadelphia. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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