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  4. Psychosocial Counseling Service (PBS);
  5. Suchtberatung, Suchtbehandlung und Suchtselbsthilfe von Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund?

Interested parties please contact the secretariat or pbs studierendenwerk-ulm. Ongoing group Biweekly Thursday 9.

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This course gives you strategies to help you relate to exam situations in a calmer way. You will also learn a very effective relaxation method. Effective learning techniques will help you navigate the examination period in a way that is easy on your nerves. Please bring your lecture timetable. Students at Aalen University please register there.

Students at other universities please register through the PBS office in Ulm. This course is free of charge.

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  • Welcome to vista – a big provider of the Berlin drug help system!.
  • In July , the Federal Administrative Court made far-reaching changes to the legislation on health criteria for the appointment as civil servant for life. These changes are highly favorable for prospective civil servants.


    Previously, an appointment as civil servant was only attainable if early retirement due to medical reasons was highly unlikely. The new legislation stipulates that health-related suitability can only be denied if it is to be expected that the applicant "is highly likely [i. Any claims to rights or titles resulting from the English translation of these regulations are expressly excluded. According to the new legislation, the prerequisites that justify the denial of health-related suitability are thus met only very rarely.

    This means that health impairments which require psychological counseling or psychotherapy do not impede an appointment as civil servant in the great majority of cases and under no circumstances should treatment be omitted due to the fear of possible negative consequences regarding a potential appointment as civil servant.

    Quite the contrary, counseling and therapy can improve health and wellbeing and thus also increase the health-related suitability for an appointment as civil servant. Conception of the PBS.

    Thieme E-Journals - Suchttherapie / Abstract

    Degree Instead of Defeat Study-related stress, test anxiety, writer's block, low motivation, addictions? The website "Dein Masterplan" can help! Here you can download the TK-leaflet for free. Contact German English. Contact Catering. Contact Address On site appointments at the HS.

    Psychosocial Counseling individual counseling courses.

    Psychosocial Counseling Service (PBS)

    Legal advice. Semester ticket Ostalbmobil connecting ticket. Info point opening hours lost and found items. Fees Usage Repayment. Public Tenders Job offers We train apprentices!

    vista sorgt für gute Aussichten

    First you should ask the lender if it is possible to defer the repayments Tilgung. If this is not possible, turn to the Debt Counselling Service Schuldnerberatungsstelle in your Administrative District. Pregnancy Counselling Schwangerschaftsberatung The Advice Centres give advice to pregnant women on personal, social, legal and financial problems, on problems related to the pregnancy and uncertainty regarding their own future and that of their child. The centres can also issue a consultancy certificate Beratungsnachweis which is needed for a legal abortion Schwangerschaftsabbruch.

    Such advice is free of charge and strictly confidential. The offers of advice also apply to partners and family members. Haus der Diakonie Kurt-Schumacher-Str. Do not issue consultancy certificates:. Caritas-Zentrum Schillerstr. Drug dependence or addiction means that one is physically or psychologically dependent on a substance and can no longer manage without it.

    Was macht eigentlich die Drogenberatung der Caritas?

    In such cases, one should seek help as quickly as possible and get advice from qualified people. The Addiction Counselling Service will help you regarding all aspects of addiction and dependence. Up to the age of Consulting Hours: Thursday from 4.