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For example, it retains Mercedes' trademark foot-operated parking brake, which is a marmite feature among drivers, along with the dashboard mounted light switch. Worse is the gearstick for the automatic transmission, which is located behind the steering wheel on a stalk where you would usually find the controls for the windscreen wipers.

Do not be surprised if you knock the van out of gear the first time you drive it in the rain. Obviously, you'll get used to these things in time, but if you're regularly hoping between vehicles it will continue to be rather jarring. Compared to likes of the Transit Custom and Transporter, the Vito's cab is also rather cramped, with a relatively narrow windscreen and low ceiling. Third seats in medium panel vans are often as useful as an inflatable dartboard, and the one in the new Vito is no exception. There is very limited legroom, even without the gearbox carving a big slice of it for itself.

It's also disappointing to note the lack of creature comforts such as DAB radio. While the Vito certainly isn't the cheapest medium van on the market, strong secondhand values help keep monthly finance payments competitive, and running costs shouldn't be too unreasonable.

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This move is intended to make it easier for customers to compare the Vito to rival vehicles and in the process get the right Vito for their business requirements. Happily, the changes also increased the Vito's standard equipment. Note that not even the Premium model includes sat-nav or DAB digital radio as standard. The latter is particularly disappointing, but at least it is now optional.

Maximum claimed fuel economy for a Vito that meets the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations is As with most vans that meet Euro 6, the Vito has an AdBlue tank that you also need to keep topped up. The Vito requires a service once every 25, miles or two years, whichever is sooner.

That's a big improvement over the VW Transporter , but some way off the 36,mile intervals of the Ford Transit Custom fitted with the 2. Traditionally, official Mercedes servicing has always been thought of as quite expensive, but the company has been working hard to reduce costs, with the availability of Mercedes' own line of re-conditioned parts bringing further savings. It's also worth noting that if you do get your Vito serviced by Mercedes-Benz, you automatically get roadside assistance cover.

This can be reactivated with a service at Mercedes right up until the van is 30 years old. Security equipment isn't quite so generous, with only remote locking and an immobiliser as standard. Mercedes does offer an alarm, but this is optional on all but the Premium trim level introduced in January As ever, we'd recommend upgrading the security well beyond standard if you need to leave valuable items inside; better yet, remove them from the van completely as much as you can.

FWD should be the more economical set-up, and these models are typically cheaper to buy.


But the difference in mpg and list price isn't that great, and we've always found the RWD Vito a far superior product. RWD also offers greater loaded traction. The middle power output is typically the most popular in either variant, but up until trim levels were less formalised with the exception of Sport models - so if buying used you'll have to check the exact specification of the van you're considering very carefully to make sure it's got the kit you require from the options list.

Still trying to decide which Vito is best for you? Our following individual model reviews may help - check them out:. The Mercedes Vito is a mainstay of posh panel vans, going head-to-head with the Volkswagen Transporter in a bid to capture the higher end of the light commercial sector. A modest upgrade has seen the Vito split into traditional trim levels for the first time.

Selling to VITO - Three Critical Topics For First Call on VITO

Previously, you were able to option up your van pretty much how you liked, but now you can choose from Pure, Progressive and Premium trim levels to make the process easier. These trims are available on panel and crew vans — ours was the panel van.

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This is dated, difficult to navigate and thanks to the tiny screen, hard to see on the move. This feels like a pretty poor relation to the touchscreen systems you can spec in rivals such as the Ford Transit Custom or Volkswagen Transporter. The rest of the cab is a happier story. Twin sliding side doors and degree opening rear ones make loading a cinch, but payload and dimensions are only average for the class.

Getting to Vito the Very Important Top Officer: 10 Steps to Vito's Office

The unprotected wheelarches could potentially take a beating, though, and switching out the weak halogen lighting for LEDs would be greatly appreciated. Lower-powered Vitos make use of a 1. More impressive is the ride, which is comfortable even when unladen. This is a relaxing van to do long distances in.

Book Getting To Vito The Very Important Top Officer 10 Steps To Vitos Office

Light and accurate steering makes things easy round town, though we wish Mercedes would fit taller door mirrors like the two-part items you get on a Ford Transit Custom or a Renault Trafic. Decent fuel economy —we managed an easy 40mpg over mixed miles — and good resale values thanks to that fancy badge should help offset the ownership costs, though. Monthly finance payments are competitive and there are also long service intervals of every 25, miles or two years.

Tested September by CJ Hubbard.

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The current model was introduced in following a ground-up overhaul, and has impressed us already when fitted with the long-standing 2. The vehicle tested here, however, is the Vito CDI model — second up from the bottom of the range and powered by a hp 1. First things first, the all-important business end. Don Barbera rated it did not like it Apr 24, Mat rated it it was amazing May 01, Rob Fegan rated it really liked it Oct 21, Doug Theis rated it liked it Oct 18, Tommie rated it really liked it Nov 26, Lora Lebo rated it liked it Jan 06, Bob rated it liked it Jun 19, Jim Pfister rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Oscar Calva rated it it was ok Sep 20, Richard Barnett rated it really liked it Jan 03, William Webb rated it it was amazing May 12, David Hicok rated it liked it Dec 09, Ben Lackey rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Bill Frazier rated it liked it Dec 26, Jo Spurrier rated it liked it May 21, Jacob Nielsen rated it liked it Mar 05, Kathi Mcnamara rated it it was amazing May 24, Jerry rated it liked it Mar 19, James rated it did not like it Jan 15, Michele rated it it was ok Oct 01, Christopher Beaulieu rated it liked it Dec 14, Truth be told, a four-word Headline just isn't enough for any VITO to understand the concept of what you or I have to offer.

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We must create a more complete Headline, one that tells enough of the story to grab VITO's interest without telling them too much! But we have to use the four-word version as a starting point. Here's the concept. VITOs are. What works best for the person who emotes like you is a vocal modulation appropriate to the topic and emotions of the discussion at hand. Not everything we say is as appropriate as everything else.

When something is particularly important, or when you're asking VITO a question, the way you modulate your voice should change. If you're looking for guidance on this score, close your eyes and listen to one of the nightly network news anchors deliver their text.