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More Info: Il Mulino, 6, novembre-dicembre , pp. View on mulino. Religione e Democrazia verso il Nuovo more. More Info: Cosmopolis, Vol. View on cosmopolisonline. The permissible scope of legal limitations on the freedom of religion or belief in Italy more. View on cslr. Lectures Talks. The Italian approach to religion in public education is highly symptomatic of European ambiguities and inconsistencies.

Much of the Italian approach is simply about dodging the issues and manipulating regulations for political purposes Much of the Italian approach is simply about dodging the issues and manipulating regulations for political purposes. Open public debate and clear legislative choices are not contemplated. The cleavage between administrative and ordinary judges encapsulates the contentious opposition between secular and Catholic Italy.

Such an ambiguous approach produces substantial inconsistencies.

The disestablishment of the Catholic Church did not go very far. Room was not made for other religions or Christian denominations in public education. Confusion between what pertains to religion and what pertains to culture is crucial in the debate on the crucifix and the Lautsi ECHR case. Blaming Europe for interfering is non-sense. Lack of consensus in the country and lack of courage and clarity in political and religious actors are the real point.

Is this distinctively Italian? Or is Italy a bad model for Europe? Establishing Primacy. The Church and the Law more. Marco Ventura discusses the increasing conflict between canon law and the law of the land in secular democracies. Marco Ventura e Tariq Ramadan more. Marco Ventura intervista Tariq Ramadan. Incontro promosso dall'Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Siena in occasione della pubblicazione del libro di Tariq Ramadan dal titolo: "Maometto. Dall'Islam di ieri all'Islam di oggi" Ed Dall'Islam di ieri all'Islam di oggi" Ed.

Free exchange or protectionism? New religious policies in Europe. The participants comprise of distinguished personalities from legal, policymaking, journalistic and academic backgrounds. Teaching Documents. Preambolo Trattato Lateranense more. Convened by the Alliance of Conservative and Reformists in Europe, the Faith and Freedom Summit: Practicing what we Preach in Europe is a non-partisan summit, which brings together leaders from the various fields of politics, government, Convened by the Alliance of Conservative and Reformists in Europe, the Faith and Freedom Summit: Practicing what we Preach in Europe is a non-partisan summit, which brings together leaders from the various fields of politics, government, academia, activism and the non-for-profit sector from across Europe and beyond, in order to propose and develop initiatives that will put Freedom of Religion or Belief in Europe back in the spotlights.

Law and Religion and Church and State. View on acreurope. Faith-based employers and discrimination. Marco Ventura quoted in The Economist Erasmus more. View on media.

I 4 nazisti piĆ¹ SPIETATI della storia - Nazismo ( per non dimenticare )

Marco Ventura to participate in a panel of the Parliament of World Religions more. View on event. In a small area like the Italian one, a considerable amount of history, archeology, landscape and art are concentrated. Italy, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance that from Florence and Rome has been radiated throughout Europe, is the spearhead of a system of remarkable opportunities that could attract more and more tourist flows from all over the world. Next to the agro-food sector which is one of the most representative aspects of Italy in the world fertile and volcanic soils with favorable microclimate, hilly-marine , fashion and a still lively craftsmanship alongside a versatile industry, capable to compete with the Chinese giant and beyond, make the country system competitive.

In this effervescent situation, considering the low birth rate of the population, migrants could be a resource and be engaged in different sectors depending on the specificity of their basic skills refined by the knowledge of the cutting edge techniques used in Italy.

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That of migration would become an opportunity and not a burden, supporting the Italian and European population, tending to a progressive aging, with new and dynamic young energies able to face the future challenges of the global market. In my opinion, together with a policy aimed at lowering the high Italian public debt with cuts by a serious spending review and greater investment in favor of young start-ups and businesses, we should proceed to acculturation and integration of migrants into the local productive fabric.

Uggeri il Danese nella letteratura romatizesca degl' Italiani

This applies to Italy as well as to Europe and can be extended as a model of development in all those areas where there is an aging population with a low birth rate. Europe should adapt to a more open policy towards economic migrants. Of course, it cannot accommodate everyone indiscriminately.

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Today it asks for help from the world and the world cannot escape these commitments, especially those who have drawn the maximum benefit from the exploitation of its natural resources: gold, diamonds, uranium, raw materials, oil and its derivatives, etc. I think that the United States of a recent past have been a good example of hospitality allowing many migrants to grow and actively participate in the local productive fabric.

It is time to turn the page if we want to balance the fate of the world, otherwise we will face a general catastrophe. Chiesa, Giulietto. Russia-Usa, gelo sulla Bosnia. Deaglio, Mario. La gaffe del presidente. Galvano, Fabio.

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Times rivela l'accordo per spartirla con Milosevic. Galvano, Fabio; Marco, Elena. Gawronski, Jas. Giulietto Chiesa. Grignetti, Francesco. Passarini, Paolo.

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Attacco ai Caschi blu a Mostar, 7 feriti. Milosevic: Clinton mi ha ingannato. Generali USA dietro il blitz. Redazione Roma. Rizzo Aldo. Zaccaria Giuseppe.


Rizzo, Aldo. Il ministro Agnelli. Rizzo, Aldo; Zaccaria, Giuseppe. Zaccaria, Giuseppe. Bombe sulle elezioni croate. La democrazia senza brividi di Tudjman, padrone buono.

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In Croazia un padrone dimezzato. Biti, Vladimir. Zagreb: Matica hrvatska, Fairclough, Norman. London: Longman, Methods of critical discourse analysis Introducing Qualitative Methods series. Wodak, Ruth and Michael Meyer. Foucault, Michael. Discipline and Punish. The Birth of the Prison. Alan Sheridan. New York: Vintage Books. Don't Mourn, Balkanize! Essays After Yugoslavia. Oakland: PM Press Granice i sudbine.

O jugoslavenstvu prije ili poslije Jugoslavije. Zagreb: VBZ, Meyer, Michal. Interkulturalni dijalozi. Rumiz, Paolo. Maske za masakr. Zagreb: Durieux, Todorova, Maria. Learning memory, remembering identity. Nation and Memory. Maria Todorova. New York: University Press, Radmila Gorup. Stanford: University Press, The Handbook of Discourse Analysis. Schiffrin, Deborah Tannen and H. Malden, Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishers Ltd, Discourse and Practice.

New Tools for Critical Discourse Analysis.