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The title "Genesis," which is Greek, means "origin," and the first Hebrew word of Genesis is translated "in the beginning" — words that indicate both the scope and the limits of the book. It tells us the beginning of everything except God.

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Another thing to notice is that it tells only of beginnings. There is no finality here.

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Upon its truths all the future revelation of God to people is built up. Satan appears to have special enmity for the book of Genesis. No wonder the adversary has bent his attacks upon it. It exposes him as the enemy of God and the deceiver of the human race; it foretells his destruction; it depicts his doom see Genesis 3. Without Genesis, our knowledge of a creating God would be pitifully limited; we would be woefully ignorant of the beginnings of our universe. Genesis is the record of the beginnings of all these things.

No wonder that when people, because of spiritual blindness see Ephesians , reject God's revelation in this peerless record of beginnings, they worship chance as the creator, beasts as their ancestors and fallen humanity as the flower of natural evolution!

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Genesis begins with "God" Genesis but ends "in a coffin" Genesis This book is a history of human failure. But we find that God meets every failure. He is a glorious Savior. We find that "where sin increased, grace increased all the more" Romans Genesis gives us a record of at least 2, years.

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It is not entirely history; it is a spiritual interpretation of history. In two chapters, God flashes on the wall an account of the creation of the world and of humanity. From there on, we see the story of redemption: God is bringing lost people back to Himself.

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We have noted Satan's reasons for attacking this majestic book. Its authorship by Moses, its scientific accuracy and its literal testimony to human sin as deliberate disobedience to God have all been bitterly attacked. The Word of God, however, definitely declares Genesis to be one of the living oracles delivered to Moses. To its infallible truth and its testimony to the Messiah, our Lord Jesus testified Himself see John If Genesis were to be discounted, a divine Creator, a divine creation, a divinely promised Redeemer and a divinely inspired Bible would also have to be discounted.

But around its sacred pages is the protection of the Holy Spirit of God who inspired its words. If there were more study of Genesis instead of so much argument about it, its truth would be clearer. Many origins are recorded in the first 11 chapters: natural universe, human life, sin, death, redemption, civilization, nations and languages.

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  8. The remainder of the book — Genesis 12—50 — delves into the beginnings of the Hebrew people: first in their founding through Abraham and then in their subsequent development and history through the great figures of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. This great Hebrew nation was founded with the definite purpose that through it the whole world should be blessed. Genesis is the record of human failure: first in an ideal environment Eden , then under the rule of conscience from the Fall to the Flood , and finally under patriarchal rule Noah to Joseph. In every case of human failure, however, God met human need with marvelous promises of sovereign grace.

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    It is therefore fitting that the Bible's first book should show us the failure of humanity under every condition met by the salvation of God. Remember, Jesus Christ is the center of the Bible. He is somewhere on every page. In Genesis we see Him in type the foreshadowing of Christian meanings in Old Testament people and events and prophecy supernatural knowledge given by God to holy people to reveal truth and to foretell events in:.

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    The period of the patriarchs is the groundwork and basis of all history. It covers the time from Adam to Moses. In consequence of the failures on the part of people during this early period, God called out an individual. He put aside the nations and called a man, Abraham, who was to become the father of the Hebrew nation.

    We enter into this period in Genesis Order within 17 hours and 11 minutes for delivery on Friday 12 July when you choose Next Day Delivery at the Checkout. McGrath's in-depth commentary and explanations encourage your growing appreciation of biblical narrative and history. McGrath's in-depth commentary is complemented by introductions to and outlines of every Bible book, explaining the authorship, context and purpose with which each book was written.

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    The commentary is interspersed with over sixty feature articles addressing difficult questions arising from the Bible, such as, 'What does the Bible say about homosexuality? With plentiful helpful maps and charts to support your growing appreciation of biblical narrative and history. To order by phone - pm Monday to Friday.

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    Children's Books. Want it on Friday 12 July? This edition of Henrietta Mear s Classic Bible Commentary companion is filled with interesting and historic pictures, but those images replace large sections of text available in previous editions. In the mid seventies they included much of the original wording, only updating some of the language due it becoming dated The older still copies, include some politically incorrect analogies, but also a deep richness in her older style of English The concept of the Book is very useful for personal and group studies of the entire Bible, in sections that are manageable and you may read than what s suggested She has a great way For the past two years, this little book has been my constant companion while I studied the entire Bible for the first time I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Mormon and while our doctrine and interpretation of scripture is different, I absolutely loved reading about her Christian perspective and understanding the scriptures in a different way I also LOVED all the historical notes, maps, introductions for each book of scripture, a little If you have read the Bible through, this book is still for you The well written and easy to read book is like the jelly in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich The book compliments the Bible It doesn t take away but adds new insights that are behind the scenes and helps explain some of those historical questions w Keep as resource Many Bible Handbooks attempt to be something of an abbreviated commentary, bible dictionary hybrid I would prefer to use a regular commentary and dictionary What I like about this handbook is it