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Two hundred years ago, the founder of Alpha discovered it with a crew of sailors, and also discovered the unusual nature of the atmosphere that provided health and well being. So they setup a new society in the cavern, adding to their number a group of colonists. Over time they had created an artificial sun which passes over the cavern similar to the sun.

The climate always changes, especially when pushed

But all is not well in paradise. The two men are separated. While the Englishman has become a favorite of the princess, the American is dumped in the wilderness to die. But the American finds an Alphan recently dumped and they team up to try to get out of there.

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Tragedy soon strikes. Then worse, the American and his new friend discover that the ocean above has broken into the cavern of Alpha. They must warn the king of this danger or all are doomed. I could see it appearing in early pulps, or being an inspiration for such tales.

Thankfully Armchair Fiction has rescued this from relative obscurity. Other images, quotations and trademarks protected by their respective owners. Commentary from the den of a pulp super-fan Navigation ThePulp. The Pulp Super-Fan. You also might want to read Contact Michael R.

Brown using the contact page , or post a comment. Derrick on Commentary: Authors need reviews! Ask the Pulp Gumshoe Looking for something pulp-related on the web? The Pulp Gumshoe is here to help. Search now Will N. Lightning Source Incorporated , May 20, - Fiction - pages. Harben Armchair fiction presents extra-large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.

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When a pair of air balloonists end up stranded on a lonely island in the Atlantic, they soon find themselves rescued by the crew of an incredible underwater vessel. They are then taken on a fantastic journey to a lost world deep within the bowels of the Earth. Here they encounter a strange race of humans-a race that is superior, both mentally and physically, to the humans of the surface world.

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