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There are still other terrorist cells. Moroccan Islamic Combatant cells that are loyal to him and are active. There's potential for a second or third terrorist attack in this part of the world. And we're hoping that these individuals are detained or stopped before that happens. Allen : The question is, were the terrorists from London, from Great Britain, we all know that Great Britain has rounded up many terror suspects because as I mentioned at the beginning of this interview, you Evan went underground and tried to pretend like you wanted to be recruited by these terrorists, and you said tit was quite terrifying when you did that.

I went to underground meetings where 14 and year old kids were told, 'Kill the women and children, support Osama bin Laden, and show them no mercy. Frankly speaking I was told exactly that. Shoe bomber. There's a group of people like this and it's actually unfortunate, because this same Moroccan they are looking for in London, Mohamed Guerbouzi, his presence has been known for quite a bit of time and unfortunately British authorities simply couldn't do anything about it because they couldn't extradite him to Morocco and they couldn't get enough evidence to arrest him on a British warrant.

So even though they knew this individual was a Moroccan Islam Combatant group commander and knew he was living in the heart of London, he has been able to exist there with no consequences for years now. Only now are we looking for him in the consequence of this latest attack. There's a great deal known about this network from the investigation by Spanish police and intelligence.

If this is the same network, then it should be relatively easy to parse them and figure out who's who. If it's somebody else -- and potentially maybe not even an al-Qaida sub group -- then it could take longer. The real question is how much physical evidence the Brits were able to collect.

Particularly, any of these timers that were supposedly picked up or any unexploded ordinates or explosives that were used. For materials you post or otherwise provide to MSNBC a "Submission" , you grant MSNBC permission to 1 use, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, modify, translate and reformat your Submission, each in connection with the MSNBC Web Site, and 2 sublicense these rights, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

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Showtime Fri. Paramount Fri. Encore Wed. USA Fri. USA Sat. BBC America Tues. CMT Wed. MLB Thur. EPIX Fri. AMC Fri. FX Tues. E Sat. E Fri. Nickelodeon Tues. Syfy Fri. FX Wed. The tools Mohsin uses to describe the plight of refugees around the world are, well, magical. I was mesmerized. What I love most about this magnificent novel is the realistic way Fridlund places her young protagonist Linda's loneliness at the center of the story.

Even though the plot contains very dramatic elements, the story's merit and complexity stem from its unswerving focus on Linda's interpretation of events, which is shaped by her limited adolescent viewpoint and troubled childhood. The result is a starkly beautiful novel that rings true, and is all the more marvelous and troubling for doing so. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman is one of the best books I've ever read.

It effortlessly contains characters of many colors, sizes, and sexualities. It is not a book that you read, but absorb. Brilliantly creative and evocative, this original story about family, immigration, love, and deeply internalized emotions could easily be from any period of time, but feels particularly meaningful today.


Don't be put off by reading a book of diary entries. These have all the wry, insightful humor of Sedaris's essays, but in shorter snippets. It is fascinating to see the inspiration for the stories in his other books, and to watch him grow and change over 25 years. Swallowing Mercury is an unsettling, sublime coming-of-age novel. It will transport you into its world; while I was reading it, I could almost feel the smoke and mist in the air and see the beauty and squalor of s communist Poland.

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This is one of the loveliest books I've ever read. This is a comic I return to again and again. The art on each page is imbued with a magical quality, and it's a pleasure to look at. I wish I could live in the world Keezy Young has crafted, which is full of supernatural, ghost-y characters, and settings bursting with petals. This comic is my happy place. Believe Me is a riveting adventure into the hows, whys, and hilarious life of Eddie Izzard. While he relates the story of his success, Izzard, in his own beautiful way, also inspires anyone who reads this story to achieve their own dreams.

Plus, in times like these, the relief of a good laugh is priceless! I gobbled this novel. George's long-form debut is a frolicking, emotional romp unlike anything I've ever read. I don't even know why I'm attempting to blurb it — ya just gotta read it. So fun, so heartfelt, so original. So George. The Tea Dragon Society is such a delightful story.

You follow Greta, a blacksmith's apprentice, as she stumbles upon a lost tea dragon. After returning it to its rightful owner, she becomes enamored with the fantastical world of tea dragons. It's short and sweet, and I guarantee this book will leave you craving more. Denfeld has the ability to tap the ocean of emotion inside her, and uses her spare, delicate prose with grace and surgical precision to deliver this stunning story.

Addressing themes of home, child abuse, memory, survival, fear of intimacy, and the necessity of stories, The Child Finder is absolutely glorious. Her fresh, wonderful, creative writing is packed with layers of complicated emotions and themes that will make you think.

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To me, Helprin doesn't so much write as seduce. His exquisite prose creates worlds and characters that are immediate and overwhelmingly romantic. I loved this story of a profoundly good man struggling with the wounds of his past to create, against all odds, a future for his family. And Paris! Ah Paris! Never has the city been so perfectly rendered. Boasting a virus that causes its host to literally explode in order to spread, apps that can be hacked to change a person's DNA, and a large corporation that wants control of those apps to ensure "purity" — even at the expense of those who live only by nonapproved apps — This Mortal Coil is a fast-paced book with excellent character-building and a very plausible and frightening view of genetic science.

Well worth the read! One of my favorite story collections ever. It pretty much caters to everything I like: short short stories, funny-as-hell descriptions of people, dazzling sentences, dark humor, unashamed sex, and an attitude that doesn't really give a fuck. These stories have velocity to spare and plunge you into these characters' weird and uncomfortable worlds.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to laugh, and especially to fans of Sam Lipsyte. Hunger is the heartbreaking story of one woman's body — a body that is too large, a body that is too brown, a body that is too female. It is the story of a body that is invisible while also being all too visible.

It is the story of a body that takes up too much space and yet does not exist. Gay's story is difficult. It is complex. And it stayed with me for weeks after I finished reading it.

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I cannot recommend this one enough. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me is a deeply raw memoir of Alexie's complicated relationship with his mother — a woman he both revered and had disdain for, a woman for whom he felt both pride and shame. In his signature style, Alexie delivers stories of immeasurable pain cut with hilarious candor, conveyed in both essays and poems.

He shows us that we can learn just as much about ourselves as those we grieve for. Ottessa Moshfegh is incomparable! Homesick for Another World is a collection of stories that are so weird, so darkly hilarious, and so poignant, I found myself veering wildly between the characters' vivid emotions.

They are all damaged people who cling to the things that destroy them, wallow in the ugliness around them, and view their lives with a sort of detached amusement. Moshfegh's genius lies in her ability to write about such grubby, base subjects in a way that's beautiful — poetic even. Her stories are the gutter and the stars.

In many respects, was a depressing year, which gave me a little pause in selecting Moshfegh's collection of bleak short stories as my book of the year. If you're looking for an uplifting bit of escapism to forget the morning headlines, stay far away from Moshfegh's work. The stories are depraved, the characters invariably lonely, and the entire vibe is just greasy. All that being said, Homesick for Another World is just too exceptional not to snag my top spot. Seventeen-year-old Nadia's world is turned upside down when her mother commits suicide and she finds out she is pregnant with the pastor's son's child.

The plot is engaging and honest, but the aspect of The Mothers that stuck with me long after I finished it was Bennett's expression of the minds and hearts of an intergenerational community of women who are all asking the same questions, finding the same comforts, and experiencing the same losses.

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This is a stunning debut novel. I recommend it to everyone. There's a lot that's stunning about this collection. Whether McBride is digging through the wreckage of American history and our stubborn refusal to reckon with race and class, or examining mankind's cruelty and avarice through the perspective of sentient zoo animals, these stories sparkle with grace and empathy, celebration and sorrow. Each one of these pieces is firmly grounded in character and setting, but that doesn't stop the author from showing off his incredible range.

I read a lot of books about America's sins and our inability to confront them this year, but this one just might be the most powerful. Monstress, Volume 2 continues a yarn woven from mythic threads picked from both the East and West, giving way to something that somehow feels both fresh and ancient. It's a miraculous gut punch, seamlessly synthesizing horror and beauty in illustrations that brim with both breathtaking violence and the most tender humanity. The huge cast of women populating the matriarchy of the Monstress series are the kind who shatter their archetypes on the rocks, the type of women who contain multitudes.

The story of a furious girl with a monster inside her moves forward with or without you. Why not come along?

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I cracked this book open as my flight to Boston took off, and finished it 5 hours later. I didn't even look up for my little bag of pretzels — Li Jing's journey is just that compelling. Celeste Lim's well-crafted magical realism takes the reader right into Song Dynasty China — from impoverished farming communities to wealthy households in the big city — and adds talking animals and shape-shifting spirits to help Li Jing find happiness in a society that doesn't value girls.

Though intense at times, this charming novel reads like a classic folktale. A must-read for fans of Grace Lin! This book oozes talent. The complex and melancholy story about a young girl who gets swept up in a mystery that could tear her family apart pulled on my heartstrings and has stuck with me since the beginning of this year.

Ferris's art is impeccable, bold, and impressed me with every turn of the page, and even more so after reading her backstory. I cried multiple times and haven't stopped talking about it with my coworkers all year sorry everyone. This is one of my top 5 favorite books ever. American War paints a bleak future in which the North and South are warring for a second time in US history, this time over fossil fuel use in the year In this sharply written book, El Akkad explores asymmetric warfare, climate change, rebellion, extrajudicial torture, refugees, and the ethics of unmanned drones raining death and destruction on innocent civilians.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. A must-read vision of warfare and ethics in the coming century. If you're still holding onto the value of batting averages, RBI, saves, and pitcher's wins, read Smart Baseball to see how misleading those statistics are. Keith Law breaks down the old numbers and sheds light on the new ones in an addictive read for any baseball fan.

This book opened my mind to new ways of thinking about baseball, and I haven't watched the game the same way since. Danielle Davis's debut has everything you could ever want in a middle grade read: embracing your creativity, being an understanding friend, communication and handling your emotions healthily, and feeling lost but finding your home. There's a wide-ranging cast of eccentric characters too, and it brims with both humor and heart — a total package reminiscent of the great Kate DiCamillo. Wow, was I nervous before I started this, worrying it wouldn't be as good as its predecessors.

Luckily, I loved it just as much, if not more, than the His Dark Materials series. Returning to Lyra's world was like coming home again, and I enjoyed every minute of it. This book has it all — wonderful characters and world-building, clever, smart writing, incisive and relevant political commentary, perfect pacing and mood development… I never wanted it to end.

Now the only question is: How in the world will I manage to wait for the next book in the series? Woven into the story is a hauntingly beautiful, anonymous piano sonata that has been broken up into three parts. With complex characters and seamless, multilayered writing, The Prague Sonata reaches deep into the human heart.

As darkly humorous as it is moving, as much about grief over loss of culture and community as it is about grief over the loss of a parent, You Don't Have to Say You Love Me is a searing confessional and eulogy all in one, that for all of Alexie's openness about the memoir genre's inherent dishonesty feels like the most honest memoir — indeed one of the most honest books — I've ever read. I've followed Michael Twitty on social media for quite a while, so I couldn't wait to read his book.

What a fresh, unique, and fascinating look at both the rich culinary history of African American cooking traditions in the South and Twitty's family's history. This is a very worthy addition to my Southern food book collection. All the feels. Yes, this was hard to read, and will be a hard read for anyone who has experienced even the smallest bit of anxiety or OCD.

However, it's also a healing and reflective book. The story is all life, all truth, and all yearning to find meaning. John Green, thank you for sharing this part of yourself. What I didn't expect was that by the end of the story, I felt joy and healing. A simple but remarkable telling of a world close to all of us.

Underground Traffic Secrets - Review

Samantha Hunt's collection is full of transformations: women becoming mothers, people becoming ghosts, and women becoming deer. Like the title suggests, the stories are dark and give off a feeling like the corners of your room are closing in. While definitely unsettling, the collection is wholly consuming, witchy, and transformative. As I was reading about the changes these women go through, I felt myself becoming something not necessarily darker, but new. Read this with the overhead light turned off and your salt lamp turned on.

This beautifully written and illustrated picture book, with its simple and life-affirming message, could not have come at a better time. This book came out early in , but even after everything else I read this year, it remains my favorite. Autumn is my favorite season — it brings a change to the world as we see it, and this novel does the same.

It is warm, reflective, and hopeful despite circumstance. It is a beautifully rendered representation of a season in words. It is a masterpiece. In high school I was obsessed with the music of the '60s and '70s and the big collections of Rolling Stone interviews.