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After Michael and Judge Gen confer about what they will do to solve the case, their proposal is refused by Eleanor.

The other possible solution was to send all four back to Earth, and if they could be accepted into the Good Place by the end of their lives, the case would be solved though Michael and Gen speak vaguely about it, eventually they decide on this course of action. The four friends are sent back to Earth, where it shows Eleanor almost getting killed, but right before it would have happened, a mysterious person pulls her away from the danger.


She then realizes she almost died, and she makes a superb effort to be a good person for six months, even joining the environmental group whose employee she often tortures, but after things start going downhill again, Eleanor gives up. Six months later Michael appears as a bartender on Earth and talks to her about "what we owe to each other. It just turns out that Chidi gave a speech on that topic, and Eleanor watches it on her laptop.

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She then packs up and sets off to St. After a little reflecting, pondering and a fine-tuning, I feel Christian-proud to have come up with this amendment:. I will [want to] meet [with] you there.

Right Now, Somewhere…Building Human Capital Through Education

I had got it wrong. My Christian-pride and self-assuredness had cost me my opportunity to just be, love and listen.

My perspective had been renewed. I wanted to meet in that 'somewhere', with others.

somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan

Next time, I am going to try to speak without condemnation. Next time I am going to try to nurture His Spirit-filled safe, pleasant, and inspiring atmosphere. I am going to try to be more humble. Next time I am going to try to just be.

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This reminds me of my mom, who used to say: If you want to fish you go to he sea, meaning you can never win souls for the Kingdom if you are not where people are. She go ahead and say: Look at Jesus, he used to go to churches, synagogs ,brothels, taverns, mountains, fields……………. This was physical to him, to us it is emotional, different belief systems, different cultures, different practices etc.

Your email address will not be published. I will [want to] meet [with] you there'.

You can talk about interests.