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A bagad plays mainly Breton music, but a bagad's music is evolutionary: new forms and musical ideas are experimented with at each annual national competition. Every major town and city in Brittany has at least one bagad and there are over eighty in total.

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Bagad Lann Bihoue is well known to belong to the French Navy. For competition purpos. Coins of the Osismii. Other hypotheses situate it in the small peninsula of Kermorvan in today's commune of Ploumoguer and bordering the ria of Le Conquet, but the whole peninsula of Cr. Geography The city was built on the confluence of the Steir, Odet and Jet rivers. Etymology The name Quimper comes from the Breton kemper, meaning "confluent".

Its name is the Breton word kemper cognate to Welsh cymer , meaning "confluence". The town developed at the confluence of the rivers Le Steir and L'Odet. Shops and flags celebrate the r. Roscoff is also a traditional departure point for Onion Johnnies. After lobbying by local economic leaders headed by Alexis Gourvennec, the French government agreed in to provide a deep water port at Roscoff.

Since the early s, Roscoff has been developed as a ferry port for the transport of Breton agricultural produce, and for motor tourism. Its Breton name is Enez Sun. History There are two megalithic menhirs on the island, which is treeless. Located in a sheltered bay not far from the western tip of the peninsula, and the western extremity of metropolitan France,[4] Brest is an important harbour and the second French military port after Toulon.

The city is located on the western edge of continental Europe. With , inhabitants in a census, Brest is at the centre of Western Brittany's largest metropolitan area with a population of , in total , ranking third behind only Nantes and Rennes in the whole of historic Brittany, and the 19th most populous city in France; moreover, Brest provides services to the one million inhabitants of Western Brittany. During the Middle Ages, the history of Brest was the history of its castle. Then Richelieu made it a military harbour in He was a French artist, engraver, illustrator and writer. He finally returned to France and died in Douarnenez.

Executed whilst living in Montparnasse in Works executed during times spent in Africa During his stays in the Sudan and Madagascar he completed many evocative and realistic paintings depicting life in African villages. He exhibited his canvases at the ""Sa. The work includes calvaries and crosses, church decoration and some miscellaneous items.

His best known work is the Calvary at Plougastel-Daoulas. He worked using kersanton stone. Little is known of the man himself. It was unusual for statues of the apostles to be place on the exter. History During the Bronze Age B.

L'archipel des Glénan en Finistère (Bretagne)

The Celts arrived at some later time and in the early historic period various clans fought for dominance, until the eventual emergence of the McCarthys and O'Mahonys as the rulers of the region. A string of castles were built along the coastline. Kilcoe Castle was the McCarthy's most westerly stronghold and their only coastal foothold. It has since been renovated and rebuilt by its actor owner Jeremy Irons. Their passage through West Cork was described in "Pacata Hibern. It belongs to Brittany and is in the traditional region of Leon. It is the only place in Brittany, except the name Brittany itself, with a separate name in English.

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Ushant marks a southern limit of the Celtic Sea[3] and the southern entrance to the western English Channel, the northern entrance being the Isles of Scilly, southwest of Land's End in Cornwall, England. Although it is sometimes considered an island in the English Channel, it does not form part of the Channel Islands.

According to the definitions of the Intern. The town has two distinct areas: the modern town on the mainland and the medieval Ville Close, a walled town on a long island in the centre of the harbour. Historically, the old town was a centre of shipbuilding.

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The Ville Close is now devoted to tourism with many restaurants and shops aimed at tourists. However restraint has been shown in resisting the worst excesses of souvenir shops. Also in the Ville Close is the fishing museum. The Ville Close is connected to the town by a bridge and at the other end a ferry to the village of Lanriec on the other side of the harbour. The festival, named after the traditional blue nets of Concarneau's fishing fleet, is a celebration of Breton and pan-Celtic culture.

Such festival. Historical population of Pont-Aven Year Population Year Population Year Population Year Population History Pont-Aven is mentioned among the towns which took part in the Breton anti-tax Rebellion of the Red Bonnets against Louis XIV of France in They were collectively known as "Pont-Aven Sc.

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It is a sub-prefecture of the department. Leisure and tourism The old quarter of the town has winding streets of cobbled stones and overhanging houses constructed of stone and timber. This sixteenth-century house is said to be one of the oldest in the town. The town also contains the Parc botanique de Suscinio.

Morlaix is a popular location for sea sports enthusiasts with a diverse array of activities on offer including surfing, sand buggying and kite flying. Visitors can also find beautiful coastal paths for walks. Inland activities include bowling, golf, horse-riding and man. It has declined since the midth century because of jobs lost from declines in the fishing industry. But it still has fish canning facilities sardines and mackerel although sardine fishing, for which the town became famous, has fallen off in recent years.

Douarnenez has a growing tourist industry, with numerous visitors attracted annually to its pleasant location and warm climate, and also because of its marinas, maritime museum, regattas and sandy beaches. The island of Tristan off Douarnenez can be reached by foot at low tide. It is linked to the legend of Tristan and Iseult from the times of King Arthur. History The legendary city of Ys, of. On 1 January the former commune of Esquibien merged into Audierne. The harbour, formerly important to the local fishing industry, is now essentially a yacht port.

Remaining of the fishery is an oyster farm, in which the delicacy can be bought. On Saturday mornings there is a farmers' market, which serves as a meeting place for natives and tourists alike. History The battle of Audierne Bay, which took place on 23 August , was an engagement between German and Allied naval flotilla. Its First Lieutenant, Lieutenant T. The crew eventually abandoned the ship somewhere in the vicinity of the Cap Sizun, on the Pointe de Penharn from where the majority of the survivors were taken away a.

In particular his work can be seen on calvaries and in the church's south porch. He was born in and died in Little detail of his life is known but it is recorded that he practised as an architect in Landerneau, as well as running his workshop and was recorded as calling himself the "Sculpteur du Roi" The King's sculptor. Here is a list of some of those works. Brittany is particularly rich in calvaries, some of a very elaborate nature. In most cases the calvary involves both the crucifixion cross and side crosses or gibbets bearing the good and the bad robbers.

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Below this, on the crosspieces, were statues of those present at the crucifixion. A fea. Population Inhabitants of Mahalon are called in French Mahalonnais. International relations It is twinned with the Cornish village of Mabe. Population Inhabitants of Primelin are called in French Primelinois.

Headlands of Brittany

French Ministry of Culture list for Primelin in French. On the road to Audierne, one can enjoy a marvelous view of the Goyen river valley. The Monastery Church of Notre-Dame de Roscudon, which dates from the early 13th century, has a 67 m high spire that served as the model for the spires of Quimper Cathedral. The market is held every Thursday morning.

This is the most westward town of mainland France. Giot P. France, p. Guilcher A. Dynamique, 2, IX, p. Hist, et Scient. Y Hinschberger F. Les hauts-fonds sableux de l'Iroise et leurs rapports avec. Ibidem, LXXV, p. Norois, 10, p. Se, , p.

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Les bancs de sable sous-marins des abords. Norois, 56,. Kerforne F. De Martonne E. Moign A. Musset R. Pinot J. Vanney J.