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How much does all this workplace fraud cost small businesses? In fact, some estimates say that 30 percent of small business fail because of employee theft. Small businesses tend to be vulnerable to employee fraud because they don't have procedures in place to prevent it, and because small business owners often don't believe trusted employees -- or their business partners -- would steal from them.

How do you know if employee theft is happening to you? In some cases you'll get a tip from a customer or vendor or an employee. Sometimes you'll stumble on fraud by accident. But in many cases the fraud will go on under your nose. But remember, it's not unusual for a manager or upper-level employee to be the perpetrator. The employee who used to hate mornings now comes to work long before anybody else arrives, and stays much later.

If you have an employee who is never absent, and never takes vacations, be suspicious. Yes, they might be a very dedicated employee with no other "life. If you start seeing strange cars sitting outside your business, write down the license plate and possibly call the police. If the number of damaged goods starts rising, something is likely going on. If you have an employee whose computer screen goes black, or changes suddenly as you approach their desk, and it happens repeatedly, there's a good chance they're spending a lot of time on things they don't want you to see.

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Be suspicious. Besides theft of goods or time, if they are visiting unscrupulous sites, they could get a computer virus that endangers your entire operation. Don't accuse anybody, but do investigate.

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If you find that there is evidence of theft, document your proof. Think of it this way: If you had to testify in court, how would you present the evidence in a way that would leave no doubt that the theft was occurring? Can you get video evidence? When you terminate the employee, follow the procedures you have in your employee handbook. Also, take precautions before terminating the empoyee to protect company data and to prevent the individual from trying to cover up proof of their misdeeds.

I'd write it down for future reference.

Signs Your Employees Are Stealing from You

You might need to check back a few times if the internet slowdown is random. Even if you spot a rogue connection, however, you won't be able to tell who is connected. Well, not unless you want to barge into your neighbors' houses to check their gadgets' names and MAC addresses. For the record, I don't recommend doing that.

Fortunately, it doesn't matter. Encrypting your Wi-Fi network will usually be enough to keep intruders out.

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Click here to learn how to secure your Wi-Fi against intruders. In fact, you should secure your Wi-Fi network no matter what. There are too many horror stories of criminals or perverts using someone else's Wi-Fi in hacking attacks or trading illegal images. As the owner of the Wi-Fi, you're going to have to straighten things out with the police, and it won't be fun.

See what's connected to your network

If your network is already encrypted, and someone still got on, you should change your password immediately. Then keep an eye on things to see if they manage to get on again.

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  • Low-Tech Method: Check Your Wireless Router Lights.

If they do, it's possible they got into your router and set up a backdoor. Reset your router to factory settings - check your manual for instructions - then set it up again from scratch.

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That means changing the default password, enabling encryption, picking a new SSID and turning off any remote management features. Note: If you change your encryption password, you will need to update the password on all your gadgets. Test your internet speed to see if it matches what you're paying for. Try running it a few times both plugged directly into the router and over Wi-Fi.

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If your Wi-Fi speed is way slower than your internet speed, you might need to upgrade your router. It could just be bogging down with all your gadgets.

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Otherwise, call your internet provider and see what the story is. You might be due for a modem upgrade or there could be another problem on the line. When traveling or simply out in a public place, you are tempted to use public Wi-Fi. But be careful! Follow these steps to reduce your risks of being hacked. Get this free tool to stop creepy online tracking Ever had an online ad follow you tenaciously across all your gadgets?

You know the drill.