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We offer a variety of methods to support you whether you are struggling in a relationship, growing an already amazing one, seeking that perfect partner or running a business filled with conflict.

Imago Therapy for Relationships

Imago Relationships has been in practice for over 30 years, with Imago therapists requiring state licensure and advanced training in Imago theory and methods. Deepen human connections through. Therapy for Couples and Individuals Break free from old relationship patterns. Imago Workshops Couples and individuals can find a transformative experience in our workshops.


Imago for the Workplace Take team-building and training to the next level to deepen connection, improve collaboration and solve problems. Imago Professionals Our Imago therapists and facilitators are passionate about helping you create relationships full of growth, healing and love.

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View All Users. View More Common Questions…. Relationship Quiz: Rate Yourself as a Partner. Look within yourself to see where in the relationship you have strength and where you have an opportunity for growth.

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You and your partner have decided to plant a tree in front of your beautiful home. Imago Professionals. Get more relationship tips in your inbox every week! Harville and Helen. Learn About Imago.


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Had they been adults, many of their crimes would have earned them a jail sentence, but the potential of growth and development to their still-childlike characters granted them an opportunity to be rehabilitated — and, one-day, reintroduced to society.