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What's New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Changing the template of a US Project from Imperial to Metric Hi there, I have been surfing the web in search of the answer and the closest that I have come to is here, however I don't think this specific question has been targeted yet I could be wrong, I may have not gone far back enough in the threads.

I have a feeling, because I'm new and everyone on here is a lot more experienced than myself, that I am asking a question everyone already knows the answer to. I have downloaded a project that is set to Imperial as it was created by a guy in the USA who freely gave it as an aid to help people learn Revit. I am in the UK and I definitely don't use imperial, I was taught only metric in school yes - I am part of the next generation and I just don't want to work in imperial units.

I could learn, but it just seems pointless for now.

Changing the template of a US Project from Imperial to Metric

I want to learn Revit, not get angry at imperial units! The drawing I've opened that was created using an Imperial Template in the U. How do I convert the drawing components and dimensions, correctly scaled, to Metric units? Oh snapsticks, I just think I figured it out and yes it's a bit easier than I thought. The first is "Suppress trailing 0's" - I don't know what this means. The second tick box is "Use digit grouping" - at least I understand the term, but I don't know how it would affect my model.

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Anyone know? Dave Jones. Originally Posted by Lilly. Lilly likes this. Folders allows you to override the normal Project Navigator folder structure. With Redirect Project Folders set to No , by default, new folders are created automatically under the main project folder.

To change this, click this variable and change it to Yes. You now have access to the folder paths for Elements , Constructs , Views , and Sheets.

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I'll re-select No. There is a Project Keynotes Database variable to use different databases from the one specified in the Options dialog box. The Detail Components group is similar in concept to the Keynotes group. You may also create a unique Tool Palette Group for your project.

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This may be from a Shared Location , or unique to each user's computer. As you switch from project to project, the Tool Palettes are customized. For example, they may contain just the wall, door, window, and other styles unique to that particular project.

When working in a project, it is essential for multiple users to access and modify files. When checking out, then checking in a file, a new version of the file is automatically created and saved, containing all the changes to the file.

AutoCAD Architecture 2015 Tutorial eBook (Metric version)

You may specify how many backup copies to maintain. Comments may be added to each version when the Comments option is set to Yes. After setting these variables, click OK , and the new project is active. When I click the Project Browser Close button, Project Navigator automatically opens with all of the project settings. Based on the project template, on the Project tab, Levels have been established. On the Constructs , Views and Sheets tab, folders and subsets have also been created.

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