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This may not be for you. Happy day fellow travelers. Good luck. Great insight, Rachelle! God has great dreams for me, you, and all of us, but to equal success, it must be in His perfect timing. Difficult, but worth the wait. Thanks for this more realistic advice.

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In the end, we have to listen to that still, small voice that pushes us forward, regardless of whether we fit the mold or break it. Regardless of acceptance or rejection on any given project. We just have to keep dreaming. And writing. Great advice! So I try my best to let go and let God. Even during those hardest, most discouraging moments in life. I truly believe everyone has their own path and mine will always be where I am intended as long as I keep having faith and keeping working at my goals.

Thanks for this post, Rachelle. But they good part is my dreams inform the use of my time. Because the big dreams, leisure time and vegetating time have to go. But, quite often, the difference between the person who is happy and the person who is unhappy comes down to HOW WE VIEW the time spent waiting for that one thing we really want. And, more importantly, why not keep the sort of perspective that allows us to enjoy our dreams? Your post prompted many thoughts to perk in my flu-clouded brain. As I mulled them over, I realized they needed to be a blog post of my own.

When we lose heart, there are times when our dreams may seem silly to us, and there are almost always people ready to reinforce that feeling. And so, we may turn on ourselves, and our dreams, rejecting them, leaving them crumpled in the dirt. Have you? But remember that the stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone, and so these dreams of ours, perhaps unfulfilled but not abandoned, may become the cornerstone for the hopes of someone else. A gift to faith, a gift to hope, a gift to the future. Dreaming is what keeps me writing. When I started working on publishing books and blogging back in , I set what I thought were modest goals, and by , I thought I was getting close to them before I hit a major detour for about three years.

I think it dovetails nicely with another post I had bookmarked a little bit ago by Jim C. Hines […]. This post comes at an interesting time for me. After attending the ACFW conference last month and coming home with 2 agents interested in my work, I had some older family members compliment me on pursuing my dreams of publication.

I do have high hopes and dreams for my writing career.

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What I do to prepare myself for disappointment is NOT to set expectations as to what the outcome will be. The only expectations I have for myself are to work my tail off and do everything I can to be on the road to success. The tension is real. A big dream keeps you going while reality makes you want to give up. Managing the dream may not be the answer, and we definitely need to guard against anger and bitterness.

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However, I think we still need to hear along the journey how difficult it is to get published these days. Furthermore, without knowing the challenge before us, how can we count the cost before we begin? How can pace ourselves for the journey? Writing is like running a marathon. However, you must understand the cost in order to pace yourself. Each time I want to give up, the size and the Source of my dream pick me up, make me more determined, and keep me going.

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Such a good post. We need to start dreaming big again. The Big Dream is what keeps me going through all the hard work. Yet, I feel success with each article or short story I sell, even with a blog post that receives favorable comments.

Each of those is a little step forward. Thanks, Rachelle, for the encouragement. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea.

We are far too easily pleased. The problem is not that our dreams are to big, but that they are too small, or too poorly defined. By day I dream small goals- finish the novel, get it published, sell a few hundred copies! All possible, if I work hard and believe in myself. At night I dream of readers liking my voice, book sales taking off and my publisher demanding I hurry up and finish my second and third novels.

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That makes me wake up in the morning eager to get back to work on the daily goal of writing something-anything- just to practise the craft. Thank you for a great post, Rachelle. There is a difference between dreaming big and being delusional and grandiose. May we all dream big, secure in the reality that we are going for all we are meant to be.

Will I be able to cope when disappointment comes my way? I think the key is to not let big dreams bread discontent. Not to let the disappointments in life dash your dreams, but rather embolden you to broaden your scope. Rachelle: Very timely subject. Bolstered by other positive response, I vow to use her blunt advice as inspiration to forge onward. Instead of being bitter, I am better— prepared to succeed. Life would be so hum drum without dreams. Yes, I have dreams of being a success. It would be fun to be world-renowned ala JK Rowling. He knows how much I love peace and quiet.

I think the best way to dream big and live with disappointment is to understand that everything happens for a purpose and that God is in charge. What He wills will happen, when He wills it, in the way He knows is best for us. Yet, God had planted that desire in my heart decades ago. Pursuing this dream has been huge, stretching and amazing. I dream about it being published. I rest in that, knowing that His timing will be the best for my dreams to come true.

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And, yes, I agree that we should be encouraged to dream big dreams. They are what give us hope and spark us to become more than we are right now. Great post Rachelle! I believe that the setbacks on the journey toward our big dreams can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks…it all depends on how we choose to respond to them. Thank you and have a blessed day!

If fame and fortune do arrive, the big dreams often collapse when dreamers discover that being famous brings a ton of demands and hard, boring work rather than the luxuriating and leisure that were expected. Unfortunately, for some people, all they have are their dreams. I love reading it because it is so encouraging. You give us the realities, but seem to nudge us to keep going in spite of them.

Certainly, how one reacts to adversity is a big part of honing your ability to navigate the business. God has embedded the desire of lofty goals in us, and our ultimate goal is eternity in heaven. Our loftiest writing goals could never compare with that. While my first few months of writing, knocked a lot of reality into me. I also found it made me stand up stronger and ready to fight even harder! There are no limits on dreams. Because there are so many disappointments in life not just in writing , all of us have a tough time dreaming of better things. I do think people should dream big and set lofty goals.

I also think they should work hard and be flexible with where life might take them. This is what we encourage our children to do — Dream big! Pursue your dreams! I dream big! But the path is daunting! After a heartbreaking rejection, it takes a while to recover. But I keep moving forward, even as I nurse my wounded heart. When I have a setback I spend time contemplating the dream — Why do I have it? What drives me? That time of self-reflection then puts my emotions back together again. One thing I can control is the pursuit of the dream, so I pump up my writing skills and revise and tweak my proposal and query.

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This is the difficulty, because sometimes I set arbitrary goals, such as selling a manuscript or being published by a certain date. However, the only thing I can control is my work. I can attempt to produce killer proposals and stellar writing, but even that is no guarantee in this market. I believe wholeheartedly in dreaming big.

It keeps you going in the direction you want to go. My dream is not to publish a book. Where do you temper your dreams in order to find other, maybe smaller, successes? Am I going to become a famous author buy self-pubbing books? But can I sell some Kindle books and build a following of readers? Yes, I can. But where do you make the switch in your strategy?

Your assessment of the time factor is spot on, IMnsHO. The time to learn to research markets, query, pitch, wisely chose and attend conferences, write proposals, wait on answers, etc. I processed through that in late to early , and made my choice to self-publish in Jan The factor that decided it for me was the realization that the time and talent required to edit and then market the self-published book was about the same as required to polish a book for submittal and to market it after acceptance.

Same time commitment, same skills. Why not self-publish? So my decision making went. Dave Todd My Amazon Author page. With each swing, another Tootsie Roll-sized reward — an article here, a blog post there — small dreams, but just as sweet. Yes, I want to publish, and yes, I want my work to be widely received, but if that never happens I will have a respectable pile of small-scale goodies to look back on and know I gave it my best shot. Thanks Jennifer. So right on!

Great advice. I have always been taught that good and bad are destined to happen. Am I going to stay mired down or turn it around as an opportunity for good. A few months after that, I vlogged from the remote Quechua village of Taytani, at 15, feet. It will never be a straight path, nor will it be made of yellow bricks, but He will get you there. One foot, and then the next.

Accomplishing a goal is a lot better than taking a step, especially for someone who has not been in business of large goal setting and achieving. The belief that you can accomplish goals — not steps. My goal was not to start a 7-figure business. I cringe when I think of those first few speeches, but by the time I got to my 10th speech I received my first standing ovation.

Boil it down to a smaller goal — one that you can accomplish in days. Each of which are a little bigger than the one before it. I simply began doing something to make a few hundred bucks and pay my rent. Go out there and get a few wins under your belt, then take that momentum and go make it happen. I attached eye hooks on the inside of the frame to support the flowers. I used four eye hooks on the outside of the frame to support the frame from the ceiling.

I used two pulleys, 1 large and 1 small, and attached them to a piece of wood painted the same color as the frame. A large rubber band connected the two pulleys. The small pulley was friction fit onto the littleBits dc motor. The "arm" was attached to the large pulley. We raised the motor assembly bar 2 inches above the frame with wooden blocks, and screwed the entire thing into the frame.