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Subscription site, containing thousands of pictures with about free samples. I will go out of my way to caress one who shows any desire to be friendly. The desire of man's heart does for him whatever I seem to do. I haven't the least desire to sit alone and moon and meditate. Sneaking in through cracks and spaces. Feelings of fright might play with your mind in more delicious ways. Live 32 - Underground Lake. A deepening journey through long caves, ending up at a beautiful lake. An innocent elixir that has magically appeared in your kitchen cabinet.

What kind of virus would leave you a horny, brainless, bimbo slut? Be the best you can be for an interview by embracing your own qualities and abilities. Are you truly dressed or are your clothes just painted on? Allow yourself to listen while remaining outwardly unaffected. Lay down on your stomach and let me take good care of you. A strange bedtime story from a long time ago that somehow was important to remember. Enjoy the slow sensual slide into trance with body and mind. I will pin you down and you won't be able to escape Nor will you fully know when.

Let's play a pleasurable game in which you'll want to lose, eventually. Special - Silver Button. A special story in celebration of , subscribers on YouTube, recorded during the live. Live 31 - Cold Ice. A simple, cool example of what you can do with just two icecubes and the surface of your back. An experiment in mental programming, using actual code language. It really isn't so bad if your arousal is visible, is it?

Allow yourself to sink into a nice, cozy hammock and sway for a little while. How far would you go to see a play up close? And how much would you then enjoy it? Live Light 5 - Spanking Fractionation. Repeated drops through spanks, in the most lovely if slightly painful way. No matter who you are or where you are from, your sexuality is wonderful. Let most of your body cool down as heat is pulled from everywhere else in your body to your naughty center.

Simple pats on your head to let you know that you've done well. Have you lost all ability to think or do you want to be brainwashed? Live 30 - Courage To Change. A story about my childhood together with help on how to inspire change in yourself. Follow along as I put you into a lovely state of hypnosis So very aroused and yet unable to touch yourself would make anyone go a bit crazy. It's nice to have a talk about some random things that leave you in a nice trance. I will firmly put you in your place. You have no choice. Let your mind be taken to a safe, empty place while your body stays behind.

Time goes so much faster when you're a bit distracted by nice, or naughty, thoughts. Let your mind soar over the world and inspire your dreams as your body falls asleep. Tied down completely in ropes until you can no longer move and have no choice but to listen. A short and simple file to help yourself calm down when feeling caught in loops. Working late as a librarian, you find someone where they're not supposed to be.

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Live 29 - Porcelain Doll Transformation. Feel yourself transformed and decorated with care and attention into a beautiful doll. You may not exactly know what's going to happen, but it's a little fun. Welcome to a world where you want to be free to be used. Become a bit doll-like as you get a dress fitted to you, to model later.

Let your body become an instrument that responds so beautifully to my voice. A very slow introduction into the enjoyment of pain, with a pinwheel, some spanking and a crop. Recognizing someone famous has you approach to ask for While pleasuring yourself, listen to this and let yourself fall deep. Enjoy some well-deserved relaxation of body and mind as you visit a nice massage parlor. Does listening to my files corrupt your mind or merely reveal what was there before? Live 28 - Face Your Fears. A few of the many ways to help you deal with overcoming scary things.

Come in and sit down on a comfortable sofa as I help you relax before we start. Do I need to tell you what I could do to you in public? I see. Can you follow the ball as I move the cups around? Are you sure? Having difficulty sleeping and feeling obedient, you like this bit of wrestling in bed.


Perhaps you've lost your mind, or maybe you just listened to something that did it for you. Be told to share some of your naughtiest desires with people around you. Visit a professional photographer in his studio and become his subject. You just want to feel me whisper into your ear, making you obey and aroused and wanting more. Live 27 - Kept In Chains. From a question to finding yourself shackled, cuffed and chained. A deeply powerful induction, holding your very breathing under my control. Trying to get some dirt on the curious corporation, you attempt to sneak into one of the offices.

Explore the world through touch, as you become more aware of every texture and surface. Whether you have a tail or want to grow one, this will make you feel it so nicely. Just a quick file to get yourself wonderfully fractionated. Expanding the spanking experience by mixing pleasure and pain all the way up to a release. Live Light 3 - Sexy Snake Poison.

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Surprised during a walk in the forest, you have no choice but to fall to the pleasure. Take a moment to listen to my voice and let yourself fall deeply into a wonderful hypnotic trance. Prepared, stripped, cleaned and used as a surface for several courses of food and, probably, touched all over. Focus on what you are doing and let go of everything else, as you surrender to the moment. Something to listen to in public, if you dare, while I tease you terribly. Live 26 - Playful Surprise.

Trying to find the one special prize during an egg-hunt has you going deeper into the woods. Every one of them creating a small sound to help you relax. From the plane all the way down to the ground, the emotions and the rush all building up to a release. Attempt to stay awake while still following along with the words, it's more fun than you think. In preparation for a procedure, you were asked to come in at Nimja Incorporated. Helpful guidelines for enjoying hypnosis, both with someone and for recordings. Give yourself a moment of relief, no matter where you are.

Be reminded of what you must do, in a way you can carry with you. Explore and embrace a surprisingly common fetish that not many dare to speak about. Live 25 - Falling Into Subspace. Enjoy the slow or quick tumble into a deep, safe place where you're free to feel really obedient. Sometimes your bed is just too comfortable and you need a bit of strictness to get out. A fantasy, inspiration, instruction and advice to be able to orally serve men. Embrace the motherly, care taking side within, as you let yourself be guided by my words. The more people you have around you, the hornier you will become.

Live Light 2 - Bound To Worship. Feel the flame of your resistance diminish as it's slowly replaced by worship. A different mental massage that helps your mind listen a bit more to my words. Enjoying some naughtiness with your favorite teacher to earn a higher grade. A web, suspended in a circle with feathers hanging from the bottom.

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A different pose and more ways to become a fucktoy deep inside. Readying yourself to be used for pleasure. Live 24 - Dragon Hoard. Who knows what happens when you enter the lair of a dragon Will you ever come back? Just a simple bit of hypnosis to make you feel a bit tipsy, happy and silly. That sweet feeling when you're aroused and your body just becomes more sensitive.

No matter the reason: time, blockades or just forgotten Make a any pair of socks magical, able to trigger effects caused by any file of mine you play after. Knowing how deep you are while you're being hypnotized is an interesting contradiction. One of the most intimate ways to be with someone, giving and receiving.

A few gentle kisses, wherever you want, to help you feel better, warmer and more relaxed. Turned on, off and on again. Until your mind has no way to deactivate for a while. A bit of inspiration to help you get started with projects and reach your goals. A file for every day of the year, or just once. Something enjoyable in any way you want. Isn't it fun to use a corner of your mind to build the nicest blanket fort ever?

Melt body and mind into a puddle and be reborn into a beautiful, sex-craved slime girl. Let's make your mind a little bit prettier and happier together. A slow fall into the sweet tempting loss of control that is arousal and denial. Live Light 1 - Group Orientation. Invited with the whole class to visit one of the Nimja Incorporated offices.

Not everyone wants to be a rebellious brat. In fact, sometimes you just want to be an obedient little. Just listening to something while laying in bed.

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A memory, a dream or maybe a nightmare Know that feeling when someone cleans your room and you can't find anything? Imagine that happening to your memories. Do you want to help me test this new, perfectly safe drug. To see how obedient it makes you? Live 23 - Brainwashing Laboratory. A wonderful device to help prepare you for any mental or physical transformation that follows. Strapped down to an evil machine, intended to do only one thing. Tickle you until you can take no more.

Quick way to empty your mind of thoughts, just as you empty those bubbles of air. A gentle transformation from person to pet, with kind pets on your head Sleeping pillow optional. A slightly confusing but really not genuine induction that might pull you down after all. Let yourself be inspired to dream by the naughtiest parts deep inside of you. A simple, blanket-wrapped transformation to help you become even more beautiful than you already are. A sweet, sensitive induction where your nipples get the focus. Live 22 - Sweet Comfort.

A warm place in front of the fire, a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a story. A quick aide to help you stop swearing and cursing too easily. While a walk in the forest can be very relaxing and calming, will it stay that way? Sometimes you can't be sure of what you're seeing.

But the shadows can be interesting Feel the desire to show how naughty you can be, exposing your body to those you like. Who knows what strange phantoms float around in the darker times of the year Feel vibrations, touches and teases between your legs, making you shiver while you work or study. Caught by my web as you walk home Guided deeper and deeper, unable to resist or escape. Join one of my sexy seminars as I hypnotize the whole audience, causing deep arousal. Just a bite is all you need to have a wonderfully regenerative sleep.

A wonderfully positive and thankful induction to make you feel good. Live 21 - Being Whipped. Bare your back as you get ready to be whipped with a leather flogger. Become part of whatever you're watching after this. No matter what it is, nice or naughty. Following an ad for a discount mind and body makeover at Nimja Incorporated, you decide to let it go a bit further.

Enjoy this change of perspective as you fly around as a fairy. Something from another world is about to cover your skin Transform into a mermaid or merman , and experience a beautiful landscape beneath the ocean. A fun way to get aroused without any explicit touching or teasing Or is there? Let me into the driver's seat of your mind while you enjoy a relaxing, refreshing nap.

Be careful, once you start touching you might not be able to stop Live 20 - Learn To Trust. Inspiration and guidance to learn to trust yourself and others. Help yourself to feel more confident in your abilities and decisions. You won't know what you're getting yourself into as I program your mind to be perfectly submissive and subservient. Let me help you avoid self harm, not just cutting. And let you know that it's okay to have scars. There is a lot of enjoyment and pleasure in pain. Let this help you prepare yourself for upcoming sensations.

Listen to your own, or perhaps someone else's, heartbeat. It can be so relaxing.

6 Things Holding The Millennial Female Back From Finding Love

Restoring your mind to that state before you knew so much more about sexuality. Experience a firm talking to. Putting you in your place and reminding you what to do and not to. Invited to volunteer for a hypnosis stage show that goes a bit further than planned Live 19 - Patient.

Enjoy a visit at the successful Correctional Health Institute to help you deal with the stress of life. Help your busy mind relax with this wonderful massage, free of charge! Let yourself sink into this sweet bath that is scented and salted with secret ingredients that help you feel good. Helping you relax by helping you stretch. Best used between other files. Just a little showing of how I could brainwash you You're not alone in feeling homesick. It's okay to cry. A sweet fantasy of floating on the ocean Until tentacles grab you, and pull you deep.

A surprisingly evil end-user license agreement that you can't help but listen to. Completely wrapped in black foil, from head to toe. It's more intense than you think. Let yourself become more simple and stop overthinking. Embrace ignorance, it's good for you! Think less and feel more as you learn to accept that you can be sexy and desirable. Live 18 - Fast-talking. A journey through the subconscious with speedy words flowing by. Playful, tempting and coercing words that wind down your mind until very little remains.

What goes through the mind of a dirty slut. What do you think about when seeing others. A simple moment to deal with the stress around you and a nice way to feel better. Are you wearing underwear or did you forget? This will make you doubt even more. A playful, relaxing pet-like nap for those who wish to be comfortable and petted. A delicious induction with a deep purpose that is all too clear from the title.

Let me help you remember your dreams. Best before a sleep file. A deep pull into depravity.

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To help you unlock those devious desires hiding in those dark corners of your mind. Live 17 - Heat. An introduction and experience to playing with painful heat. A sweet fantasy of us walking in town, to inspire your dreams. A sexy fantasy of us walking in town, to inspire your dreams. Gentle pets as I help you to accept your submissive side.

Erotic caresses as I help you to accept your desirable side. Become part of a great audience and feel them listen and respond to my voice. Enjoy intense arousal, desire and deliciously helpless frustration as you feed me with your energy. Become transformed into a service maid for your dreams. Become transformed into a sexy maid for your dreams. An early and nice assignment for the next day, just after you wake up.

An early and naughty assignment for the next day, just after you wake up. You've deserved a very nice reward, so just lay down, relax and enjoy. You've deserved a very naughty reward, so just lay down, relax and enjoy. Get a nice assignment for the next day, to remind you of your place. Get a naughty assignment for the next day, to remind you of your place. Become transformed into a nameless slave for your dreams. Become transformed into a nameless fucktoy for your dreams. Live 16 - Playful.

Enjoy a playful induction and mindset as we clear your thoughts for a creative game. A simple but effective way to be creative and find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Could you be lucky enough earn the privilege of sitting under my desk to serve my feet?

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Haven't you always wanted to be a man? Embrace your masculine side, mentally and physically. Learn how to hypnotize with the power of your breasts. Just a bit of fun as you explore a bit of hypnosis and forget your name for a while. Lured into my house, manipulated into surrendering yourself to me mentally and physically. I know you're still awake and it's bedtime But, alright you've earned a story.. How often do I need to tell you what you are? Learn how to accept yourself and feel more free in public.

When your mind is too full to relax, you need me the most. Live 15 - Humiliation. Sometimes it is nice to blush, but it can also be a bit embarrassing. Let go of your ego and join the great collective to broaden your mind. It's been a hard day and you will have the rare chance to do something back. What could happen if I was right there with you but not allowed to touch? A fun accompaniment for naughty thrusting, by any means. Just a little bit of assurance that everything will be fine.

Made to be immobile yet with a deep desire to be used, ever so aroused and sensitive. Almost everyone can be hypnotized, want to have a try? A very enjoyable method of putting yourself in a deep trance. Live 14 - Smarter.