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Eventually Noel winds up forgotten in the attic. When they die, the house is left empty and Noel is left in the attic. Eventually a new family moves in and finds the ornaments in the attic. Sounds happy right? When Noel is put on the tree, his excitement causes him to fall and smash on the ground.

Seriously, who thought this was a sweet story? There you go folks.

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The religious explanation of Christmas, souls, and eternal life, all wrapped up into a terrifying tale for young children to enjoy. As an adult it may be sweet and silly, but as a little kid this could leave some serious scars. Strange, silly, and a little terrifying, this is one of those Christmas specials you have to see to believe. Noel befriended this year's tree, a jolly tree named Harold , although he still wondered what was in the stable under the tree.

He fell into a deep sleep, during which time, the elderly parents died, the house was abandoned, and the ornaments were left forgotten about in the attic. Many years later, in the s, another family renovates and moves into the house.

Happiness through Togetherness

At Christmas time, they find the ornaments in the attic, but find them too old and chipped to use. He sees the infant Jesus and finally understands the true meaning of Christmas. During the Television promotion leading up to the premiere, the Golden Books adaptation, written by Muller and illustrated by Bill A.

This realization made me a better person. Happiness is different from pleasure — Every time you achieve something you desire like a new flat screen TV or a new car, you feel great pleasure having obtained something you have set your sights at. Probably not because as soon as a new model for that TV or car comes out, it is possible that you will set your sights on these new models again. Unlike happiness, pleasure is momentary and is dependent on circumstance.

Happiness is something more constant and internal.

Happiness is a Butterfly – The Art of N.A. Noël

You do not feel it because a certain condition was satisfied but rather because you are satisfied with your current state. We associate happiness with circumstance and look at it as something that is conditional. Your happiness is not dependent on something else because you love what you do and that is more than enough. Feed your mind with positive things and think less of those that makes you feel pain because in the end, your happiness depends on you and no one else.

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Noel Happiness: Christmas Poetry

Noel you are correct. Happiness comes from within. It comes from an inner peace deep within your soul. February 1, at pm UTC 8 Link to this comment.