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She lived the message of the verse:. The world is filled with yellow canaries with gray on their wings. The pity is that so precious few of them have learned to sing. Perhaps the clear notes of proper example have not sounded in their ears or found lodgment in their hearts. All they want is to be somebody.

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All of us are prone to excuse our own mediocre performance. We blame our misfortunes, our disfigurements, or our so-called handicaps.

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Envy and discouragement then take their toll. Can we not appreciate that our very business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves? To live greatly, we must develop the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and triumph with humility. True, we live in a world where moral character ofttimes is relegated to a position secondary to facial beauty or personal charm.

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We read and hear of local, national, and international beauty contests. Athletic prowess, too, has its following. The games and contests, the Olympics, the tournaments of international scope bring forth the adoring applause of the enthralled crowd. Such are the ways of mankind.

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But what are the inspired words of God? Sham and hypocrisy found no place with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He denounced the scribes and Pharisees for their vanity and shallow lives, their pretense and feigned righteousness. They, like the beautiful yellow canaries, were outwardly handsome, but a true song came not from their hearts. The Master could be found mingling with the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed, and the afflicted.

He brought hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak, and freedom to the captive. It motivated Paul. It can determine our personal destiny.

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Can we make the decision to follow in righteousness and truth the Redeemer of the world? With his help, a rebellious boy can become an obedient man, a wayward girl can cast aside the old self and begin anew. Indeed, the gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives. When the Savior sought a man of faith, he did not select him from the self-righteous throng who were found regularly in the synagogue.

Rather, he called him from among the fishermen of Capernaum. While teaching on the seashore, he saw two boats near the lakeshore. On her fourth flight, the engines cut out due to incorrect settings of the fuel cocks and it had to be glided down to RAF Bicester where it made a perfect "dead-stick" landing. Imperial Airways named the prototype "Ensign" and as such the "Ensign class" was applied to the whole fleet. The aircraft were fitted out for either Empire routes eight aircraft or European routes four aircraft.

The former carried 27 passengers in three cabins or 20 sleeping; the latter 40 passengers across three cabins and a four-person "coupe" aft of the third cabin. The only difference in crewing was a "flight clerk" replacing one of the two stewards on Empire routes. Despite being underpowered, the aircraft was certified, and full airline service began between Croydon Airport and Paris, France in October of that year.

The aircraft were delivered back to the airline starting in June along with the sixth to be built. The plan to use four Ensigns with Indian Trans-Continental Airways , operating from Calcutta, did not come to pass due to the modifications and the onset of war although registrations and new names had been made and, in one case, painted on the aircraft.

All were withdrawn in October ; they were to be camouflaged before flying a new route from Heston Aerodrome to Le Bourget Airport , Paris. The aircraft remained in service after formation of BOAC that November but instead of being taken up for military service remained civilian under direction of National Air Communications. Their first duties after the German invasion of the Low Countries was ferrying supplies to France. This was followed by evacuation before France capitulated in June. Ettrick , which had been abandoned at Le Bourget after being damaged by bombs on 1 June , was rumoured to have been used by Germany , and later given Daimler-Benz [4] engines.

A Navy legend honors a lucky ensign

This is considered by most experts on the Luftwaffe to be a myth [ citation needed ] which may have its roots in a Flight article by P. Moss in As the aircraft were found to be lacking in performance, it was decided to give the remaining eight aircraft Wright Cyclone G. The final two aircraft that had been ordered by Imperial in were equipped with more powerful Wright Cyclone geared radial engines and completed as A.

All eight surviving airframes were upgraded with these newer engines in —43, as they were completed they were transferred to the Middle East and worked for BOAC on Africa to India routes. Ensigns flew throughout the war. On a ferry flight to west Africa, following trouble with her engines Enterprise made a force landing in the desert in French West Africa at that point under Vichy France control about miles short of their destination.

Codebooks and other paperwork on board was destroyed except that required to show the crew were civilian. Enterprise was found by the French authorities, repaired and used as a hospital plane at Dakar before being flown to Vichy France.

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After the German occupation of Vichy France, she was taken by the German Air Ministry and tested before being used as transport for officers. From under the end of their service, the Ensigns were used between Cairo and Calcutta. The Ensign. Preserving the past.. Lions club stalwart receives highest honour.

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