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Goldie starts up again with her nefarious thieving. The characters in this story are not that complex. Adams designs them all with their own motivation factor. Learning about how each character ticks adds to the story. What really kicked this story up a star rating for me was the smexy hotness when Goldie stumbles across her three bears. This one is too big. This one is too small.

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This one is just right. I'll let you figure out what item fits "just right". It's a lovely blending which had me grinning. This is a smooth fun read and I recommend it for erotic readers who like erotic fairy tales retold. View 1 comment. Nov 28, carol rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Adult fairy tale retold readers. Recommended to carol by: Read other stories by Liz Adams. Shelves: bdsm , kinky-fairy-tale-retold , erotic-fairytale. At first I thought this was going of at a tangent, but as the original I always thought Goldilocks was a naughty girl and here she is a thief but one with a conscience that becomes apparent as the consequences of her actions become known and she tries to correct a wrong.

Eventually it linked in.

Goldie's Locks and the Three Men

Also the reason for the martial arts and latest technology. Liz reveals slow At first I thought this was going of at a tangent, but as the original I always thought Goldilocks was a naughty girl and here she is a thief but one with a conscience that becomes apparent as the consequences of her actions become known and she tries to correct a wrong. Liz reveals slowly where and why the three men are small to large, and witha very clever twist at the end which I twigged at a late stage, then found I was right and had to laugh.

Well written, remember it is based on a retold version that links into the original fairytale. I liked this but still prefer Liz's take on Alice best. It has a hint of romance, hint of BDSM, and plenty of lust. It shows vanilla and kink Has to be 4 stars from me. View 2 comments. Jan 05, Blondie rated it liked it Shelves: erotic-romance , bdsm-group-r2r , short. Liz Adams rewrites a popular fairtale into a sexy fantasy for adults. This is a short story about a theif with a heart of gold. Goldie is really more like Robin Hood except she doesn't necessarily give to the poor, in the end she just wanted to help her mom and start a new life.

With her last job she just might have found what she has been looking for and more. Goldie's character is pretty well developed. Her 3 men not as much but there is enough to give the reader an idea of their character. The Liz Adams rewrites a popular fairtale into a sexy fantasy for adults. The story flowed pretty well. The one thing I would have liked out of this story was maybe a bit more of the final relationship with her 3 men. Other then that it was a cute short story. Favorite quote: What is the lightest thing in the world?

Jun 07, Billy Masters rated it it was amazing. This is one fairy tale that your mother never told you but she wish she would have. Goldie is a professional thief who decides to go straight after a gentleman she robs in Las Vegas gets severely beaten because of her. She pays off the beaten man's debt with the money stole, leave town a start a new life. All is well until her mother becomes gravely ill and will need expense surgery. Goldie decide it's time to go back to a life of crime to pay all the medical bills. All it will take is one good j This is one fairy tale that your mother never told you but she wish she would have.

All it will take is one good job, which she finds in a large mansion filled with expensive furnishings and a safe full of money. The only ones living in the mansion are a billionaire his friend and their butler. The place is covered with modern day electronic security but is no problem for a professional with Goldie's skills. So she waits until all three men leave one evening and breaks in. The men return early and Goldie get caught by one of them.

What transpires next is very hot erotica when Goldie try's to find out which man is just right for her veracious appetite. She soon decides she has found the perfect fit, who offers her money and a job. You'll love the whole story, but especially the ending. You also get a peek at some of Liz Adams other great books! Jan 29, Erica rated it did not like it. I don't even know what to say. I was intrigued by the title, but what I found was not what I was expecting. The plot really didn't make sense - there was pacing issues, and every encounter with Goldie didn't really make sense.

Things were stilted and just jumped from one event to the other without any flow or continuity between then.

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I mean, major props on the idea, but I just couldn't connect with this one at all. Dec 06, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: fairy-tale-challenge. Great twist at the end. It never clicked. May 12, Gabby rated it it was ok Shelves: , botb , erotica-romance , too-short-and-too-hot. Pretty naughty adaptation from classic tale. NOT a kids' version, definitely! May 23, Kathy M rated it liked it. It was interesting The broom stick scene made me laugh my ass off. Apr 19, Gil rated it really liked it. It does a good job bringing it up to modern day standards.

There are obvious takes on the original tale with some added erotic episodes interwoven throughout. It kept a nice smile of satisfying humor in my face. May 11, Chloe Thurlow rated it it was amazing. Scarlett O'Hara. Holly Golightly Some characters jump off the page and stay with us - forever. We first meet her in what at first seems like a fairy tale. Her blonde ponytail bobs behind her as her cherry-red heels clip clop along in what might be a forest glade until, with some surprise, we find her on the sidewalk in Las Vegas about to enter a casino.

Goldie is Scarlett O'Hara. Goldie is not what Goldie seems. She is a thief. A pro. The real deal. And she needs the cash. It's fortunate the high roller she runs into looks like Justin Timberlake and those pretty little breasts peeking over the top of her low cut dress is all the introduction she needs. His name is Gary and it takes time to get him away from the table - with his winnings - and up into the hotel bedroom.

His winning go in the safe, the four black chips go on the dresser and, as you would expect from a Liz Adams fairy tale, the sex is mythical. This is the set up. I won't ruin the story. But we are now crazy about Goldie and, as the title tells us, this is Goldie's Locks as in safe locks and The Three Men - two more to come with plenty of delicious flashbacks into the life and times of this living, breathing, loveable character Jan 05, Melissa Weeks rated it it was amazing Shelves: bdsm-group-r2r.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This one was just not for me I found it to be slow and somewhat confusing and I found myself just not caring enough to continue. Jul 26, Charlene rated it it was ok. Not my favorite. Jun 09, Bella Jeanisse rated it liked it. It was a good read, but not what I was expecting. Kayla is a naughty brat who likes to spy on the man of the house when he's alone in his office, watching his favorite dirty clips on the computer. The woman he married doesn't appreciate his penchant for that sort of taboo, but Kayla is itching to give it a try.

She tells the man of the house she's behind him percent, and she's more than willing to let him sneak in her back door to give them everything they both want, hot, hard, and unprotected! Little brat Paula decides to seduce the man of the house, a psychologist, during their impromptu sessions together, in order to get back at the woman who married him. But the tables get turned on Paula when she realizes her forbidden attraction to him is real, and then, to her surprise, she learns what countertransference really means when they consummate their taboo fantasies together - hot, hard, and unprotected!

Little brat Fiona and the man of the house have always had one thing in common - they are the only two in the family who love sports. Fiona's mother, on the other hand, would rather go shopping!

Goldie's Locks and the Three Men (An Erotic Fairy Tale Fantasy for Women)

So when the two workout buddies get a chance to go to Lake Tahoe, they plan to spend a great weekend together. But things heat up when they get snowed in, and they find they have more in common than just a love for sports. These two want each other, and bad, even if it is wrong. Turns out there are more exciting ways to get a good workout.

Innocent Eva doesn't fit in at community college. The kids all say she talks funny and it's true - her Russian accent makes her a target for teasing. She can't help it if her mother came to America as a mail-order bride and keeps reminding her that they should be grateful the man she married agreed to accept Eva, too.

But her mother doesn't know everything. The real secret is that the man of the house only agreed to the marriage because he wanted Eva.

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And worse, the taboo, forbidden thing Eva can't tell anyone - she wants him too, hot, hard, and unprotected! Curvy little brat Sara keeps late hours at the bakery with the man of the house, much to his wife's annoyance. She thinks the bakery is making Sara chubby, but the man of the house appreciates the younger woman's curves. The man of the house decides to give innocent BBW Sara what they both want - hot, hard, and unprotected - so she can finally prove her talents, in more ways than one.

And Sara's big, juicy, sweet buns turn out to be some of the best he's ever tasted! Little brat Ursula is a lactation consultant who wants nothing more than to get pregnant and have kids. The man of the house would love to have more kids with his wife, but she's not interested. After offering a sexy, unorthodox solution for engorgement to a friend, and new mum, Ursula's longing for a baby increases. She decides to give into her taboo desires and surprises the man of the house, telling him she's very fertile and knows how to make both of their dreams come true - hot, hard, and unprotected!

He picked up a pencil from the easel without taking his eyes from her. Again, like a ghost touch, everywhere his eyes roamed felt warm, tingling until her insides shook. Selena Kitt's taboo Little Brats series, where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring taboo fantasies to life! Little brat Leila isn't interested in expectations - like college or a stable job. The new man of the house is a bad boy who plays pool and his wicked ways are much more appealing.

So she decides to go after what she really wants - to hustle the hustler. Turns out, they both want the same thing after all, and they want it hot, hard, and unprotected! Bookworm Anna is always reading something, but never what she should be!

Goldie's Locks and the Three Men by Liz Adams

Instead of doing her homework, she has her nose stuck in a book. When the man of the house comes up with an ingenious incentive plan to motivate her at school - Anna tells him she wants something far dirtier than money, and she wants it hot, hard and unprotected! Janie has moved to New York to try to make it as a writer, all the while serving as part-time lover in a polyamorous relationship with Veronica and TJ and full-time nanny to their daughter, Beth.

Janie's life is already incredibly full when she runs into an agent one morning who sees great potential in her - and not just as an author. As Janie's relationship with Josh blooms and her career takes off, Ronnie's happy surprise turns into a problem that even a vacation in a mountain cabin with the Baumgartners can't fix.

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In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, recently orphaned Mae finds herself taking care of her ill grandmother and trying to negotiate the big, wide world of New York. Aside from Griff, a drifter she's befriended on the long walk to her grandmother's, she is alone, a frightened country mouse in the big city.

Mae can't believe her good fortune when she meets Lionel Tryst, a charming and charismatic real estate agent, who arranges the miraculous sale of her grandmother's expensive apartment, in the horrible buyer's market of the Great Depression, so they can both move out of the city. But is there a big bad wolf lurking in the shadows? In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, Peter finds his Wendy while looking for a rare book on 'shadow' in the library. After hearing Wendy's tale of woe, he invites her and her two little brothers, Michael and John, to come live at his house in south Florida - a place he calls Neverland.

But although a large cross-dressing blonde named Tink - who lives with Peter and his band, The Lost Boys - isn't too happy about Wendy's arrival, it's Peter's nemesis, James Hook, who proves to be the new couple's greatest challenge. In this modern retelling of a fairy tale classic, former beauty queen Jolee Mercier finds herself in big trouble, locked in the trunk of her husband's BMW on her way to a remote location in the woods of northern Michigan where she's going to be killed.