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Subscribe now to receive all the new music STS9 creates, including this release and 25 back-catalog releases, delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. Learn more. Scheme When The Dust Settles Scheme Reprise Golden Gate To survive they depend on healthy livestock - goats, sheep, cattle, horses, camels and yaks - which need food, water and a safe and warm shelter during the winter.

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For some of the herders of Tseel soum a district in the Gobi Altai region their livestock are threatened by the new Tayan Nuur iron mine, owned by the Mongolian company Altain Khuder. Located only about kilometers from the Chinese border, the Tayan Nuur mine exports its production to steel mills in Mongolia's southern neighbour.

Over the course of five years its output increased fivefold to 2.

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Because of this aggressive expansion the mine is expected to have a very short lifespan of merely 10 years. In contrast to Altain Khuder's short-term interest in the region, the Tayan Nuur mine is disturbing a delicate balance that generations of herder families have established. Trucks transport ore from the mines to China via a nearby gravel road that cuts through animal pasture.

The trucks travelling the road create a suffocating amount of dust. Munkhuu, a local camel herder, says that his animals are getting sick since the trucks started moving ore from the mine. For Munkhuu and others like him, moving camps is not an option.

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